New tech under $10

The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo swings by with a stack of practical gadgets that won't break the bank.
3:59 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for New tech under $10
Welcome back sound you don't have to spend a lot to find cool new tech gadgets. In fact telling me to spend a few bucks that it is Liz and Dick DeBartolo and joins us now and as usual you've found some good things some fun that's set up. You know highest Gregor said how about tech pundit ten and exit is there any this there but he can. These are great he's a little flexible USB LED land uphill it anyplace you have the US people like a new laptop you plug it in the side. I have a little external phone Georgie you plug it in. And so now you have a little lamb so you can put it on. At the hotel. All plug it in a laptop folded over and you can see the keyboard. Can now eight dollars and you get buying. Five for eight bucks. Tell Esteban buck sixty. Proxies sixties he should not batting Coca. That is still called five below where everything is fine collection with I put this little virtual car he now I am terrible at this thought. But I made a little video of how bad I am that you downloaded that the app gives you a little courts the you to drive OK and you put your car on it. And then you block the roof. And then that Phillips the car going. Theoretically are relating crashing could have put it on the court I pretty much hit every single oncoming car. So finally I ended up that the app actually broke my screen pretend yeah. Your way better driver real life I'm sure. Drive a hole on the night. Visit I I yeah. I did I got maybe thirty seconds to play and to that was five but okay. Hey you wanna play a game okay. So this goes behind that there won't go over you had it goes behind your neck okay okay and then it got to press on a little button here these all of this sports thing. So that when you're going out to the beat Hoch candidate Terry goods up a little monetary you want I. An angry kids then those what you should not beyonce fans. And that's. These I put mine for eleven dollars because I got them the next day it why don't mind on eBay you can get about eight down okay. This hi I'm eating I yeah. Up so that is the sports fans get our Ed Beaulieu that's great and just told the buttoned up at three seconds and that'll shut him more. Okay charging cables. These are charging cables that. Do a little light shows only just turn on the choice you here and where is that. On this guy here. You just turned out slightly and so we can think they did I definitely am mad act and now why is this little guy not coming on. I know them so what does so weird guy sits here for a little while election to fill four. And not only do you have glowing charging lights would do little buttons here so you can make him go faster yeah unfreeze them. Have to be one colon but I'm thankful lingle go back woods. 68 dollars each ten. Six. James and finally the tin can robot yeah. But stable so this is this is a great fun I don't have the intelligence it's eight and up so I couldn't do it. So but this is what it looks like. Police edits a battery and it can't demoted or everything else is in there and you make how little walking funny little robot. And that this is good he gets the kids brave thinking it's fun. Let's say they alert that aren't you recycling cans not probably the thing that airline can't write that video you own pin in your own A double A battery power. Everything else in the box. All of this under ten dollars USI you've done it again I have a caught outside yeah. For more detailed all these items check out Dicks website at his weighted stock bid Dick. Thank you so much for all of this stay with us you're watching well these now.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"The Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo swings by with a stack of practical gadgets that won't break the bank.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"64412139","title":"New tech under $10","url":"/WNN/video/tech-10-64412139"}