Teddy Rescue

A UK-based travel and leisure company is posting mug shots of lost teddy bears online so that they can be found by their owners.
2:45 | 11/24/14

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Transcript for Teddy Rescue
Or an. In the mix today look shots but not a typical mug shot if you will take a look cool but the picture up and trying to figure this out this is a Teddy rescue folks. This is got a funny video about global over the UK fifty rescue program they feathers people who lose. They're adults and that Teddy bears you can go to their website and they actually posts them to put a description words they have been looking like mug shots but it's just funny it's cute kid trying to reunite people with a loss to. Cities and dull so it's if you don't check to grant him to have one cares about. For the off the bone he proposed a beautiful and Teddy bears resident and know that elicited that has nearly loses a lot of things you should have reports. Don't miss princess hour and movement what. Can you imagine Winnie The Who being banned from a playground and in that's a winning home and why we need them because they say that he is half naked. And wearing obviously minimal clothing and gender ambiguity this is a council member can you believe that. Room and one resident telling a police report that winning a food isn't there with low intellect and unfortunately. That's also evident about this topic and apparently they're not happy with the council members doesn't ever go back into over the past month now that people are upset about this was just joking they now expect. And he also called many of who alcoholic and a life. We're the out of all the miss something in that so tiny that I. He didn't like about it and you could release them and that kind of Qaeda and other figures and video to show you when you hear about. You know vehicle jumping over other vehicle that's usually the smaller jumping over the larger OK we gonna flip that now we got to look at us. Semi truck is going to jump the par good thing that Formula One car wait for it and there's all this is Lotus over the one team of this decide to do this why Disco they could they set a Guinness world record for the longest jump linked. My semi who knew but they say they did this just to show that they could they want to continue with their theme of redefining motor sports. But we're cool. Picture parents secretary he just because your animal doesn't mean that you wanna be. Photographed. I always wondered this happens you because but cut to cook cook with minute I was of those animals take a look at this guerrilla 600 pound eight. Berlin zoo Jimmy Fallon not cutback but Joseph rock. And a man. The cameraman taking a picture there have been 350000. Views since midnight yesterday. A bloated. On November 19 estimates last and since then there than that many people and apparently. That cameraman said that he is Irish and that's maybe the grilling this like I was. Right through that within Canada really nobody that there with a gorilla right we'll look at and guerrilla unit that had spent practically everything the.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"A UK-based travel and leisure company is posting mug shots of lost teddy bears online so that they can be found by their owners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27129018","title":"Teddy Rescue","url":"/WNN/video/teddy-rescue-27129018"}