Toy Fair 2013 With Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo

Digital iPotty and an electronic pet dog are some of the International Toy Fair highlights.
3:52 | 02/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toy Fair 2013 With Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo
Kids go -- digital natives all of their toys. That's for sure or so who else to report from the annual toy show here in New York but our very -- -- is -- is Dick DeBartolo. -- -- -- -- -- -- Year of toy fair yes I missed the first ten. And I already told him back -- studio I'm not doing anything funny. I'm just being very very serious about what I'm doing here at this point there actually these are pretty these are called. And here -- and the cold gonna tell us what cat ears are doing. Well you -- -- that senior very excited about wearing them. They have our basic -- -- the -- meaning these numbers that aren't that many. What -- the -- that toy fair construction. Sets this is really amazing light bricks. Not only can you build a city can bill with a little LEDs. It's something -- -- barrels and at sunset. Island. Kits range from 1999. Up to 999. They -- the big category at toy fair thing that used apps. For example the high eight body don't tune out I'm not gonna demo this myself with about keeping the kid occupied. President they had to sit there for awhile. So it keeps them happy and it retails for 39 at night and it's available it's been available -- order right now. Something -- from Fisher Price create and learn. This case is William iPad goes you get a pack of alphabet -- they store in the case. But look what happens when you put them in the fact that when you touch the apple the apple does things. Really great for kids on the forty bucks coming in August. This is digital dress bought the so look at that she -- -- -- you can draw on the dress. Bring up letters on the dress to the real advantage through this is. You can play your favorite music and actually watched the colors on the dress. -- this is coming out not till August. And it's going to be under fifty bought this is Kilmer right here he's sleeping right now -- size and I'm just gonna wake him hop and now he's awake. And he does a couple of neat tricks -- -- dead. -- -- So silver is under a hundred -- and he'll be available this fall. One of the things that very big -- -- retro toys this goes back in 1945. That slinky. There is jumbos. Slinky that's new this is also -- new slinky. And really neat coloreds. Doesn't require -- batteries which is another reason I like -- -- and what's her name. Letter I'm very let abide Barry and -- is joins us all of us. About 349. -- fly. And it's coming in August -- covering choice to a year after year it's more fun than now. More fun than them. Damn monkey that. -- yeah. Well well now I'm being monkey now. Are they did have and -- -- -- is suddenly. And -- -- kinda new things coming out apparently if you aren't a fan of Angry Birds now there's a whole set where you can throw the birds -- Chemical -- I like -- putting myself I think it's good we can be terrible idea of mom no it's a terrible eye -- back.

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{"id":18511983,"title":"Toy Fair 2013 With Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo","duration":"3:52","description":"Digital iPotty and an electronic pet dog are some of the International Toy Fair highlights.","url":"/WNN/video/toy-fair-2013-giz-wiz-dick-debartolo-18511983","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}