Death toll rises as New York flattens COVID-19 curve

Gov. Cuomo issued an executive order requesting all to wear face coverings in public as one hospital decided to allow some families time with their relatives.
5:06 | 04/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Death toll rises as New York flattens COVID-19 curve
Good evening. It's great to have you here on a Wednesday night. We begin with the question so many Americans are asking. How soon will parts of the country reopen and what will that look like? President trump saying he will unveil national guidelines tomorrow. Tonight, my interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci on what we will all have to do in the weeks and months to come. The U.S. Death toll approaching 28,000. In New York, 752 in the past day. The eighth day above 700. A flattening of the curve, but at a devastating level. Governor Cuomo ordering the wearing of masks. Other parts of the country still have not reached their apex. More than 17 million Americans out of work. New numbers coming tomorrow, expected to spike again. The first stimulus checks arriving tonight. And president trump revealing his plans to halt funding to the world health organization. Our interview with bill and Melinda Gates, as they make news tonight. The big announcement, right we will carefully get to it all. We begin with Tom llamas right here in New York. Reporter: Tonight, the relentless battle against the coronavirus. Even as New York flattens the curve, the death toll is rising. 752 people dying in just the past 24 hours. At mt. Sinai Beth Israel hospital, Dr. Erik eiting has been working the overnight shift. We're seeing plenty of coronavirus cases. Some people as young as in their 20 and people as old as in their 80s. Reporter: This week, the hospital revising its policies to allow some families time with their loved ones. We decided to change it for patients who are very near the end of life so that people don't have to die alone. Reporter: Today, New York governor Andrew Cuomo issuing an executive order requiring everyone to start wearing face coverings in public. In Massachusetts, the governor announcing deaths in his state now topping 1,000. At this point in time, we are in the surge. Yes. Reporter: In Miami, a line of cars snaking around hard rock stadium. Hundreds showing up to be tested. But for many, the wait ending in disappointment. The facility can only perform 700 tests a day. I came yesterday and I couldn't do it. So I had to come back today. Reporter: Tonight, a growing consensus that stepped-up testing is the key to putting America back to work. The more testing, the more open the economy. But there's not enough national capacity to do this. I'm telling you, we can't do it without federal support. Reporter: Today "The wall Street journal" reporting that president trump, on a conference call, was urged by executives on his recovery task force to dramatically increase testing capability in order to get the economy going. For the people waiting in unemployment lines in Florida and converging on food pantries in Phoenix, it can't come soon enough. Outside San Francisco, Nick Stanford, now unemployed, is pinching pennies at the grocery store. We're barely scraping by. You know, we're getting behind. We're struggling. Reporter: President trump has yet to release federal guidance on how the country might reopen. And today he's facing a growing backlash over his decision to strip funding from the world health organization. The W.H.O. Failed in this basic duty and must be held accountable. Reporter: Today, an outcry. From the American nurses association, which called the move "Misguided," to bill and Melinda Gates, who have donated millions to the fight against covid-19 and sat down with David Muir for an exclusive interview. I wanted to ask you, bill, we've reported here in the last 24 hours, the president revealing that he wants to halt all U.S. Aid to the world health organization. Do you agree with that move? I'm hopeful he doesn't follow through on that. Because we need their support, this is a global problem. They are the institution that, you know, brings nations together and makes sure that we're sharing best practices between all of those countries. There will be plenty of time to look back and see which countries did things well, which didn't. Where should W.H.O. Have done things differently. Have you tried to reach out to the president? We did tweet our support for the W.H.O. We don't think they should have to start letting people go in the middle of the first modern pandemic. W.H.O. Was created after World War II to deal with exactly these issues. Halting the funding doesn't make sense. Reporter: The president says tomorrow he will release a plan for all 50 states to open. We'll see what he says. Tom, thank you. Of course, we'll hear more

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Gov. Cuomo issued an executive order requesting all to wear face coverings in public as one hospital decided to allow some families time with their relatives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70171454","title":"Death toll rises as New York flattens COVID-19 curve","url":"/WNT/video/death-toll-rises-york-flattens-covid-19-curve-70171454"}