Family of bus driver who died of COVID-19 makes plea

Jason Hargrove had posted on Facebook about a passenger in Detroit coughing on him; days later, he fell sick.
3:42 | 04/07/20

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Transcript for Family of bus driver who died of COVID-19 makes plea
We're out across this country as well tonight, where they're seeing cases growing in Michigan, the third highest toll. More than 700 dead. We reported on the Detroit bus driver who spoke out about passengers not covering when they coughed. Dying days later from the virus. Tonight, the pleas from his family to stay home if you're sick. And from Michigan to Louisiana to California, the stories of the patients fighting this. Matt Gutman tonight. We out here as public workers doing our job. Reporter: The family of Detroit bus driver Jason Hargrove is grieving tonight and pleading with the public. This is not a game out here. This is not a joke out here. I am missing my husband. My children don't have their dad anymore. This is serious. Reporter: Hargrove's Facebook posting about a passenger coughing on him went viral. And days later he got sick. For you to get on the bus and stand on the bus and cough several times, that lets me know that some folks don't care. Reporter: He's one of over 700 to die in Michigan, where the disease a has impacted the African-American community especially hard. They make up 14% of the state population, but 40% of the deaths. With the national death toll topping 10,000, some still ignoring stay home orders. This park in San Francisco packed. People piling into this market in Washington, D.C. And on palm Sunday, over 1,200 gathering for church in Louisiana. The pastor telling us they practiced social distancing. Nine governors have still not issued statewide shelter at home orders. Just today, Iowa's governor ordered businesses shut down after cases spiked about 35% since the weekend. This virus doesn't discriminate. Whether you're in a small town, versus whether you're in a big city. Reporter: Tonight, the urgent need to test people for the virus intensifying. The federal government saying at least 1.6 million tests have been done. But that's only about half of 1% of all Americans. At the malibu urgent care clinic, Dr. Dan Katz will odd administer 450 tests to high risk people. It only takes a few seconds to administer this swab, but we are already months into this epidemic and this is the first time these tests have been done here in this part of los Angeles. And waiting in the rain was lisajo Mcgee, a lupus survivor who depends on a drug now used against covid, even though its effectiveness against the virus is unproven. So basically people started buying out hydroxychloroquine? My pharmacy had it, but it was pulled. But a dear friend of mine found a pharmacist in Beverly hills, and I finally got it. Matt with us live from los Angeles. As that woman told you, hydroxychloroquine is hard to find with so many people with the virus, desperate to try anything. The president expressing hope on this, but the doctors on his team have been careful about what they're saying about it. Reporter: Everybody is. It was originally designed to treat malaria, and we've spoken to people across the country who believe the drug contributed to their recovery. We don't know if that's the and the scientific community is saying it could take weeks or months before studies can prove it's effective. Matt, thank you. And new developments after the Navy captain was relieved of

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Jason Hargrove had posted on Facebook about a passenger in Detroit coughing on him; days later, he fell sick.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70008393","title":"Family of bus driver who died of COVID-19 makes plea","url":"/WNT/video/family-bus-driver-died-covid-19-makes-plea-70008393"}