Family of driver in limo crash speaks out

After 20 people died, lawyers representing the family of the driver said the limo "was neither roadworthy or safe."
2:06 | 10/09/18

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Transcript for Family of driver in limo crash speaks out
We have new reporting here tonight after that horrific limousine crash in upstate new York that skilled 20. We knew the limo had failed an inspection just last month, but tonight, ABC news on staining part of the inspection report, revealing at least in part why the limo failed the inspection. Here's ABC's David Kerley with that report. Reporter: A line of hearses, carrying some of the 20 victims to a funeral home, after the extended limo ran a stop sign, slamming into an embankment at high speed. Those emergency workers used the jaws of life to cut open the limo. We were pulling bodies out. They were still alive, and we kept going. Reporter: Government inspectors found 22 violations in the company's four vehicles in the past two years. This particular limo had six violations just a month ago. A brake system monitor that wasn't working. The governor saying the limo should not have been on the road. The upstate New York company claiming repairs had been made. Prestige had been working with the state to make sure the vehicles were road worthy. Reporter: Tonight, New York state pushing back, saying an out of service sticker like this should have been on the limo. The driver of the 17-year-old stretched SUV, also killed, didn't have the proper license to carry that many passengers. Family saying that he was concerned. The wife told me that he had complained to her regarding the condition of some of the vehicles. Reporter: Four sisters and family celebrating a birthday killed in one accident, brought 2,500 members of the community together to remember what they and one family lost in this horrific accident. And David Kerley joining us tonight from the crash scene. And David, your story mentioned family members of the limo driver claimed he was worried about the vehicles. But there was some reporting that the victims in the car texted concerns before the accident? Reporter: A family saying that they got texts that they were concerned about the vehicle, one saying that the gene was so loud it was making them deaf. Tonight, David, still no indication from investigators why this limo crossed this state road at such a high rate of

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"After 20 people died, lawyers representing the family of the driver said the limo \"was neither roadworthy or safe.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58393167","title":"Family of driver in limo crash speaks out","url":"/WNT/video/family-driver-limo-crash-speaks-58393167"}