Gen. John Allen Scandal: Investigation of 'Inappropriate Relationship'

Investigation questions general's relationship with a married woman.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gen. John Allen Scandal: Investigation of 'Inappropriate Relationship'
The investigation is widening in the General David Petraeus scandal and now it includes another general. General John Allen entrusted with nothing less than winding down the nation's war in Afghanistan. You should -- at any given moment there are fewer than 54. Star generals around the globe for the United States and they are the elite of the elite. Tonight two of the most formidable -- active duty one retired. Are in the heat of the spotlight and Martha Raddatz tells us what happened today Martha. Diane the consequences of Dave Petraeus is infidelity are astonishing. The nation is left without him as its CIA director and the commander of our forces in Afghanistan. Is now caught up in this bizarre web as well. -- -- takings within a day. 24. Star generals so widely respected in the midst of scandal. 81 David Petraeus and now general John Allen being investigated for sending what the Pentagon said work potentially inappropriate messages. Putting on hold his likely promotion to become the supreme allied commander in Europe. Of course it was. It is much is it -- -- David Petraeus. I believe that that Dave. Is very very sad for for what -- He has admitted he did at the center of this web Jill Kelly the -- socialite and honorary military ambassador. Living near the cent com headquarters where Petraeus and Allen were once based. Officials say. It was early this summer that Kelly received anonymous emails accusing her of flaunting her friendly relationships with top military brass. The FBI Trace those emails back to Apollo brought wells' computer where they discover the evidence of broad wells affair with David Petraeus. But it doesn't stop there. ABC news has learned that general Allen also received an anonymous email traced Apollo abroad well painting jailed -- as a seductress. A further look by the FBI -- -- Kelly's emails revealed hundreds between Kelly and general Allen. Twenty to 30000. Pages of communications in all. But a source familiar with the emails say they contain no evidence of a sexual relationship. Something -- strongly denies instead they're described as friendly perhaps flirtatious but routine. Mostly about meetings with ambassadors and dinner parties in one note Kelly tells the general she saw him on TV. He responds thanks -- You -- a sweetheart many emails were from Kelly to general Allen's wife. The two couples would good France but somebody proves otherwise. I believe that he did nothing inappropriate and today the White House made clear the president still has faith in general Allen. But the Petraeus case is an entirely different matter late last night federal agents descended on the home of his mistress while abroad well. Gathering more material including a desktop computer. Making sure she doesn't hold any classified information. And Dave Petraeus wants it to public -- now forced into the shadows. Well there is plenty of anger over Petraeus -- behavior with -- LeBron well. The overwhelming reaction I have heard from troops is one of sadness. Mixed with pride for his years of leadership. And hardship Diane in this nation's wars thank you so much Martha for all your reporting.

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{"id":17711468,"title":"Gen. John Allen Scandal: Investigation of 'Inappropriate Relationship'","duration":"3:00","description":"Investigation questions general's relationship with a married woman.","url":"/WNT/video/gen-john-allen-scandal-investigation-inappropriate-relationship-17711468","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}