Grim discovery found at largest nursing home in NJ

At least 33 residents died from COVID-19 along with two nurses as the virus sweeps through nursing homes across the U.S.
2:34 | 04/17/20

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Transcript for Grim discovery found at largest nursing home in NJ
We have reported here for several weeks now on the awful toll on nursing homes and senior centers across the country and tonight, the fast-moving police investigation now after the discovery at a nursing home in andover, New Jersey. The bodies of 15 people found in a holding area, a small morgue, only discovered after they requested more body bags. 68 deaths at that one facility alone, including two nurses. ABC's Stephanie Ramos is on the scene tonight. Reporter: Tonight, families outraged after a grim discovery inside this 500-bed nursing home in andover, the largest in new Jersey. The bodies of 15 residents held in a small morgue meant to hold just four people. They were overcome by bodies and we needed to help them. Reporter: It started with a desperate call over the weekend for two dozen body bags. Then, anonymous tip to police. The town eventually using this box truck to help retrieve the in all, 66 residents have died at the facility since January. 33 are confirmed to have died from the virus, along with two nurses. I feel like my uncle died, probably gasping for air. Reporter: Beth tells us her 78-year-old uncle Larry, a resident, went to the hospital with a fever but was sent back to the nursing home. She says the family was told he was okay, but for days, could not get an update. Four days later, Larry died. Beth says a nurse later told her he was found in his bed. There was nobody there to hold his hand, nobody there to pray for him. Reporter: The virus sweeping through nursing homes across the country, killing nearly 4,000 in states that have tracked the death toll. 22 at this nursing home in Joliet, Illinois, where the family of Gerald Francis says they only learned he had the virus after he died. I don't know how much he suffered. How much did he suffer? I don't even know. Reporter: Tonight, the deaths at this New Jersey nursing home are under investigation. We have to figure out what went on here. Did they take all the steps necessary up front for protective equipment, for the did they make sure they put everyone segregated, those that were positive? All really important questions. Stephanie is with us tonight. And I know you are now hearing from the owner of that nursing home? Reporter: We are, David. The owner says the staff is working around the clock and he calls the nursing team heroic in their efforts to contain the virus and safeguard the residents. He also says the health and safety of the residents and his staff are his top priority. David? Stephanie Ramos tonight, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"At least 33 residents died from COVID-19 along with two nurses as the virus sweeps through nursing homes across the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70193267","title":"Grim discovery found at largest nursing home in NJ","url":"/WNT/video/grim-discovery-found-largest-nursing-home-nj-70193267"}