Nancy Reagan, an Influential Force During the Reagan Administration

The former first lady and her husband shared a partnership that took them from Hollywood to the White House.
3:44 | 03/07/16

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Transcript for Nancy Reagan, an Influential Force During the Reagan Administration
Nancy Reagan said her life really began when she met Ronald Reagan in 1951. A relationship that would last more than five decades. As First Lady she was her husband's most trusted advisor and influential force during the Reagan administration a partnership that took them from Hollywood to the White House. Mrs. Reagan would be a political force of at least one key issue even after her husband's death. A bubble Beers was a love story Ronnie and Nancy in the final words of its last big speech. He called on her. Before I go. I would like to ask the person who was made my life's journey so meaningful. Someone I have been so very proud of over the years to join me Nancy. Davis a graduate of Smith College in an actress who own right. On Broadway and in Hollywood she married bottled Reagan on March 4 1952. They made one film together hell cats of the navy in 1956. Com. But while that was the end of her acting career she would take on a new role her husband's inspiration. Protector guardian their children Patti and Ron junior and from president Reagan's bears to Jane Wyman Michael and Maureen. Under twentieth anniversary he was governor she first lady of California. And he wrote to her quote I can't remember ever being without Liu. I Ronald Reagan do solemnly swear she was at his side as he was sworn in as the fortieth president. 1981. Nancy Reagan famously brought her style and some Hollywood flair to the White House those legendary state dinners. President Reagan there cutting in at a dance with the First Lady and Frank Sinatra. They were a team she was fiercely protective. Wedding to her husband's side when he was shot nearly two months into his presidency later writing in his diary about the moment he woke up in the hospital after being shot. I opened my eyes once defying Nancy there. A trail never face a day when she isn't there of all the ways god has blessed me. Giving her to me is the greatest and beyond anything I can ever hope to deserve after the shooting the First Lady sometimes clashing with his top aides. Accused of controlling her husband a times and there was this famous moment when mrs. Reagan helped the president come up with the words. Are doing everything we can. Reagan's former chief of staff revealing that she once consulted in astrologers in making his schedule. Integrate its signature across the White House was fighting teen alcohol and drug abuse creating the campaign just say no. After Ronald Reagan revealed in a public letter that he had alzheimer's disease in 1994. Nancy Reagan became even more the protector of his life and his legacy. Calling get a quote. Bongo but as each. Day brings another reminder. Of this very long but. Giving an emotional tribute at the 1996 Republican Convention so let me close with Ronnie his words not mine. Never forget your heroic origins. Never failed to seek divine guidance. And never never lose your natural god given optimism. And when the president died in 2004 mrs. Reagan meticulously planned his funeral stoic through it all. Until this moment. In the years after she broke with the Republican Party on this issue championing stem cell research. As a way of saving other families the pain of alzheimer's. She put the Reagan library at the four port of politics hosting a series of presidential debates greeting up and coming members of the party. In her last major interview with Vanity Fair Nancy Reagan spoke of living without the lover for life. People say it gets better she said no it does not I miss Ronnie Lott in awful lot.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"The former first lady and her husband shared a partnership that took them from Hollywood to the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"37448993","title":"Nancy Reagan, an Influential Force During the Reagan Administration","url":"/WNT/video/nancy-reagan-influential-force-reagan-administration-37448993"}