The Oval Office showdown between Trump and Schumer, Pelosi

Trump, Pelosi and Schumer were scheduled to meet at the White House to reach an agreement on border funding to avert a potential government shutdown. No agreement was made.
3:52 | 12/11/18

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Transcript for The Oval Office showdown between Trump and Schumer, Pelosi
tonight to president trump and the meeting in the oval office today with chuck and Nancy, as he calls them, the democratic leaders from the senate and the house. It dd not take long for the meeting to fall apart, right in front of the cameras. Raising voices, interrupted each other. It was quite a scene. President trump invited them, and invited the cameras, as well. The president making it clear today, he would be willing to shut down the government right before Christmas if he doesn't get $5 billion for his wall. Jonathan Karl tonight with the drama right in front of the cameras. Reporter: For a moment, oh so brief, the president talked about working with Democrats. But then, his border wall. And then we have the easy one, the wall. That will be the one that will be the easiest of all. What do you think, chuck? Maybe not? It's called funding the government, Mr. President. So we're going to see, but I will tell you, the wall will get built. We will see what happens. Tremendous amounts of wall have already been built. Reporter: Tremendous amounts? According to the department of homeland security, they've actually repaired or replaced some 31 files of fence that already existed. Now the president wants congress to pass $5 billion for his border wall by next week or he'll shut the government down. I think the American people recognize that we must keep government open, that a shutdown is not worth anything, and that you should not have a trump shutdown. A what? Did you say trump? Oh. You have a white house -- I was going to call it a Pelosi shutdown. You have a white house, you have the senate and you have the house of representatives. Reporter: Pelosi makes it clear -- you don't have the votes for the wall. But there are no votes in the house. The majority of votes for a wall, no matter where you start. That's exactly right. If I needed the votes for the wall in the house, I would have them in one session. It would be done. So go do it. It doesn't help, because we need ten Democrats in the senate. The fact is that you don't have the votes in the house. Nancy, I do. Reporter: The argument all playing out before the cameras. This is the most unfortunate thing. We came in here in good faith and we're entering into a -- this kind of a discussion in the public view. But it's not bad, Nancy. It's called transparency. Reporter: Finally, Schumer forcing the issue. 20 times you called for, I will shutdown the government if I don't get my wall. None of us have said, you said it. You said it. You know what I will say? Yes. If we don't get what we want, one way or the other, whether it's through you or through military or anyone you want to call, I will shut down the government. Okay, we disagree. We disagree. I am proud to shutdown the government for border security, chuck. I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not going to blame you for it. Reporter: Afterwards, I asked Pelosi if the contentious meeting was a sign of things to come. Given what we saw in there, the bickering, the back and forth, what does it say about your ability to work with this president over the next two years? Well, I told the president, as I've said over and over again, this new congress will be something different from the congress we have now. Well, that was clear today. Jon Karl joins us live from the white house. Jon, everyone in that room knew cameras were rolling, and the president later describing the meeting at, quote, very friendly, and as you reported, a very different read on it from chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Reporter: That's for sure. Chuck Schumer later described the president as having a, quote, temper tantrum. And Pelosi had some particularly harsh words for the president when she described the meeting to a group of Democrats on capitol hill. According to an aide who was in the room, Pelosi said of the wall, quote, it's like a manhood thing for him, as if manhood could ever be associated with him. That, David, are the -- that's the words of the incoming, presumptive incoming speaker of the house about the president of the United States. Get ready for 2019, Jon.

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{"id":59760193,"title":"The Oval Office showdown between Trump and Schumer, Pelosi","duration":"3:52","description":"Trump, Pelosi and Schumer were scheduled to meet at the White House to reach an agreement on border funding to avert a potential government shutdown. No agreement was made.","url":"/WNT/video/oval-office-showdown-trump-schumer-pelosi-59760193","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}