Prime Minister Boris Johnson in intensive care

Downing Street said the 55-year-old prime minister's condition had "worsened" after he was hospitalized with COVID-19.
2:35 | 04/06/20

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Transcript for Prime Minister Boris Johnson in intensive care
We're also following the developing headline out of the uk at this hour. Boris Johnson has been moved to the intensive care unit after his condition worsened. And the queen addressing the British people. James Longman is outside St. Thomas hospital tonight. Reporter: Tonight, prime minister Boris Johnson now in intensive care, less than 24 hours after being hospitalized in his battle with coronavirus. I'm just hearing now, at this moment, that the prime minister has been taken into an intensive care unit. Reporter: Downing street saying Johnson's conditioned has worsened over the course of this afternoon, and he has been moved to the icu on the advice of his medical team. Officials say the 55-year-old prime minister was conscious and did not require a ventilator at the moment, but was moved as a precaution in case he did. Johnson asked Britain's foreign secretary Dominic Raab to temporarily take over his duties while he is hospitalized. We're saddened to hear he was taken into intensive care this afternoon, a little while ago. And Americans are all praying for his recovery. But when you get brought into intensive care, it gets very, very serious with this particular disease. Reporter: Just hours earlier, Johnson was tweeting that he was in good spirts. Adding, "I went for some routine tests as I'm still experiencing coronavirus symptoms." And it was just three days ago he was posting from his home. I still have a temperature. Reporter: The stunning turn for Johnson comes as more than 50,000 covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Britain. Over 5,000 now dead. The coronavirus crisis prompting the queen to make just her fifth address to the nation outside her annual Christmas day message. We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return. We will be with our friends again. We will be with our families we will meet again. Reporter: Those last words inspired by lyrics from a World War ii-era song evoking Britain's fighting spirit. A very rare but powerful address. James, with us live. I know this has really shaken the uk tonight. Reporter: Yeah, David. I think this has come as a real shock to the country. You know, Britain has been told repeatedly that Johnson only had mild symptoms. It may be just that he hasn't rested enough. Thoughts are with his partner as well, she's pregnant with their child. A worrying time for them both. James, thank you. We're out across this country as well tonight, where

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Downing Street said the 55-year-old prime minister's condition had \"worsened\" after he was hospitalized with COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70008291","title":"Prime Minister Boris Johnson in intensive care","url":"/WNT/video/prime-minister-boris-johnson-intensive-care-70008291"}