The Secrets of Outlet Store Bargains

Maximize your savings with these tips when you do your holiday shopping at the outlets.
1:42 | 11/22/14

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Transcript for The Secrets of Outlet Store Bargains
Black Friday exactly one week away but Amazon tonight saying it started today. So tonight the real money team with the marks to look for on the price tags and is the merchandise at the outlets really the same. Here's Rebecca Jarvis. Spirit destination for millions of Americans with prices typically about Tony 5% less than what you find in a traditional store so how do you bag a bargain at the outlet mall this holiday be prepared now with the prices are. First hip. No would your body 85% of the merchandise is made specifically for those outlets take a look at this at banana republic in the gap. These three diamonds in three squares on their labels mean it's made for the outlet. They are not hiding it at Brooks Brothers the manager was happy to show us how to tell the difference so anything with a 346 labels going to be produced. For the factory stores as every week for an. Correct she says finding it's here means you can expect the Brooks Brothers seal of approval is the quality in a Brooks Brothers store vs a factory store the same absolutely so the fabrications will often be very similar the color stories in the trends second tip. It's aren't just for clothes at the Bozell you can find the same electronics you'd get in stores but at a big discount like these refer B speakers. Fifty dollars offer original price third die and discounts using the wildly coupon books and apps it'll help you spot this secret. And now a number of these outlets are also online see you can skip the trip to the store and still get the same deals on your opinions are traveling with the at this picnic enough.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"Maximize your savings with these tips when you do your holiday shopping at the outlets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27095748","title":"The Secrets of Outlet Store Bargains","url":"/WNT/video/secrets-outlet-store-bargains-27095748"}