Some states beginning to lift restrictions, others lay out roadmaps

President Trump told governors during a Monday phone call that they should also "seriously consider" reopening their schools, as states continue to strategize over how to reopen their economies.
6:21 | 04/27/20

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Transcript for Some states beginning to lift restrictions, others lay out roadmaps
But is there any way to avoid it if you have to travel? Good evening. It's great to be with you another week in America, the newest test for this country, how and when to reopen. The president trying to give Americans some reassurance, calling on several private companies. He also talked about trying to reopen schools in parts of the country before the end of the school year. And all of this as we mark nearly 56,000 lives lost in this country. Nearly 5,000 more lives just since Friday. In hard-hit New York, the last patient seen leaving the Navy hospital ship the comfort. Massachusetts still at the peak of the outbreak. Ramping up testing for first responders and nursing home residents and staff. And scenes across the country of businesses beginning to reopen. In Georgia, waffle house welcoming customers. Tennessee doing the same. A waitress in a face mask. And the image I showed you, the scene on the flight, little room to social distance. But we saw many masks. Can you avoid this if you have to fly, with so few flights? And the major concern over the food supply, one company saying the food supply chain is breaking. What will that mean at the grocery store? We begin with Tom llamas, right here in New York. Reporter: As restaurants in Georgia open for business, and talk in Washington turns to reopening, the battle is far from over. The number of new cases, still 1,000 new covid cases every day, puts it in perspective. Reporter: In Manhattan, Ruth caballero of the visiting nurse service boards a city bus, heading to the new front line of this fight. I'm the nurse who spoke to you this morning. We're outside. Reporter: She suits up. Gown, mask, gloves. I'm now going to see a covid positive patient that was discharged from the hospital yesterday. Reporter: For the patients she sees, leaving the hospital is just the first step. They are weak and emotionally they are afraid. They are afraid that they're going to die. They're afraid that they sent them home to die. Reporter: In the hospitals they leave behind, the work never stops, taking a profound toll on the doctors and nurses witnessing so much pain. Tonight, "The New York Times" reporting the medical director of the emergency department at New York presbyterian Allen hospital, Dr. Lorna Breen, dying by suicide. Dr. Breen had contracted the virus herself, recovered, and gone back to work. Her father telling the "Times," "Make sure she's praised as a hero, because she was." Tonight, anguish from her friend Dr. Debbie Yi madhok. I originally felt sad, and now I just feel devastated, with all those people who are asking for lockdown to end, what about us? We didn't sign up for this. Reporter: In New York today, governor Andrew Cuomo urging residents stay at home so any gains aren't lost. May 15th is when the pause regulations expire statewide. I will extend them in many parts of the state. Reporter: In other parts of the country, the virus still raging. Massachusetts now seeing its surge, plateau. The governor announcing nearly 2,900 people have died, a staggering 56% of them in nursing homes. The numbers are tough to comprehend, but they illustrated the lethal grip covid-19 can have on seniors. Reporter: But in one hard-hit state, a reason to cheer. For the first time in 36 days, no one in New Orleans died of covid-19. Parts of the south now planning to reopen. Restaurants in Tennessee and Georgia started welcoming customers today. Steven Leslie's restaurant roasters has been open for 30 years. Today, supplies rolling into the kitchen. I'm kind of excited because these are my family. I'm getting emotional. But these guys need work. They need to make money. Reporter: Texas restaurants, museums, libraries, and malls now allowed to open their doors on Friday, at 25% capacity. In Ohio, manufacturing and construction can resume next some offices can open, too, with reduced staff, masks, and health checks. I think we found the sweet spot. But it's a risk. Reporter: Health officials warn Americans should still practice social distancing. But over the weekend, crowds flocked to California's beaches. This virus doesn't go home because it's a beautiful, sunny day around our coasts. Reporter: But today, president trump sending a different message on a call with governors. Urging them to seriously consider reopening the nation's schools. And as states reopen, the president is under pressure to step up testing. Today, he brought business leaders to the white house. The testing that has been developed and being developed right now has been truly an amazing thing. Let's get right to Tom. We heard the president moments ago talking about testing. Several private labs announcing they're ramping up the testing. The president is under pressure to reassure Americans that tests will be available. But I took note that he talked about opening schools in some parts of the country, and trying to do so, perhaps, before the end of this school year? Reporter: He did, David. The president said several schools could open for a short period of time. He didn't say where. He also added that young people seem to do well with this virus. But a doctor explained to me the big fear with children is coronavirus is them coming home and infecting their parents and grandparents. Tom, thank you. There has been so much talk about antibody testing.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"President Trump told governors during a Monday phone call that they should also \"seriously consider\" reopening their schools, as states continue to strategize over how to reopen their economies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70372362","title":"Some states beginning to lift restrictions, others lay out roadmaps","url":"/WNT/video/states-beginning-lift-restrictions-lay-roadmaps-70372362"}