Ian Pannell

Ian Pannell
Ian Pannell is a senior foreign correspondent for ABC News, stationed in the London Bureau. Prior to joining ABC, Pannell worked at the BBC for 20 years, covering some of... Read More »
Ian Pannell is a senior foreign correspondent for ABC News, stationed in the London Bureau. Prior to joining ABC, Pannell worked at the BBC for 20 years, covering some of the most astonishing, compelling stories in recent history. His work has taken him all over the world, reporting from North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. As the Taliban left Afghanistan in 2001, he was the very first journalist to enter the capital, and he later returned in 2008, covering the push for democratic change in Kabul. Pannell reported from Syria for three years as a civilian protest movement transformed into civil war, making more than a dozen trips to rebel-held areas. He covered the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt, Bahrain and the war in Libya. Pannell also had rare access to the front lines to cover the civil war in Yemen. For the past two years he reported from the front lines of Crimea during the Ukraine/Russia conflict, Gaza during the Hamas and Israel conflict, Nepal after the earthquake that devastated the country in 2015, and on the ongoing migrant crisis and refugee exodus. Pannell has pursued enterprise reports in the United States and Latin America. In the U.S., he covered the heroin epidemic, the lives of families affected by homelessness, the trafficking of children into a lifetime of forced sex slavery and the rising gun crime in Chicago. While in Latin America he covered the war on drugs affecting Columbia’s cocaine business. His reporting has won many major awards in journalism. He was awarded an International Emmy for his contribution in covering the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, the Royal Television Society Award for International News Coverage on his 2013 report of Syrian rebel-held areas, and an International Press Award for his enterprise stories on displaced families in Syria. Pannell has been honored with two additional Emmys and two Peabody awards for his excellence in reporting. He also holds several other awards for his dedication to honest, authentic storytelling. Pannell began his career working in radio at the BBC and went on to anchor news shows for BBC World as well as its domestic equivalent in the U.K., The BBC News Channel. He is married and the proud father of three boys. « Read Less
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Lebanon gets a new government, but will it quell protests? Analysis
By Ian Pannell and Matt McGarry
January 22, 2020 Story from International Ian Pannell, Matt McGarry , ABC News
Search expands for American tourist kidnapped in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth National Park
By Morgan Winsor and Ian Pannell
April 4, 2019 Story from International Morgan Winsor, Ian Pannell , ABC News
Widow of Italian police officer bids painful goodbye as US teens charged in his death declared 'dangerous' by judge
By Bill Hutchinson, Ian Pannell and Phoebe Natanson
July 29, 2019 Story from International Bill Hutchinson, Ian Pannell, Phoebe Natanson , ABC News
As anti-government protests continue in Hong Kong, marchers embrace a new slogan made famous by Bruce Lee
By Alan Kwok, Ian Pannell and Edith Honan
August 21, 2019 Story from International Alan Kwok, Ian Pannell, Edith Honan , ABC News
Hong Kong police shoot teenage protester as clashes escalate on China's National Day
By Ian Pannell, Anthony Trotter, Morgan Winsor and Karson Yiu
October 1, 2019 Story from International Ian Pannell, Anthony Trotter, Morgan Winsor, Karson Yiu , ABC News
Tense standoff: Hong Kong Polytechnic University becomes center of police protesters' battle
By Alice Chambers , Ian Pannell and Karson Yiu
November 18, 2019 Story from International Alice Chambers , Ian Pannell, Karson Yiu , ABC News
Guaido urges opposition onward in Venezuela, defends apparently failed plot to oust Maduro
By Ian Pannell and Chris Francescani
May 4, 2019 Story from International Ian Pannell, Chris Francescani , ABC News
Hong Kong protests intensify as police dispute storming Polytechnic University amid fires, explosions
By Ian Pannell, Karson Yiu and Matt Zarrell
November 17, 2019 Story from International Ian Pannell, Karson Yiu, Matt Zarrell , ABC News
‘It is going to become worse’: ISIS prisoner predicts attack on Europe after al-Baghdadi death
By Ian Pannell, Angus Hines and Guy Davies
October 29, 2019 Story from International Ian Pannell, Angus Hines, Guy Davies , ABC News
Woman injured in Venezuela's May Day protests says 'It was like war, everyone was shot'
By Ian Pannell and Anthony Rivas
May 3, 2019 Story from International Ian Pannell, Anthony Rivas , ABC News
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