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Julia Cherner
Julia Cherner is on ABC News.
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Lawmakers renew push to ratify Equal Rights Amendment 100 years later
By Julia Cherner, Rachel Scott and Benjamin Siegel
March 5, 2023 Story from Politics Julia Cherner, Rachel Scott, Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
Gun violence is dropping in Chicago as police credit new tactics, community investment
By Meghan Mistry and Julia Cherner
October 10, 2022 Story from Politics Meghan Mistry, Julia Cherner , ABC News
Abortion bans 'will be swift' if Roe v. Wade is overturned: Sen. Amy Klobuchar
By Julia Cherner
May 8, 2022 Story from Politics Julia Cherner , ABC News
First Gen Z member elected to Congress prepares for new job on Capitol Hill
By Julia Cherner
January 1, 2023 Story from Politics Julia Cherner , ABC News
Golden State Warriors return to White House as NBA champs after avoiding Trump
By Lalee Ibssa and Julia Cherner
January 18, 2023 Story from Politics Lalee Ibssa, Julia Cherner , ABC News
Supreme Court 'set a torch' to last of its legitimacy with Roe reversal, Elizabeth Warren argues
By Julia Cherner
June 26, 2022 Story from Politics Julia Cherner , ABC News
Trump boasted of crowd size at Jan. 6 riot, new book says
By Julia Cherner
October 10, 2021 Story from Politics Julia Cherner , ABC News
Haaland embraces 'indigenous knowledge' in confronting historic climate change impacts
By Michelle Stoddart, Julia Cherner and Devin Dwyer
September 22, 2021 Story from Politics Michelle Stoddart, Julia Cherner, Devin Dwyer , ABC News
Kinzinger open to issuing subpoenas for members of Congress, including McCarthy
By Julia Cherner and Davone Morales
August 1, 2021 Story from Politics Julia Cherner, Davone Morales , ABC News
Clyburn asks senators 'which side are you on?' for voting rights
By Gabriel Pietrorazio and Julia Cherner
January 16, 2022 Story from Politics Gabriel Pietrorazio, Julia Cherner , ABC News
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