Ultimate Food for Saturday's 'Final Four' Faceoff

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Saturday is promising to be an epic night for basketball fans. With the two Final Four NCAA games back-to-back, you're going to need plenty of food to fuel you through all that cheering (and, let's be honest, drinking). GrubHub revealed the most popular delivery orders in the Final Four teams' towns during March Madness, and while it's no surprise that pizza and wings reign supreme, there are some surprises in the mix, too. Read on for a glimpse at how local super-fans will be celebrating and of the ultimate recipes of their preferred game-day dishes.

Kentucky Wildcats (Lexington, Ken.)

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Florida Gators (Gainesville, Fla.)

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Wisconsin Badgers (Madison, Wis.)

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Connecticut Huskies (Hartford, Conn.)

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Absolute Ultimate Game Day Grub

(Credit: Donna Svennevik/ABC)

And, as a special bonus for the crazy food-obsessed super-fans out there, we present to you the absolute ultimate game-day grub, according to these stats. Pizza and wings by far take the top spots, so why not combine them both with Rachael Ray's recipe for Buffalo chicken pizza? Enjoy!