Why 10 Republicans voted for impeachment | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

HuffPost's polling editor, Ariel Edwards-Levy, joined Galen and Perry to discuss why the second impeachment vote for President Donald Trump broke down the way it did.
36:54 | 01/14/21

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Transcript for Why 10 Republicans voted for impeachment | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
Hello and welcome to this impeachment reaction addition of the 530 politics podcast I'm dealing through today president trump became the first president in American history to be impeached. Twice that your listeners probably already know that at this point. The house voted 232. To a 197. To affirm a single article incitement of insurrection. Ten Republicans voted for impeachment will discuss who they are that makes it a bipartisan effort and he most bipartisan impeachment vote in history. But that is the last them up to two doesn't Republicans that some reports initially suggested it might vote for impeachment. So for some background here yesterday the third most powerful Republican in the house race Cheney. Announced that she would vote to impeach the president. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell office appears to have also told reporters that he backed the effort in the house. Although he has not made clear if you would vote for conviction in the senate he said he would wheat for the trial arguments to decide. But that he would not call the senate into session earlier than January 19 in order to whole trial. So here it mean to talk about the impeachment vote and what happens next is senior politics writer Perry bacon junior prepared. And you also are thus is senior reporter and polling editor at the Huffington Post aerial Edwards Levy Harry out. Welcome to the podcast it is quite absurd for use to be joining us for sound I appreciate it. I should also say that need to still on vacation. Quite weak to be on vacation. If you can remember Jews back to the first impeachment I was actually on vacation and went house began there is proceeding so I guess we have a tendency. To choose. Interesting weeks to be on vacation here on the podcast. But let's get into all of this I think first and forests Perry how should we think about. The partisan breakdown of the vote we just saw is ten Republicans. More than you would have expected request that you would have expected. It's actually more that I would have expected I sort of thought the report that two dozens seemed opt to me. So it's easy to say now I didn't do and NATO prediction before hand but I think that the key numbers here are you gonna read a lot of got the ten Republicans who broke ranks with the biggest numbers the 100. In 97. Who did not. We basically had since what happened at the capitol basically four votes. The sort of and the votes and Arizona in down. And in Pennsylvania. We have that we just two votes last week we had that when he you know when the amendment vote yesterday. And then today we had its impeachment vote. The majority of the Republican caucus in the house and all four cases. Took the truck he meaning they. Opposed and voted for the amendment the opposed impeachment and name wanted to reject the votes in the Arizona and Pennsylvania. So that's a that's an editor in Italy ten Republicans of the 207. Who voted on this. Voted for impeachment that as goes the point. You know Liz Cheney with high profile she was also an anomaly a very big anomaly lake in. A little surprised this was partisan but I think he needs since it. You know so now politics or partisanship. All of the Republican Party changed based on last Wednesday you can now be clear was not the case. The Republicans who did vote on impeachment I kind of want a breakdown of the Republican party's decisions here because there were various positions that worked weekend. Waited a party at least in the house we've prepared the senate so far. But start with the people who did. Vote for in future. Area I'll use spent a lot of time looking at public opinion. As far as you can towel the developments who did vote for impeachment why did they do it. Good question and I think you know. It is to actually case very BGC a B opinion sort of beating public opinion rather than the other way around where people are reacting to accuse of their constituents you know. We did some preliminary. Impeach him questions after the initial attack on the capital and bee thousand to our numbers at least were sort of pretty close to read it word the last ever happened which is. You know Democrats where very supportive of the idea of impeachment to add it had pretty limited GOP support. We also found in our polling that. Republican voters' perception was backed Republican leaders were less supportive of talent than they. It passed pulls it yet less injured party support but that didn't seem to affect yet. Their own support for the president now we've seen his approval numbers gotten lots a couple of days I think we're still. It eight theory genetic situation here but I think that a lot of what you saw with people taking these votes. Was people. Represented sort of stepping out a little bit ahead of their constituencies rather bad reacting to a calls threatening inside their party that this is what should happen acts. And actually get. At a question that Perez asked you earlier this week and that I've been thinking about law which it is which comes first the chicken or act. Does a leap opinion within the party and kept changing the views of their constituents. Or is it mostly the other way around actually you'll see more senators vote for conviction. In the senate if there's a big shift in public opinion. As far as your research in this area goes but who has more power in the situation is that the politicians are the key. It's sort of tough because it's coming at this type right here already eat. You know it's the right after collapsing bear already about to see this change of power and CE. This news dying at 800 new administration. He had seen this sort of new an era of what people were going to be me a different policies and so. You serve expect to see a shift in a lot of public opinion anyway just based on who's precedent and people reacting against. And very different presidency that looks to be shaping up. So it's been so part acquaintance they eat how did this change I think one thing that we're gonna really want to look at is. What does the Republican Party look like going forward and how much loyal T does stop attacks have after he's left office. If the trump wings something that's going to stick around into what it stats. These are just about this that is like the parties are different my sense is that the Democratic Party. Voters are pushed by elites and I would give some examples in this the first was. In 2019 there was a bubble the sketch about impeachment the whole year. But the route the year Pelosi was like known I don't know in the end and he saw the polls a lot of Democrats are for it was a big split. We've polo. C and the leadership in the house gap behind impeachment saw immediately. A bunch of support for impeachment it really. The second exit level it was once you know once the primary get close to. Biden won South Carolina he gets a minute but also basically the entire Democratic Party went on TV and says. Kennedy Joseph party Q win the election is seemed to me that the polls suggest and the results suggest that the elite signals work work well. On the other hand the Republican Party and when he gets hit when he sixteen. The leadership said no whom do not support Donald Trump and the voters were like we don't care what you think. And so since then I think there are I think the Republican officials are right did. The U leaked function in that party I don't think is working. I think straw has influence on the Republican voters. I don't think he sort of Rankin members of congress have really unique impact and I think they're the members in the Republican pockets are probably right tipping. Look at the polls first and do what they say and to be skeptical of their abilities to influence the balls. I eighty Andrea and I think especially what you pinpointed with the way that Democrats reacted in the last. Impeachment shows that sort of movements and in I think it really remains to be seen it's a very open question. How much voters in the Republican Party consider themselves to eat that champ Wei and Howard and during that is. Yeah I was looking back some are calling in 2050 right before her China became the Republican. Yet consensus nominee end. Given what we know and out of the last four years it's very me and beating to see this sort of first poll it when he was floated as a candidate in which he had. Almost no support which people are saying this is not the direction we want our party it's of that humiliate exactly I don't think it's going to disappeared easily if it came thing. You know you'll see he sort of how much loyalty he has over. Public opinion or whether that some of that. Drifts back the Republican Party which he had so much like the class four and many hats for the past few years. Yeah when we look at those early caucuses and primaries or Iraq to 2016. We see event that kind of pour support for trumpets like 30% of the Republican Party or something. Like that. I don't know if we can use that as a proxy for the always trump you know group of Republicans. But I am curious beast on the different arguments that we horror which ranged from. March retail evergreen all in true believers still talking about conspiracy theories and things like that. You know Boris says some of the Republicans who voted for impeachment like Peter Maier a freshman from Michigan. Where are the different groupings of the Republican Party at least as far as how actives go. Oh right now pared. So let's start with. From all go from likes of the left to right like to think about that. I think there you sort of people who were so them moderate ideologically. And sort of anti trump I might say Susan Collins is the best example of their. Lisa Murkowski. Governor Larry Hogan. Maryland I think that's pretty small group. Second I would say the sort of like people are pretty conservative on policies. That are sort of democratic norms people are neck and who don't like the week trial that he's available for his pulse that in the leaders that would be sort of be incest in Mitt Romney it and number we don't want to maybe Mike DeWine the governor Ohio's another person's an older both two camps. I think the biggest campus probably what I would call Mitch McConnell. John dune and a traditional Republican group in this group is people is like people who are not Italy who sort of seal the party is going. They started out being sort of trumped skeptical. Being announcing that their base like strokes they trying to get behind trump. They in public they're very open it's wrong can easily in private patrons like you know so are his goals they don't like it occasionally note their base and strong. It is a work room that is. More retro like I think Kevin McCarthy in the house is a little bit more emphatic about trump and McConnell will do you atop occasionally. The house Republicans think most in this in this work from witch who almost always agree with stroke. And as a group levitate Jim Jordan of Ohio. Some of the Q nine members cuna members who like you know full on May be to the right of trump. More conspiratorial instrument think those of the five blocks I would draw. Yet aerial continued Kennedy's sense. How well the public lives up to those five different blocks. I think that's something that again is good as the EXP it little bit more over the next couple of weeks. When I first started pulling on trump letters we used to tap it out by people who supported him in the primary pertussis. People who supported him in the general elections Republicans who had different first choice but. Kate island to be trying. Coalition eventually end there were notable differences between those blocks and you saw it and you know sort of increases of things like seat of phobia we looked at this a lot around. The child separations at the border and people in his sort of primary voter ripper off patent outright support and that this whereas the other group community is morally. Well it's not the best thing you know it was less outright enthusiasm. So that's something I think that might be sort of an interesting divide to look at. Right now it's difficult to know sort of what that divides are an attempt coalition beyond and the ideological line we seen so last couple years that. Politics is this Nate abiding life and after that all other demographics considered being an addition this there's not. Looking at the Republican Party I don't know if you could say oh there's this clear aide split so there's it's clear regional split the decides whether somebody is trump Republican or. A different kind of Republican who was sort of a law when it was expedient but I think. That's something that will be cleared to break out especially in the next couple months. Right a lot of the ways that we burns to talk about the divides in the Democratic Party were a result of how the most recent primary and so. The Republican Party is gonna do a lot of the work defining those divides in. The coming years. I'll mention because we lost at 538 are impeachment public opinion tracker today that right now we sure that 15% of Republicans. Support. Impeachment that compares to 48% of independents and 84%. Of Democrats. Which brings us to a grand total around 53%. Are Americans supporting impeachment compared with 42% of Americans not supporting. Impeachment and you mentioned that we had seen a little bit of a takedown in approval over the past few days. We're now downs are 40% approval. At and 56%. Disapproved. People continue to see that number drop as we get more polls. In and then within the Republican Party. Whereas we had seen Ian the nineties and high eighties approval we're now starting to see some approval numbers. In the high seventies to just throw a bunch of numbers at people to lamb a numerical marker down from where we are in this moment before some of this. Some of these divisions and and you. Media and new passports arts tour march. So who polls in the last impeachment just about 10% of Republicans favored that if you look at polls and ask people trump vs KC or. Larry Hogan when there was an idea they were in the primary you'd see about ten to 20% people favored them generally that this sort of anti term Republican. He's more likely be as more like the rest are to be under 45. They're less likely to be evangelical. They're more likely to be women and people colors as a general again is the very small people. In a very smaller Republicans were people of color but that's. The demographics of those people might need more women more nonwhite. Definitely distinctly not if he didn't know audience and importantly and to think about them a little bit younger as well that's kind of work even as you go for a Republican. Like Adam can finger as his voted against them voted for the invoking its when he voted for impeachment he's a house Illinois. He seems to be. And listening to visit to the I think they're both sort of the Bolton and I think there and there. Upper upper forties mid fifties they're both trying to court I think this can live like this non until Republican is in and getting both of them are gonna explore light. Is my future more running for president as the Kennedy anti truck Republican manages to be the in the house leadership muscular. Rap and I have also heard that I. Adam can figure some interest in potentially running for governor in Illinois which may also. Influence the way today Steve votes in the house so. We mention earlier on that part of wives McConnell. And Cheney. We're doing in publicizing their approval to a greater and lesser degree of this and different process. Is trying to move public opinion being view we signals. Away from trop doctor to very powerful people within the Republican Party why didn't those signals cause more Republicans. To get on board you know we saw ten. Republicans vote for impeachment why did we see too dark or white and we even see the sixty that voted to approve. Certify it. President elect's about Biden's victory. And I do think that you have a pretty character at pretty powerful countervailing force in. Voters need district two we've been talking about are still very Kirk trumpet and you know I'd also assists its heart just think what this sort of from a purely electoral. Statement right out like I don't think that they're going they're thinking that maybe immediately punished for voting against us. It's more I guess you could say that it's more that they were allowed to do this and that that you were given the carrot and the stick to do this it's you have permission that you have a satin covered but it's not like this with something that Republicans or. Really get it with it to you voting on. So my sense is I would doubt they Liz Cheney your senator McConnell while they were gonna change any Republican views in the short terror. And may be in I hey. Think this was more of a game they want to say that they oppose strong and mandate they did in. In the night as it is in the judgment of history dating dating going to be right about that they McConnell. Runs for reelection next and twenty when he sixty eve revelers at you'll be 84 than. This may be his last term I'm guessing he's not worried about heat and a backlash to it is will be more where he is. I think Liz Cheney is criticized from enough already to Wear her career is going to be limited if the party becomes fully trump. I don't think he was afraid of this vote but I'm guessing neither one of them and I don't think Liz Cheney is. Under the illusion that she was in a boom Republican voters by herself are any means like that I have to imagine if your. In Ehrlich imparting this is notable long term thing where you think trump is out of office he's off Twitter. You can sort of gradually move weight room to do but when he when he or you can out of nine strong person but never mind that probably more likely be. Count on Mike hints then Liz Cheney is my assumption sort of a less broad straw matting. In tonight's real person and other words. Do we have a sense from the polling very well what Republicans. Think about their party currently. Or what direction they want to go in from here. One thing that we found that Republican voters do not really feel like. They are waiting or that they are getting. And understandably they just lost the presidency and the senate and you opted will see voters turn against their party a little bit. In the aftermath of a loss and to some extent he didn't really see that reckoning over the last couple of months because it was disrupted by a president from pretending that he hadn't lost so instead of seeing this sort of conversation of yet he took with Morgan's wife in the party lose what direction we need to go it is this an existential issue or just something that can be chase. We had a lot of people to die aching backs they had actually lost so. I think that discussion probably needs to start to happen pretty student next couple months. I imagine that you're going to see a lot of people turning on the party to some extent but also given how polarized things arts not like these people are going to be. Reaching her FBI also I think we see how disenchanted they are whether backed. Affects the sort of voter enthusiasm. And it'll be a couple of years making it until we see that actually tactic that we should get a sense of whether people are sour on the party and congressional leaders have never really been popular with the Republicans to begin with which is another factor I think it and then you the only thing there. Well yes or just turning on the party mean turning on the Republican Party or doesn't mean verdict. That's I think that's a good question is that you know right now. Fiddles and passable years there's been so little distance for both the tide beach for me Donald Trump and Republicans in Washington. If you ask people. They able. You know Steve this say that boasts there's most Republican lawmakers support drop and we're seeing that. Back then back way to evaluate I can blast and we saw that was during the health care debates. So which if the party starts flipping it to coalitions where do people fall and is trying to keep it that sort of base of support and again. Republicans. Don't they tend to love their congressional leadership it's not if you accident who's been patent. Figures and their party who they feel this emotional attachment to mostly president trap but he's leaving office. A question for Ariel he's taken Freeman will open the question is. What are the holes really capturing in the NL east went on for an excuse. Like some of these polls assume 20% of people being put out of the capital was okay Republicans. I am skeptical I went to their Palestinians that you like yes I went to capitol be invaded by crazies. But I think more questions are asking people do you prove truck. Is troubling did you. Do you want to do you believe that's results. A lot of questions and asking people to take away their political opinions and assess these things independently. Entail the pollster from the fake news. Debt no trump obviously lost you know troubles obviously line I think that the people of my party who made the capital are crazy net like. He skeen are assessing real things are these polls are we. Trying to get people to ridge yet there partisanship. And partisan environment. And unsurprisingly. They're not going to do like our we is it possible direction attitudes are different than what they're saying because their Unionists do. Disregard their values and there and their political. Old oaks. It's such a key question and we've really doesn't matter how you for it as and there's bits under debate in the last couple of months about partisan signaling witches when you ask Republican voters. Do you think that's. Donald Trump really lost are they telling you how they actually feel let me say I'm Republicans that I support trump and it doesn't really matter what's. The impetus it one question that needs been asking is. Yeah we asked about the it's actually at the capitol a much different ways what question is thinking about the actions of the supporters do you think they were mostly right they are mostly abroad. Where they went too far they have a heat and we also asked do you feel like they represented people he. And so we sauce of an interesting dynamic with. You know Republicans and some photos of me ask these questions where under sort of baseline question do you approve of this. Most set no right to subvert this most said they don't represent people like me. But plurality 46% of Republicans in our survey said they thought that the people went too far but they haven't points. And even though we didn't include this of the question read the asks people. To put it in their outward but it happened a lot of people volunteered this theory that the violence wasn't really eat people like that was from the other side so you see this sort of coalition of different justifications and I think what I think it's interesting as watching this develop in real time. Where people haven't really decided what the Republican light is not us but. You see this thing where it's bad but also went too far but also the people who went too far may be words associated with me he adds. It really does matter how you ask these questions because a big eight and I don't think about the failure pulling to some extent because it the people's views on this are really complicated. So I guess when you bring up all of those different polling questions. I wonder when it comes to the legitimacy of the election this you know false idea that it was the other side that attacked the capital. Are those kinds of things that change with time and distance will. You know the vast majority of Republicans come to believe that Joseph Barton legitimately won the election you know. Six months on your on will make. Clung to see that it was trapped extremists alongside right Nationalists anti semites went to promise assessed at Sutter. Who attacked the capital or do these things in juror even if they become me be rough sailing in our. I don't know. With time. Annie B already see and I think some movement the question of whether Biden is going to be precedent where. Republicans have in last week I think there is no Uga police and the Republicans who admitting that Biden could be taking office this job like twenty points. You do you think he thinks sort of coalesce and the sort of conventional wisdom of what it means to be in the party especially for people who are highly politically engaged and are sort of tuned in to what that we estimate is and it I'm and Ted think it would the last conspiracies hee-seop was. What the Donald Trump crest which was about. This false idea that President Obama was not board in the US and even when. Trump himself backed away from that when he was a candidate. You sort of saw some Republicans backing away from say they outright believed and that that it was very hard to get people wave from that idea you know you couldn't get to say no that's not sure. So I think that a lot these things have some staying power backed. They may or may not be top of mind to people when it's not the main topic of conversation in the news say yes. Listeners of the tilting around as light is the Republican Party Romney Republicans are ultimately Lincoln ran into robbery in the primaries and other. My sense is to be eighty facts wrong fifteen route. Is that generally what you guys think you that it doesn't sort of hinting at here and we we don't really know that's kind of mind assumption is that governs things like this there's a round room. But it's way over president in the press and in the elite circles compared vote. Yours yet they get that you know just looking at last a lifetime meet did not question react. Do you consider yourself mostly a child support are mostly supporter of Republican Party both Geithner. And among. Republicans. We found that 41% plurality said mostly east supporters of trump which was pretty similar to you. Last month and very few said they themselves mostly supporters that the GOP it not trot. The rest are mostly say so I think right that the child wait is very clearly the dominant wing of the Republican Party the only so the question to be held durable that is. We should ask more people rest as I you know I only know what right now. The pull it we've already discussed what the polling intolerance. I would be curious to hear from Republicans themselves. The people responsible for trying to elect these people what they actually think direction of our parties and perhaps we'll do some of that. In that you know the coming days and weeks both horror before agree. Wrap this up I do want to talk about what comes next. Senate majority leader who will be Senate Minority Leader beginning next week has that that he is not going to start an impeachment trial immediately that walls. Wheat until January 19. What is the process. And what do we expect how do we expect Republicans in the senate to respond to all of us. This eggs this idea so McConnell pretty clearly sit now that he's not starting pitcher so. At some point she rural become the majority leader. And in the questions really going to be there was is that any impeachment trial and apparently using takes a few weeks. I'm system interpublic in the Republican Party if the miss it and make it to trial longer beaches. Strong is no longer their problems some level and they gets it and grind up the democratic agenda that they want to use of this the real question. I'm of the view that Joseph Biden might tell somebody the next UVs. Now trump started done any way made recidivism. Stimulus bill war and impeachment blessed in this thing that's I think this idea I know there's a lot of talk radio that can you vote. By two thirds of the snaking can dates wrong. Then with a majority to trim the city can bar strong from ever being in office by a majority so I'll believe it when I see it. What I see seventeen Republican senators Rick you know vote for impeachment despite the entire party isn't insane. Lightning strong and in two dead at least four of them go early I guess this no credit problem. In the net debt so they're. Process by which strong who most Republicans voted for twice. Being disqualified from office I don't see it I guess I'm serious. The Democrats even have the backbone to push this forward Apatow that a novice in the end will any Republicans. Join them as misstatements and I think the answer those questions are probably. I don't think the Democrats are the backbone and on the your ultimate join them talking those that an exit visa process I think trumps worst days probably been today in this is that. That's my prediction. I I think is like a calculus. On the democratic site to where there is the sort of political norms calculus of what does it mean for the country do we have an obligation to send a signal about this behavior Q. Firmly cast this is outside of that alerts you. Stand again this and then there's there of the political calculus of what we want the first few weeks of the bite administration to look ache and it or not overestimate the importance of that messaging necessarily because. I think we're gonna see a lot Kate regardless and the pandemic is probably good could be. Much higher anybody's mind that also there's going to be a couple more years before we get our first referendum on the vine presidency but. You know I think there is going to be consideration about it. What is the message that Democrats want to send wet day half the presidency and they have the legislative branch again and do they want to continue this referendum on Donald Trump argued they want to you you know start talking about the policy initiatives and size and I don't know that that's a question that passed from backs particular perspective. It easier not if the answer that I think it's. Something wrong could be tough. Mean exhaustively over the next couple of months. Also this looking back impeachment get less popular. As it went through in between agent when it went right in the divisional viewed the viewed expect to be MPs who get live voters get tired of it. And occasionally less popular did as my expectation is that yours too. That seems reasonable to me and it I think we're especially right now the Moe admits this is happen where a you're seeing. War condemnation from Republicans you have in the past and that's getting a lot our play you're still seeing that video of the attack in the capital. It's hard at last time we saw support for impeachment growing it was because as we talked earlier. Democrats are coalescing around it yet Democrats to call last so let's DC's. New and sort of probably shocking movement among Republicans toward the idea of impeachment once trumpets out of office I think probably we're. Pretty near the feeling right now it has legs enough it's not extended a statement about news and sat. I guess but I think about us are there are two factors but I think 18 scenes from reporting that we've seen over the past abilities as well as statements from lawmakers. That there are more videos to come out there is more evidence that we the public doesn't fully understand what happened inside the capitol on January 6. And so. That kind of evidence you know there has been some suggestion that actual Republican lawmakers that were in talks wit. These rioters. Also. There according to report for CNN news video. Few lawmakers being let out of the chamber. And that that's quite dramatic. So there are there are other pieces of evidence that could emerge I could shift public opinion. The countervailing force is that one of the arguments that we heard overwhelmingly from Republicans today it is you know we're in the middle of it can damage don't you want unity you said you wanted unity now that made the somewhat absurd to say after all of this that you want unity you could also create unity in opposition to attacked. But without aside. That message seems like it would resonate with voters who Buteau media are more concerned about getting a 2000 dollar stimulus chart. Then convicting a president who's already out of office. So those are the two columns that's actually in my mind of the things that could shift public opinion from here. I agree that I and out of the first pointed to Dee you know there will be more evidence that might and that that might change nine bodies have yet. Yeah I think that the regional state and especially you know make it went to get back that sort of interplay were at these tears are coming out. If that I either shifts public opinion because people will be watching this it because it continuous media work it shifts if he'd of lawmakers because some of that what system they'll need to take the stars to act. That either one of those could change that calculus and also could sort of keep this that the corporate everybody's mind where a little long are. One final big question it DA and it trumps legacy here is whether or not he gets himself apartment. You know I guess I could also shift opinion to some extent from what I have seen giving yourself a pardon and giving members of your Philly apartment doesn't block popular. Had you dug into the pulling on the aerial. I have not ain't my complete. Instinctual reactions which may or may not be directed to I that seems like something that actually. With not move the evil as much as you might think and my reason for that basically. Does that not sound like something that's in keeping with Maggie of the things that have happened throughout the administration. You know I think we've done pull it got political corruption a lot and you know I think there's this sort of ideas facts it's endemic in Washington the severity of the swamp ends. I found that sort of corruption at Alexy and that sort of line of attack against China has not one of them were successful things. In terms of peeling off his supporters will be seen bill movement to support its statements lake. Charlottesville or like the capital. Riots which sort of a fed the conscience of the nation to some extent. Reports things like the health care debate in which he was failing to get things done looking me in fighting with his own party this sort of thing trip tip of corruption or. If fighters being caught doing so they work deadly conflict I hadn't seen happy huge effect on people's opinions. I think for every senator that would make it a little easier to vote soon do something negative minute of trouble is basically self admitting to crimes it will be easier for Murkowski and Miller. Regarded it means I think that might be a did you might go from light. Two Republican senators to flag. Voting her conviction metro president three. And basically announces yet the part of himself that might help them a little bit nuts. The majority in a couple more. Are well. Only time towel as so many times on this broadcast and it remains true but let's leave it there thank you so much Perry and aerial referred turning me today. For the first time in history that an American president has been impeached for this text S. The yeah. My name is Dillinger Tony child is in the virtual control room clear that a Gerry Curtis is an audio editing. You get in touch by emailing us at pod cast at 530 dot com you can also of course greeted us with any questions or comments. If you're a fan of the show leaders are reading a review apple podcasts. Or tells them about us thanks for listening and we'll see. Yeah. A.

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