Andrew Cuomo confident Biden will win election, ‘nervous’ over post-election Trump

The governor and author of “American Crisis” also explains why he holds President Donald Trump “responsible for every death in this country” from COVID-19.
7:38 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for Andrew Cuomo confident Biden will win election, ‘nervous’ over post-election Trump
In his new best selling book American crisis leadership lessons from the cold in nineteen pandemic. New York governor Andrew Cuomo shares what he learned while leading the state that was once they global epicenter of the pandemic. And now has become one of the lowest rates of new cases in the US. Please welcome Governor Cuomo was happening welcome to the view baton. Pleasure good to be right you're pretty happy fairs that. Happy Thursday. Now you know. Election Day is like five days away and I am I'm really encouraged to see all of the country really people really getting out there. And voting early in New York just has started it's been really good so. If you had to make a guess. Is this something will keep. Do you plaque. I think she the first ITV energy is great all of course the country's great in New York produce greater of course the country. And I think that's good news I think is especially good news for Joseph Biden. I believe that I support Joseph Barton 100% obviously. But I believe it's a very good news for Joseph Biden I believe Joseph Biden is going to win the election. I'm just a little nervous about our what mr. trump does. Post election you know the president. Winds of forecasting where he's going in he's been talking for months about. Election fraud and democratic fraud and he actually said the other day. The only way we lose is if there's fraud so I hope he takes the defeat. With some honor and doesn't tried to going to the courts. And play games that weren't. Governor few people. Haven't a better understanding of how to manage the pandemic. Then you do. What is your prediction for the country as we head into winter. You know I think. It's what the scientists. Said. The the difference that we've made in new York and we followed the signs from they want we followed the tracks and this is a virus doesn't respond to politics right. Just listen to the scientists. They said in the fall was going to get worse they said the way targets called of people move indoors you have schools opening up colleges opening up would have been a real problem. Us or what was going to get worse and we prepared for. Testing is the best thing that a state can do a big countries should be doing. And we now test so. Such a high level. Where we can target actual neighborhoods. Where you start to see an increase in the spread. And the whole challenges find those little increases right there like embers into right grass. Find those little increases and attacked them before they spread. So we now do targeting. The neighborhood by neighborhood a neighborhood in Brooklyn neighborhood in Queens neighborhood upstate. And keep it small I expect we'll see your gradual. Incline in the cases in New York. But you want to keep it gradual. Right now we have the second lowest infection rates in the United States second only to me. And god bless Maine that doing a great job and it's it's a more rural state. But keep the inclined low through the fall and then get ready for the vaccine. Which is going to be a real major challenge to this country. So the government we love having you on the show because it when you're here we know what them when not being preempted it's really great. We have been. Get it. Seven lines. Definitely in the middle of so I won't. So where they taped interview back in April Jared cushion track told Bob what would that trump was club getting the country back. From the doctors. Got. I basically he's admitting that trump has no interest in listening to the scientist on the doctors. Not why do you think the trump is so threatened by doctors and scientists. George I don't think you was just that I think it was worse than not frankly. I think what they were saying was they wanted to do not yet. Politically they didn't find it advantageous. So that we're gonna deny the virus and the doctor's word convenient and facts were inconvenient and science was inconvenient. Because their political plan. Was to leave it to the states. Let the states handle it which was bizarre to me this is a national pandemic apps the federal government not handle it. But leave it to the states it was primarily democratic states if you remember early on. Blame the states. The president's position was going to be deny it because it was inconvenient it could hurt the economy. And they would just the doctors and the facts disrupted. Their political agenda joy. That's what it was all about they want it to lied to the American people. And the doctors were telling the truth and that was the problem. Well because the doctors are political they're just telling you what's asked him which got it did. And corona virus is now the third leading cause. Of death and America. And you say and rightfully so I thing wet I am asking you. You're holding and you know who is responsible. For every death in New York from culled it. I'm gonna send you why. I'm holding you know who responsible for every death in this country. First will be because he had lied about it he lied about it. From day one. They had that memo in January from a person and Peter Navarro that said millions of Garnet die. Then hey look read about it. And they know that millions were going to get affect the intrepid in hundreds of thousands of all going to die. That's the first threesome. The old ball says don't lie right. Second. They were totally incompetent in what they did he keeps talking about the China fires trying to virus China virus trying to demonize China. The virus did not come here from China. The virus came here from Europe. Because he wasn't paying attention and the virus left China. Went to Europe. January February march. We had three million people coming in from Europe Italy France Spain and that's where the virus came from. And he never known act and he never said it. I know this is hey this is all on his doorstep and it still is and the most obnoxious. You you know that a 1101000. People more are going to die because you won't Mitt Wear a mask. And your. Owned no roasts this keeps you from wearing a mask and all of Europe advisors. Say at least tell the American people protect themselves. Wear a mask and you refuse. I mean how. Crazy.

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"The governor and author of “American Crisis” also explains why he holds President Donald Trump “responsible for every death in this country” from COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73905885","title":"Andrew Cuomo confident Biden will win election, ‘nervous’ over post-election Trump","url":"/theview/video/andrew-cuomo-confident-biden-win-election-nervous-post-73905885"}