Catherine Zeta-Jones talks allegations against husband Michael Douglas

Zeta-Jones joined "The View" to discuss her latest project, "Cocaine Godmother."
8:18 | 01/19/18

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Transcript for Catherine Zeta-Jones talks allegations against husband Michael Douglas
It's been a while. Yes. You always have the best -- I think the last time you were here is because it was your birthday and Barbara's birthday at the same time right? And Michael too right? Yeah, the three of us. The 925 club. I send my best to Barbara wherever she may be. I saw you at the golden globes wearing black to make a point. Do you think that the point was made? What do you think? Yes. You do? I think it was made. You know, us women are great in numbers as you see here. And this pendulum is going to get to like a medial and people aren't going to be talking about it, it's not going to be on the forefront of everyone's lips and that's where women have to be kind to each other. That's right. That's right. Yeah. We can't expect other people to be kind to us if we aren't to ourselves. Like I say, stick together. Cover for your girlfriends. I think the pendulum just went in your favor. You know, the #metoo movement has been taking a little bit of flack and I know your husband Michael Douglas came out preemptively to deny allegations of sexual assault. Did you support that move? He had to come out preemptively because of what he believes in. Look, I support this movement 110% always have since the moment it opened up to the public because we all know it's been going on for years and not just in our industry, it's been happening in the boardroom. Across the board, everywhere. I support it 110%. Michael came out with that preemptive statement, he was articulate, said it from the heart. Honest, open and transparent. He now has to take the next step from where he goes from here. It's a question for him. Because it happened 30 years ago. It was bc be before Catherine. But I stand -- I have a daughter, you know, and I mean, as we battle through now, I hope -- this is something that she doesn't even think about when she gets into the workplace. Hopefully. Hopefully. Let's not hold our breaths but hopefully. You won an academy award in 2002 for "Chicago." Everyone loves that movie. It is a Harvey Weinstein produced movie. You have been in this biness a long time. Have you ever had a #metoo experience? You know. I hold my heart and say thank the lord no. No. You know, it's so -- it's so hard for us in the business because you would think, you know, my peers have been affected, but everyone is always like it's Harvey but unless it happens to you you don't know if it's true or just talk. You know. Right. And it takes these women coming out. It's an eye-opener of the scale of how this happened. You know. I have great memories of that movie. I can't believe it's that long ago. You were so great in that movie. So good. Thank you, joy. You were. So talented. And she still tap dances, too. I do a lot actually. With everybody there, we had such a great time. For me, it was like I dreamed as a little girl wanting to be in the old Hollywood movies. Bugsy Barkley, dancing with Fred and Gene Kelly and it's like well, I missed the boat. I was born in the wrong era. For me, the thrill of having a musical put on fm forever, you know, it was like I did that now. Yes. I did that. And now here I am playing Griselda blanco. What a great transition. Speaking of this new role. Joy mentioned the movie "Cocaine godmother" -- La -- I'm sure a lot of us know who Palo Escobar is and El Chapo is but how many know who Griselda blanco is. A couple of people. Who was she? Griselda blanco, I've been four years trying to get a project of her off the ground. I've been devastated as it all fell apart and here I am and it was the best working experience of my life. Griselda blanco in the 1970s, '80s was the queen of king pins in a very dangerous male dominated world. She was running the whole show and Miami was the center of incoming drug traffic. Pablo Escobar worked for her. Really? Y Wow. You know, she's so removed from what I believe in morally, everything. There's no redeemable quality about Griselda which is wonderful to play. But really good to play. But she -- I have to admire her for sustaining such power in such a male dominated bad dark world for so long. We want to see a clip. We have our business to protect. I worry about you being on your own. They have been trying to put a bullet in me for years Pablo. I always wave. You know. I care for your safety. Even though a cat has only nine lives. You compare me to a cat, Pablo? A lion. Yes! A lion. Huh? I have to tell you I lov@d you in this so much, I saw it last night and la that madrina means godmother in Spanish. I always thought you were a Latina because I saw "Zorro" and come to find out you're Welsh. I'm Welsh baby. I have to say for just a second I thought given the issue of diversity in roles you played that role and not a Latina. Yes. Yeah, I did. And you were great in it. Well, thank you. So good. Thank you. But I'm all for diversity. I work in an industry, a movie industry that's white men so I've been able to work with -- where he speaks diversity in front of the camera and behind the camera. In all aspects. People making -- you know, so I'm all for diversity, sex, sexual agenda, all of it. I've been trying to do this for four years. You know, before other people came in and went, whoa, wait a minute, I should be playing here. I said okay, this is not a race to the finishing line. I'm Welsh. I kind of look like Latina. You do. You do. You're gorgeous. I have my own language and if I sat in Wales waiting for a Welsh role to come up -- You have a beautiful face and could go in any direction with that. You could play Italian. I like to play Italian. Because I like pasta. And we like you. Thanks for coming by. We appreciate it. Our thanks to Catherine zeta-jones. "Cocaine godmother" Ising

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{"duration":"8:18","description":"Zeta-Jones joined \"The View\" to discuss her latest project, \"Cocaine Godmother.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52467055","title":"Catherine Zeta-Jones talks allegations against husband Michael Douglas","url":"/theview/video/catherine-zeta-jones-talks-metoo-movement-allegations-husband-52467055"}