Dr. Ian Smith on how intermittent fasting can help you get ready for the summer

Smith, author of the book "Clean & Lean," explains how to look good and get healthy in 30 days.
6:56 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Dr. Ian Smith on how intermittent fasting can help you get ready for the summer
How. Think your body's not quite ready for swimsuit season doctor Ian Smith says he has the simplest most effective way to get you bear in his new book clean and lean. Thirty days thirty foods and new you please welcome friends of the show doctor Ian. Okay. Yeah. Factory is there are tons of diet books out there are so how is your new book clean and lean thirty days thirty foods a new U different than the other ones out there. Okay basically this is clean eating meeting intermittent fasting so clean eating is reducing processed experience. Intermittent fasting is periods of eating and appeared to fast and so in this case actually one plus one equals three. So clean eating works well by itself intermittent fast and works well by itself what you put them together they're very sadistic and I group have a great FaceBook group. Called cleaner or get cleaners or join a group a lady posted today she. Lost nine pounds in one week just like to meet. And one that we how much should she went out. Could annoy you wave are easier to Israel's got a 150 pound well I mean she wasn't yeah yeah overly. NC because he's doing both things you're burning boats and again one week total at any one week accounted avenue where Barraza fifteen pounds and the debate on this program wow and you're eating. Lots of food cannot a lot of little not a foot pedal what critics something clean food because a lot of my friends are like I'm clean eating and then I watched them an unlikely. As a little dirty to me what hit its all about processed ingredients right so you wanna eat food is closer that is coming out of the ground. Or off the tree that's the key so all the manufacturing the synthetic ingredients to artificial sweeteners. All those things disrupt hormones by the way where and so cleaning means as pure as possible not perfect I never say do things perfectly going to be perfect. But as clean as possible is hot and try to does if you can't understand what's on the wrapper or fits wrapped up like that. It's problem and although it's funny words I grant only says that if you're in the grocery story you don't recognize an ingredient you don't bite you go. A rally outside. It has more than five ingredients it's most likely not a clean from about half a little permanent Garrity EI. Okay. Good yeah yeah. I do not want. I came here are edited Antarctica mean you mentioned internment ten back stay down I understand there are two types so. I'm not great it fasting in any thing in I can resist anything except temptation so what would you Japanese guests for someone like me for the stop. First of all fasting does not mean starvation diet and teens having periods of not eating you can have coffee black coffee you can have watered you can have herbal tea. That's during her fast of their two types of fasting and one of the 52 ratio which means. Five days of normal innings and the screen here they'll have paid two days of fasting. You don't want to fasting days to be next to each other so you eat normally Sunday through Tuesday Wednesdays fasting 800 calories a last. And then to normal again for today and fasting that it didn't even does that doesn't Himalaya. That does that again ha now I am like action a proponent of time restricted eating which means. That you choose like here you wake up at seven. Your fasting time is from 7 AM to 10 AM. Then you can eat. From 10 AM. Two 8 PM and then you fast to get from eight to ten that's what I like this is called time restricted feeding which means you have a window eating and it would know fasting and by the way. You can decide in the book in which tracked you want to do some people are aggressive. They want a bigger fasting window and a smaller eating when the something or just the opposite to what what exactly are the benefits that you've discovered scientifically sound as a cabinet meeting so Benjamin faster allows you to lose weight more significantly. It lowered her belly fat. And actually reduces inflammation. And actually can improve asthmatic symptoms and you're learning so it really is a global kind of effect and by the way lets us be clear here. Intermittent fasting means that your body does not have any calories on board so it's gotta go somewhere to get the calories and what does it all for energy. Inside your back goes back to the Storch former energy solar reason why are fascinating because the body says I need energy where I get it from does know who go to the fact. I generally eat like that actually I don't eat late at night if not why doesn't why hasn't now I don't now. Well at Ideo. I'm I don't. I yeah. Doable present I don't diets to his seems a similar to actually let into life and accident not yet and it's gonna start you do get inflamed. Generally when you eat after 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock. As a source it's in your stomach I think it's decidedly not it's not burning it off you've got to triple insulated what I get up at 6 o'clock o'clock in the morning I can't wait. Till 10 o'clock to eat what they in the to a change your window in its flexible you can then make your window earlier group feeding would know earlier you just cut off earlier that's all right 927. Actually to break off its very doled out people in this group I'm telling you the result just amazing. And look almost forty under the you know Joyce de. I hope it enable Iraq the bush sitting in front of other than example of a day one plan for George yes I could freely as the do they miss it really I've known him for a hundred you know I don't act. So listen so what did you prepare a case though not for me it's fine OK I hope for example you could have scrambled to get healthier editor and Turkey bacon okay. Participants scrambled eggs Turkey bacon for bread and milk that's meal want milk you want. Whole grain make a whole grain toast and meal to would be was not you know. I was not yeah yes although at a hair are not like one. You may not yet signed an audience McConnell is one of the world's insurance OK well no it's not working double what this loses its whole grain noodles cook she did exactly it's a layer enemy I could not do the whole grain Newton's that's right whole grain noodles holding onto you game tasted it I believe it lasagna for a week now I gotta tell you what type but that's trailers. Let's have a look zarrella got another hour yet whether isn't it panicked as different organic but it ample fat mozzarella yes but it's organic organic I don't. I like it what that's worth what it. Oh I can't. What does that mean and mean no no preservatives no additives you know it's it's at the cleanup food or getting this isn't clean of food I remember the war haunts around the yeah yeah. And then dinner dinner to stake out. Yeah. Or. Dinner stay with a sweet potatoes weren't the first night and some broccoli right OK Bob. There's an app for this island by the way I'm and that eating window right now all tied up so but this gives me real motivation not going to be the key bikini for probably hear a Catholic but and their snack as well there's summing up on your phone is an app so there's no excuse to not be able to follow along with the window you choose what you want is practiced. That is as a snack route looks delicious it is good that happens called up because he's the world. You can see here called doctor -- world of good doctor he n.'s world dot com get all the meals. All the exercise video of a personal coach. All at your phone Bloomberg travelled you've got what preying on the number that whilst we gotta go stick to sari thanks to Donald Ian Smith members of your ideas are getting a copy of his book. Okay.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Smith, author of the book \"Clean & Lean,\" explains how to look good and get healthy in 30 days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62279517","title":"Dr. Ian Smith on how intermittent fasting can help you get ready for the summer","url":"/theview/video/dr-ian-smith-intermittent-fasting-ready-summer-62279517"}