Dr. Phil on interview with yoga teacher accused of killing sister

Dr. Phil McGraw tells "The View" about his interview with Alexandria Duval, who was acquitted of intentionally driving her sister off a cliff.
5:36 | 10/25/18

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Transcript for Dr. Phil on interview with yoga teacher accused of killing sister
Hey, we're back with Dr. Phil. Abby. Today you've got a really interesting interview on the show today. They were called the yoga twins. Yes. They were well known yoga instructors in Florida if you remember this story, an the twins were driving in highway and went off the cliff. One of the sisters survived. We have a clip. Take me through the moment when you realized we're going over the side. I played it so many times in my mind, having that wheel go out, hitting the dirt berm, going over. I don't -- I don't -- The road was bending to the right and the wheel was turned 288 degrees to the left. That's a fact. How did that happen? So she was acquitted but there are still really some suspicious circumstances. What do you think happened? Well, this is the first time she has ever spoken, ever, since it happened. She did not talk at her trial. She has not spoken since her trial. This is the first time she's ever spoken. I actually talked to her twice. The first day she was drunk and high. I said sorry, I'm not going to talk to you, and I said you come back if and when you're ever ready to talk. The second day she comes back and she is ready to talk. And she denied that they were having an argument until now. And the coroner said that there was a big clump of hair pulled out of her hair. And she and her sister had a history of very volatile fights. I think what happened is on this very treacherous mountain road they got into one of these volatile fights and she was getting attacked by her sister and that's why she did this when the road went that way, and they went over a 200-foot cliff. They charged her with murder. Now, I'm sorry but if I'm going to kill body, I'm going to find a better way to do it than driving over a 200-foot cliff with her. Yeah, exactly. So I think the reason she wasn't talking about this is because she did not want to speak ill of her dead sister. Yeah. And she finally talks about this, and we hear what was actually going on. These girls -- and I say girls because they started this fighting when they were young girls and it kept on, and they had a very spotty history. We hear what happened, I think, for the first time ever with these yoga twins that had really got quite a history. This is a very interesting story. And yesterday you had on a little black girl who says and believes with her whole heart that she's white. What was the outcome? I didn't get to see -- I didn't get to really hear the rest of it because my daughter and I were on the phone and she was telling me blow by blow what was happening. So what started it, and what do you think is going on? Give your daughter a hug for me. She is the Dr. Phil super fan. She really is. She really is. This is one of the most unusual things I've ever seen, whether it's body dysmorphia or just denial. Her mother let her believe that her stepfather who was white was her actual father until he died. And then she said I got to tell you, this is not your biological father. Your biological father was, in fact, black. And then, so, you're not biracial. You, in fact, are 100% black. She just absolutely refused to believe that and is very racist about it. Yes. Very racist about it. Against African-Americans? Yes. Where does that stem from? Well, because she was -- she had a life-style. She was in a neighborhood and it was very affluent, suburban, and she identified with that life-style. And when the stepfather was lost, they had to move to more of an inner city, more of a lower socioeconomic status and this was offensive to her sensibilities and she is in horrible denial. I kept saying, look, you've got to adjust and tell yourself you are who you want to tell yourself, but you've got to stop talking this way about people. You're going to get killed. She's obviously traumatized. But before we go, Dr. Phil, there's a meme going around of kid rock where someone tweeted that it looks like Dr. Phil dressed up as kid rock, so they did this side by side -- I mean, do you see the semblance because I kind of see the semblance. Which one is me? I know. I don't see the semblance. Kid rock's a friend of mine and he is so talented and such a great guy. You're like twins. I think we have found your Halloween costume. Okay, let me see. My gosh. Oh, no. Don't make him put that on. We have to, we have to. I'm a player. Kid rock will love it. That's good. Wow. Right, right? That's amazing. That's the costume right there. You spend, you know, 20 seasons or something trying to get to, you know, make people really take you seriously and this is what we do to you. It comes to this. You're welcome any time, Dr. Phil. You can catch his show weekdays. Check your local listings, and

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Dr. Phil McGraw tells \"The View\" about his interview with Alexandria Duval, who was acquitted of intentionally driving her sister off a cliff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58747237","title":"Dr. Phil on interview with yoga teacher accused of killing sister","url":"/theview/video/dr-phil-interview-yoga-teacher-accused-killing-sister-58747237"}