'Insecure' star Yvonne Orji and Phoebe Robinson of '2 Dope Queens' on their success in comedy

ABC News' Linsey Davis moderates a conversation between the two comedians on their success, black roles in TV and more as a part of "The View"'s Black History Month series.
35:05 | 02/13/18

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Transcript for 'Insecure' star Yvonne Orji and Phoebe Robinson of '2 Dope Queens' on their success in comedy
Well nothing about Black History Month my first personal thought about it is some. Pretty awkward times and childhood. I grew up in an area that might as well been vying for ones at least divers towns in America. My mom was a teacher and I often felt that she used me as a way to teach other kids black history lessons. When I was in elementary school whenever we had a class project or book report she would have me do my presentations on. People to the other kids in the classroom. Had no idea about people like Harriet Tubman to Shirley Chisholm and Sojourner Truth. They are three black women that I not only read about that then stood and present their stories to my class. Even dressed up like these when. But in a time most of the kids would mistake me for aunt Jemima. Literally at least one kid asked me if I was doing my book report on this Europe glee. I cringe and I really didn't know how to feel about better how to process that as an island elementary school student. At a time I felt like I was nine years old tasked with the assignment of carrying the weight of being the sole representative of the entire race. I or call those moments because. While it wasn't always easy growing up as the only chip in the cookie. Looking back it was Carrick they're building and my mom always assured me my presence alone was teaching them a lesson. So fast forward to today and the lessons of bounds the concept of black romantic is pretty much mainstream it every industry including comedy. And so now without any further it to you. Please help me welcome to the state my first guest who plays Molly on the hit HBO show insecure and co host the podcast ball girl magic. And I messed it up I mess up OK I was in Bonn or do my first guest and now I like to welcome my other. Guest to the stage. HBO special to dope queen's you know more from there and host of the critically acclaimed podcasts so many white guys. And also author of the New York Times best selling book. You can't touch my hair and other things I still have to explain. Phoebe it Robinson legend. Thank you guys so much for being here thinking that he had patty let history month. So busy some shocking untimely ends up buying because between all the podcasts and books and HBO specials. He has all of the plays and congratulations for all of your success thinking yeah teammates and he Al you may I finish it appreciate it so. Let's just start and piggyback off of the Black History Month ideas so. Yvonne you've talked about you know how you obviously grew grew up. Warren in Nigeria the thinking here here at the United States when you're sick. But I read that you said that you think that your more Nigerian and American so house up. I think unlike. Equal par saying I am my my dad would oh I would I would like that like we're nine Jan Merritt in humility is like. You something apple did not medic. Will you go outlet I mean I get another nine yet then is all of a light way you can. You can't do that. And he did and then something did happen of the weaker than the at an active politically when I'm Evelyn. Out. Every three. Independent and but it's sunny yet got that pitted. But no but I I I loved. Haven't is like kind of dual identity is dichotomy of being both the pac getting to have the best of both worlds a little bit. And my dad's Philly show we make sure we go home every side to actually got back Nigerian. I with the got a for the first time. And that a nine Allegheny I'm Ian and I didn't I know it's like a big I I I did not eat did you offer excellent. I'm maybe had a morsel but that's good that there's a huge price war between our countries and you guys can feel free to get political we can go and I can now I only run. Okay. I come all. We just don't let our hair doesn't actually thought about to in the wind down its. Yeah but I couldn't trust myself when alcohol. That he the end and the audience. So when your parents right here is six I think you write to you on saying we can't understand like badges I don't even what I did a lot of glass cube and sonics and flowers on the big Condit appeared very briefly here is going to hold it hold it and I don't take your picture. And they got to see him do that I didn't make it. So your parents right here in six year results and what was their thought it sounds like they thought for sure you're gonna become a doctor absolutely light after like kids and immigrants in general but especially like manager and they don't they like all its bull I politics the other night. Display they adopt them. I okay. She's an Indian Elliott by Dele they have occupation they don't have children. And so. I eight was fully on board would be about that it sounded really good my mom listeners that plays in the years at Howard University. I would go to work with carrying this is mind off the Mike and Joliet that's it then it's a organic chemistry and lice away. And I. Like no one told me on it and then I really like black lightning was only being. That we jazz hindering the process. It and say yeah X name and then when I. Discovered that comedy with the wave and I actually break that to them. They were given some tears and of course my and my bottle that you want to be a death that kind of. OK. I don't know. That there and I don't juggle. Problematic. And Nevada like that in the process for us because you know print them. They bring you here and it might want my what does the boarding school I would sit GW was at a time the most expensive collagen the US. And I mean it with a great education I don't know why was the expense of content you as Lynette. And and to do all of that and my mom would be like bullet. You wanted to have these jokes tossed rocks and degrees a late at night he can be good and to be a comedian might have gone as Alex he does. Didn't comprehend it like. The arts and comity and that he has not been translated to like. And Ed Blake education but everything's not it was also I believe who you that's always the bottom. I'm gonna marry a death there. And and we're on horse and be here. You know. And so. Not but seems like they're all happy right now like there's super late I think but then it was is unknown and remember. You know having this kind of like memo appears to understand why when they let me like fulfill my American dream and had a up cousin. Came from Niger and he said. We you don't understand is that you are by doing this you're handicapping their ability to be pair it if you told him you wanna be an edgy air. They say great misses on Phil's son is it in there. You will help you know they'll help you out you read your book bill Phillips it would job afterwards. You telling you want to do condi. There's no one in the villages there's not one guy in the community there's no one who is billing this like how today. Helping solely by the fall they have to bring back equilibrium and equilibrium is like. Please go do this thing that we understand though Britain do this thing that's store and there's no health insurance like there's no light Social Security in Nigeria that they retired by. We'll look at here is that this commenting don't pan out. What is their got out yet and they're not there and then they're like yeah eighth deal out. Yeah. No yeah. So Phoebe you Austin came in your. My understanding is needed to dreams of one's right serious movies and also second to Mary Roberts an era I think I can out of. Yeah. It's different and that May Day rally near the mother gladly buying its time that's and yeah I know but I. Moved here and a seventeen got to Pratt Institute. That going to be screenwriter producer went to be like behind the scenes again did not like in comedy. As a camera right serious movies guys to stop that's like when I was and then. A ticket and was not might campus like informal and prost team so spaces like a bunch of people with acne who like don't have friends take it out together. Think that's what it was and I started doing stand up. End of July 2008 and a bit different take years those kind of bit like Iceland journey that I ideal way from May's not wrap. Yeah anything and then yeah I got a British guy OG YOOOG. Hey I'm Eric and onion has devoted your. Often in LA here often in new York and what that both single but not kind of issue. Right and what they do. Name now yeah. This is carrying on Marriott and Reid yeah maybe you're yeah. I. What about how is dating an Allen. I don't know that mean yeah. I think I came in new York and find the island in any event not him I thought. Or. Okay. Sent to him what I heard you say they're the guys say to you in LA and I've. I would have said no and indefinite leave like that being that I get late I got my knee my problems on. Al model any men and like a guy will be OK in my utility. As being used. I acted as anything I've never does yeah and I want guys like you woman learning ending up and they mounds of icy. And in time I hit I never thought I would fit into the lot of time in feet. I'm paying me. I'm living now how do you I don't know in the pinnacle that they announced. So. His first realize your funny can honestly you know basically anything you say people are left right. Think I'm funny but then I'm the only person laughing at my Jones how do you know where they're. And yet and they you've got to like your. That the on the right back I think like at high schools is currently making aside comments about whenever and then. I think. I think what it was linked to mice in a class that's what I realized I can actually do this for allegedly getting think. Stand up Hackl is that Jonathan nearly Chris rock and Wanda Sykes obviously but like never thought about as a legit job. Its allies are doing standup but Alice is making you know people can make people a Staten Island lassie if you're on the something because they're tough they're very saddened go to biker bar you making. You know like it's very Sons of Anarchy they just gave the leg angry leg and why diesel at Hughes space and you make a last elect. You cross like different generations and different demos that's like when I kindly guidance. Jesus tell me speak at. Yeah how is it you know I would like not like I would believe is the kids I was you know like I didn't have friends and it happened and net and naturally are storytellers. And but I I wasn't the funny one. I and to Padgett and like now I would have probable is that wasn't a payment is missed the midnight here in America pageant that I don't beginning that they are. But like I might look drug that maybe that was. Oh my god there. Who was it like hey Jeanne Miley and it is now why I get something on Saturday I was still getting my master's like I. In between exams I think I would like I get back to get addressed from Macy's I really that way and night Saddam diapers the late loan. Amateurs and club a lot of money it's going right back OK I don't know why this is happening. And sol I was might find them doing the bad that I and what. Relinquish that and then to me before they Cong and that. Bullet through town as atlas. I don't have one. And they bit everyone can be saved lives out of my younger the last thing every member of playing the piano is Mary at a little. Solomon asked not a cottage and by the the only logical thing I need to do with with the Brett like eight. Just. That's how we talk. And I know what energy I need a life line and allowed as they heard health experts say do comedy and public lives. Not. I've never done it before and light I was afraid of rejection from getting bullied. And also how there Africans in the audience we are rude OK have you there are these a polite like the blue. Lou now avenue just talking army let who has bought by these. How much it isn't. Get through this command failures all of I was like I'm not doing it lightened take another birthday. And I heard oh there is they again or what else the you have an elegant all the questions. And I have to trust them not for two weeks I spent time my right now what I thought was funny with a duel and and to my surprise people laughed. And amp it would thicken up to me and at all do you hold like weddings and or you know birthday that light up and apartment ideal all the let his thigh and hoping and aiding and might I beholden if you know that it's fine. And and then I late late you like I started I would be developing comic I was actually making money on the corporate side. So I would get 500 dollars or five minutes that collect. Lot of medical and making. A hundred dollars and and and that's when I was like maybe with that move and you're like wait at the pay you to get onstage look on eleven. It's I was there just. And then what was it it was at comedy first and then acting was that the planned or was it acting musical comedy is what I love because. I had actually so with you Chris argued so that was a gateway drug unit now company really I am going am I I I was like all. Because again I'm still nervous I was still afraid of contact in nine you will like apartment and I should know how that it might pull me in. Archer of acting as they eat on only a daisy or just like archer pat as part of our life and that was that's been but it will still. Made me so nervous like and it Eric even now when I get a status that light. Butterflies bats seconds before I get on and and I hear my name might go kill it. So you know for me comedy was what I felt that my gateway drug like seen Eddie Andy and Chris. Partly comedy into the huge acting careers so I told Chris them right here you know coming back my gateway drag you. Time and. It resonated and I would not Dayton again. It's Hamlin and I. I I don't know that that delineation Baghdad right and I thought that there plan. Any act and he and he told me was like you know comedy that thing you can always go back to let you don't all you need is yourself you need just my eighth. He was like it's the being that will allow you is that why you try to compete. You make athletes compete you great artists create. And so you have the ability to creepy your world create whatever you want them content. Which is what you've done exactly in keeping with the two dove queens it. Threat and where did get the idea of doing it with him co queen if you let. Yes I mean that I am at when I'm meant to step in doing stand up for about six years at that point and I did background therapy she did it on The Daily Show about Blackwell is here in the military says kind of like fate that the two of us like an opinion off. And police to have this at me he. And I'll say come on over a look at how wise snack times like militant podcast is Malcolm the apartment again. As they domain legs sketchy so by Thursday and then. We metallic a great time to say it's had in its Arab. We we gusting shooting women choose a woman break is coming up and as it was UN dues is that now is when it tries to end up. As it will I have a standup show called Blarney it was as black Daria and Aggies who did it you think you could connect at that. And I pieces is due that you CB east for free. And was it is co host with music that was. It really can really great time like we just on stays as that back and forth sort of like just. Filling two girlfriends hanging out and so even it was so comic okay want to miss a show like. One more time it was never like this is not to know queen isn't HBO it was money that whenever it wasn't back in just continue for a while to get think this is the pod cast. As a guide to record it and it went. Our interview that I do with her accident deleted selectmen of that record of hot hat stand up so she was like how about no one that I'm Dan can and it ripped. But exactly items and so they need to do in the pod casts and we just would like a bunch shows mostly. I think is an HBO show look at his boat really kind of like passing about in my. It's a variety show elements like not really liked that comment like comedy show sells it listed on HBO. Susan gray an amendment nationals and he's asked before specials and outside. You are there sneaky Larry Kenney. This isn't it because I think a lot of time filling not talked to likes sort of ask for stuff and I Philip. You know why d.s and like a gimme for HBO specials about Colin Ford Kenya so forth it was not they can pass a foreign did toilet yeah. Look at me for violent. When asked a more stuff in the office. I think that every day. Yet really kind hasn't worked out well and those that might good through and a happier journey it's kind of really. I'm excited at seeing it people like the show island you know mostly nice to me system means weeks. Governor Eliot in the near Randall. But most of these are you doing something wrong if he had not exact didn't know when hairs and that's where you like Miley gets an eight week every yeah my dad has the Canucks finish. Yeah and speeding up smiling with insecure I'm curious. Are you surprised that is so light by white people just as much on hold as Bud Black audiences do not eyed doll. It's item that was designed the look that they and that will let people tell me they like the show they're like be it they always preface it like. Non lucky audience for him I left. NYU not Fiat and Clayton. I want signed a bill like I want I don't I can. I I I never would like I know it's not the movie night here aren't like they did flag. It was then did so well and my age you the guy wants Brando once you know late. All the all the show that have predominately white cat that reply Miller Lite gaelic don't does not the audience for anyone like him it. I know I'm not enough I'm fictitious scientific. Our country. I like to keep it up so it's it's always. Let me get a big get practice and I think because like when you see a majority. Black cats it's almost like well that's not for me I won't like it or it's not mainstream and I and I. And I say. It's I miss that connecting I was thinking of it like at our show wasn't HBO. With people like it would people think it was. A critical darling you know it would it would it get as many the woody has be like another black shell. And obviously they know because they feel brand it cope with out like pretty edgy stuff in light is being that are really big trends and country that. All that dad Toby about the show up a little now and are not late uneasily with us yeah. Shame you live under. Now does sell followed through black best friends east and Molly. To LA and they navigate life and love in the city east that is against the kind of insecurity and opera trying to add navigate her love life act there. Kind of look at this on the relationship if you will and then trying to navigate be the only black bursting at workplace that has. To do it benefiting people of color. And then Molly and other and she'd like on the outside seems to have hers them together as he's. A corporate attorney she lives and I timeline is that violently car on how to get. Think and a half however her love let the channels if she. Doesn't think about those accused whatsoever she doesn't just another ruling gauge Mitt and that leads the problems you said that you would be Molly had nothing citizens and I did that I believe that I was like yeah I've directed the script right thing I want an amount in jeans and get me. It so glad you guys make me. Nicosia like I was she's a beautiful Matt. In late there's so many things she Anthony lovable redeemable can't qualities about her but then it is they not realize. He wouldn't Angel Molly you invade and IA is not going and well and she doesn't she doesn't realize that. So question wouldn't go serious for a moment shift gears they need to movement. I see it it we haven't heard so many black women coming forward. Do you thing says it hasn't affected black women in Hollywood is months or in entertainment. Everyone's been affected by it think it's just a matter of and is our visit and you may get really into feeling you're times as she has said that. It's nice if this is gain awareness now but like this these aren't necessarily like. Women of a certain race a certain class we begin the economy to stance being gay and meet me too was started way before Alyssa Milano tweet about it no shape Atlanta are united spin around Fred minutes I think. Aides warned I don't know maybe people are necessary paying attention. It's like a woman of color won't from the lower classes like hey I'm being harassed had been assaulted so I think that also plays a part into it as well. And the use Soledad wouldn't repeat the cable and act like I'm all of the women that accuse army wines big belly movie and I hate hanging. I gotta gotta Lotta the swagger I did not do did you find a way. Lou deeply she's still wanna go to leg what they really are being in a late it's almost like what was it about bad bad admit that jargon like. I know I'm. I'm not horrible individual but I have that I haven't got a lot of the black flag what Blake put it that went. Yet with the mess. You spending period and I acknowledge it before it. Really is like and that's what's happening in my movie and an Oscar ray and that Zoellick imagine that the reaction she got pregnant. Gore Motley unit who was the next Leppert to use their boys at I don't know what that effect but I think we're also and it anatomical to everyone and when it might well. Who when I am the mighty 91 and yet when it's a something I don't wanna spend up so maybe we'll see more. Well let me want to fill in the wrong way like. And asking him black women yeah. Have a black women and in Hollywood and on the stage and in the movies would be saying it that we have. Better roles now I mean I've read Phoebe you've said you're able to turn some down your life has not feminists enough for me and so. Would you say that it's not so much the stereotypical angry black woman the sassy best friends. Well I think this is more in I just decide that would create amounts suspecting we start I is a lot of like. You have to cast me I have to legal and additionally please can you park and then he did to certain point. You know it with you know to go please let other podcaster right well look at a discount like I'm women do. My house a few gusting nearly there not pain intensity me bill we hear my client working working at Wayne like anabolic HDL or I have like a bestselling books I think. I think what's great right now is that people can just kind of like if you have a song you can do web using the have a blog you can write. If you are data and if you think you just sit down call for failing can't view the talk about video games or. Our favorite doughnuts as you can kind of like do what ever you want. And then I think it in day if your undeniable. If you have an audience money talks I think I think in day people are now realizing I can't ignore people. Color are can't or are people who are queer because they have buying power so I have to start seeing content that they also one wants to attend. That's so many like is an image that yeah I can tell you Lou young nobody so many like is so so many like guises as pot passes in have you talked so they start. And a lot times I was its interviews weather's at my friends are people that it now regulates. Paying. Line pleasing you're one man who wants on TV show what's it like to be Abbas and is that Casey and lots of your trans is just not very productive very lake. I can only really tears in his other as opposed to late Janet Mott likes fiancee alana Alexi no way she used to be a drummer is in some people want being asked questions about will be ours is more like. Hey you're black person some time lobbying black for an hour and it's like. I don't need to leg to stand in my life for doesn't my races I just went have a podcast face the people who come. And talk about whatever they haven't won until the white guy and I'm Hanks Nestle last Monday was your token of my dad Tom Hanks is my token white got a lesson is an entire white when he was this so mostly in delightful and record outgoing message to my voice in how I didn't call me. It found that science is Tom Hanks and Tom thank you look. I think you'll like I lighters conversion of my dad does that really I would iMac also black males like god I. Did you go to these have Portuguese and healing in certain lights he get that CA I. Yeah yeah. Yet what what isn't and build. Pettitte to be a black incident back the black. And so I would indigo never once Ike is now IC doesn't do well and you make some money right. But you talk about wind dating innocent people know about the booty call right you've talked about. The Philly home was a food recall so. Isn't saying how may or may not patented. Some of booty call is. When when you're broke and but you your hunger and am and you realize you don't have food ends. You looking your own and you see who may or may not be able to take you. We've all done in real women in this ways we're all guilty of the movie volume there have been no call it. In here many here you had sponsored a ballooning. We have free CE news. They usually have made the rounds think the flag and flanked hit a how are you let. I know we haven't gotten a lot of crazy. But yeah I mean he's the one is a grant of my a I would hope. Isn't this great yeah it is an and I. Yes and I'm me today's the guy that and madness. So that's like that the when he completed a moment to let you know BBs that about. Late been able to take like roles and different only work we're fortunate networked content creators but there's some people who I like I. I don't want to write ads when asked and I just want someone who can write a role that. That sees me as the line and and unfortunately. That's not always the case so it's kind of like I guess I do actively doesn't meet again. You know hall's liking yet and I am DB credit (%expletive) get the next thing because. If you don't have want like I was fortunate enough that ease their remembered me from online posting that it's that everything with the might. And for her to be like Kate used probably audition for are the show and then I'm auditions later here we are. But like if I just rolled up though late. But castings active excellent and even an. I U I I perform comedy. LL come. You know we lacy was able to light late think about for me because she'd seen my body of work but like. Like we saw with as a now but I'll Wear that funny black woman thing they'd been performed me they've all been out there but. Who was gonna go out there about that than it actually see their body of work so. Hopefully this this movement that we're in continues and it's not just like Evers is not just a catchy were heard at. And it's something that people like K nine actually adds value to a programs have more seats at the table people will. Different then the majority. And to both of you guys do you feel like there's this resurgence. In black TV in black movies with in the panther I remember growing up there words like Webster at different strokes and give me a break you all remember those show yeah. Have a positive and so of course then it felt like there once this through this period when I was kind of Sein Feld and friends but now again you have no power an empire insecure. The what I think is is responsible for this sudden interest again Ian. Black TV in movies like two NE. I think the Internet has applied the play because it late. I think where it time now where we call BS on exactly like the Oscars the white a week I'll be as good as late. Kane added we have access now let's talk directly to the buyers directly said that influencers in the the move makers to be like Kate went. What is this one. Help explain yourself like being that's something that we didn't have that much in the nineties it was like. I'm MS Owen away all postal want to let alone. Now it's like wait we're only snows brown okay we're all these and then but then the blacks once. This is. That I think it's also that mad that you can might create I think everything but all the shows are out now are created by people color. It's not like solo they're in the room creed yes Constance I think has a longer seem part he has a lot of present code is directing. The second producing writing acting and say we're in this is like not a sad you know anywhere in all sort of avenues and all different opposition's. Within and creating TV show or movie so it's like. Something like black panther. Which is going to dominate the box office dollars crazy now I think people are gonna find you recognize yeah you can click ads we've been sold ally. That black people can't sell. You know superhero movie that black people can be leaves in a romantic comedy ends with all these different shows and music black has become an on site. But we've done it like many times did we know good people lynx still like to see that light I think now that the Internet and went left where accusing like. You did you see their need to see the receipts the numbers mean if you let a hundred million box office for girls if you can't say that more women. You president movie is not viable and this President Clinton sought to quote the great talking. Where Shawn Carter. Men laughed off. Now I would headline numbers down that's fit that's that's when he's back. The blueprint knives and. And would that mean you're already are tons of selling off thirty got multiple podcast on HBO show what's next I've ever he said he wanted to haven't empires. I think ten years from now. While I will write to. Publishing book publishing as another very white space alliance that is good to kind of sort of like points and I will look to have my own imprint and that wake island published other authors. I would love to be executive producer of like other TV shows Atlanta directs. I wanted you know do standup specials like talent wanna do it all live tell a lot of fun discount like she'd seen in. Alice to get that suburban consume whatever may have it's like I'm just gonna say the word penis at times I'm like oh my that's all that cool. Foods. Back I think I just lonely house finally decide work with people we're really talented who don't always get the attention that I think they deserve. Absolutely take all the yeah. IA he he Hayat. And currently in the process of developing six was based on the life. Called Christian and the bottom and you're American. Family because I just feel like we haven't seen that live as people being black is like a catch all. Where violate African experience is very different in the Caribbean experience it is very independent African American experience. And so. You know we think about happy being. Coming to America or hotel around that. And like we're not always lead genocide right smack. We have homes at in the eight late Bob Barr is not our head. And so landing in some time presents the next phase adding that something and then I'm very excited about bad video awards are executive producer on that. Bring on that we're gonna insecurity movies I'm. In any writing a book as well wealthy and that left at home. And you out how many refrigerators are alike in that they don't let anything Phoebe bedtime sit on the as well you know because it's just it's just always not for me I'm all about. How the white creative space to others me. Like I want I want whenever I do like my overflow causes somebody else to overflowed with of the many thousands like that's the whole point didn't that's not. It's not the be cute or at I foods on Islam. But it is it's the light helped that. And blatant does and even be in this space there is a young girl in Kenya there's a young girl in Zimbabwe is a young girl Italy to think you're like. Mommy UC. I still can be funny your like head and god bless you please be funny or like I too can like following do that I have. Almighty a general idea why did the idea that like no idea secret whispers from immigrant kids like. Yeah Alice teaches you ways can you call my mom I get hot well my metal barrel. It's all like that questioned the light Friday and laid a dentist and I think we wannabe and fashion designer help and my own my past there's so much. Calendar so much like creativity that is being. Hit it. And think the exposure helps that the come. I think Phoenix both a young it looking girl from the continent of Africa and that's doing it helps them day in negative and that's. How the world keeps going. Aren't well blessings to you thank you for. 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{"id":53057951,"title":"'Insecure' star Yvonne Orji and Phoebe Robinson of '2 Dope Queens' on their success in comedy","duration":"35:05","description":"ABC News' Linsey Davis moderates a conversation between the two comedians on their success, black roles in TV and more as a part of \"The View\"'s Black History Month series.","url":"/theview/video/insecure-star-yvonne-orji-phoebe-robinson-dope-queens-53057951","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}