Iowa caucus results delayed

After a major snafu with the Iowa caucuses’ reporting results, “The View” co-hosts discuss how the uncertain results change the presidential race and the state of future Iowa caucuses.
6:28 | 02/05/20

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Transcript for Iowa caucus results delayed
All: Thank you. Democrats descended on Iowa yesterday for the caucus, and things didn't go, you know, according to plan. There was a glitch in an app which was supposed to do tally results, and it still got us waiting to see who won, and of course, the candidates all said they won. Take a look. So we don't know all the results. By all indications, we are going onto New Hampshire victorious. When those results are announced, I have a good feeling we're going to be doing very, very well here in Iowa. I'm ready to give him a new nickname, the former president trump. Our will will be stronger than ever when that one man is replaced by one very persistent woman. And let's head to new Hampshire. Thank you, Iowa. So given all the chaos surrounding this, I mean it doesn't really matter who ends up winning. Will Iowa be able to recover from this? Of course, they will because this is not the first time this has happened. The Republicans went through the -- had a bit of a problem also, but of course, you know who who doesn't know his history had no idea that this is not the first time this has happened, but, you know, mayor Pete's coming here. He's going to be here next week I believe. I think this Thursday. Thursday. Tomorrow. I thought it was next week. No. Mm-hmm. Thanks, Brian. No matter what, I mean, what do you think? These things happen and you know how much I love an app, you know? These things do happen in the sense that Iowa has a clumsy history of getting, like, Rick Santorum ended up winning. I was waiting at 9:00 with my husband waiting for things to come in, and I was, like, I got a show tomorrow. I have to go the bed. I don't know what's going on, and this is a disaster, and Iowa should completely remove themselves from the caucus in general and turn into a primary next election cycle because they clearly can't handle the responsibility and the gravity of this. All the staffers and politicians who have gone to Iowa and spent millions of dollars, left their families, campaigned, gone to this state because they believe in the first in the nation caucus status, to have this happen, it's a load of garbage and I'm done with it. I'm completely done wit, and I think it does a total disservice to all the candidates who have campaigned so hard, and the person who benefits the most is Bloomberg because he has removed himself from the early primary process. Everybody won last night except Jimmy Carter. Winning. Number two, why are they doing it in the red state? It's a democratic party. Why don't they go to a blue state and do it? Mm-hmm. Red state voters have Democrats. That's not an indication of the democratic party. That was a mistake. I agree with you. Iowa should not be doing it although I love Iowa. I have been there. It's a lovely place and the people are very nice, but I don't agree with this particular thing, and the other thing I thought was, maybe this is a good thing because we need to go back to paper ballots. Yes. And get out of the technology business. They had paper ballots. It worked for us. People raised their hands -- it's very clumsy. People go to gymnasiums and raise their hands. It's very -- Just go and vote. The apps went down. I have said it from the very beginning that Iowa just, you know, isn't representative of the democratic tent and that's the problem that I have had, you know, if you look at the population, it's about 90.7% white. Yeah. And just 4% of Iowa's population is black, but the problem also that I have and bear with me, blacks make up 26% of the state's prison population, and there was a study by the sentencing project and Iowa was ranked third worst in the nation for its 1 in 17 incarceration rate of black males and on top of it, Iowa is the only state in our union for a lifetime voting ban for people with a felony conviction. That means the 4% of black people in Iowa, thousands of black Iowa residents who served time, were barred from even caucuses. It seems to me if the democratic nominee can't win without the 30, you know, in 30 years a democratic nominee without black support can't win, why the heck are we as Democrats and people in Iowa? It just doesn't make any kind of sense. The thinking was when it was basically all white people voting, was that it was fine, but it doesn't represent what the real nation looks like. I think candidates going forward will not spend -- my -- again. Not everything is about my dad, but he surpassed Iowa in 2008, because he didn't believe in the caucus, and I still don't. Until last night I respected it. I think the idea of just going, a group of people holding your hands, and if your vote doesn't count, you have to give it to another candidate. It's archaic and backward, and it's a total cluster. There was a low voter turnout, and it's the same in 2016. There should be more momentum. They say that's good for Biden because they don't have to talk about him and they're happy with Biden. That's not good in a general election. As you said, Bloomberg -- If there's no black people, that's part of the reason why there's low voter turnout. And also for Biden, you know, they're not there. Onto New Hampshire. Let's all be done with the caucus from here on out. Another white state. Another white Republican state. New Hampshire. New Hampshire isn't Republican. It's extremely independent, extremely. It's a primary. It's not a caucus. The problem with new Hampshire also is just 1% of the delegates needed. Then you go to South Carolina and it's huge. That's when Biden is going to shine and that's when we'll see him. Who knows what's going to happen? We know what has to change, okay? Stuff needs to change because it's not -- it's not working the way that it should, and after everything we saw with Stacey Abrams, we should be really careful about how we do all of this. It makes voters distrust our process and that is the worst part of this whole thing. I heard that the trump Jr. And his brother were saying this this is -- you have to watch the Democrats in November because they'll be cheating. I mean, come on. Give me a break. They said that? Yes. But look at the source. Check the source.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"After a major snafu with the Iowa caucuses’ reporting results, “The View” co-hosts discuss how the uncertain results change the presidential race and the state of future Iowa caucuses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68752766","title":"Iowa caucus results delayed","url":"/theview/video/iowa-caucus-results-delayed-68752766"}