Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about addiction

The actress explains why her latest project “Knives Out” is a timely movie, and why she decided to address her addiction.
4:58 | 11/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about addiction
And this new film called "Knives out" is fantastic. Yes, ma'am. Not as scary. I'm telling you, I -- I I was backstage and I was listening and of course I watched the news yesterday and, you know, it is a time of a lot of energy. Yes. And there's a lot of information. There's a lot of disinformation and there's a lot of side taking. I had tell you that "Knives out" is the absolute perfect movie. I am not hyping here. When you see it -- no, no, no. There is a whole big pile of red meat. There's a whole big pile of blue meat and the red meat people throw it at the blue meat people and in the middle of it is a story about immigration. Very topical. What's fascinating is that it is a murder mystery with a fantastic cast led by Daniel Craig. I'm just saying. But in the middle of it is the story of Marta who's the housekeeper of this white privileged family and of course they all horribly refer to her by not knowing what country she's from, so every single person in the family says she's from a different country, which is the worst thing you can say and yet it's a huge comedy. I swear to you. Go with your family. If you're in a conflict of sides and political ideas, in the middle of it is a movie about immigration and the fact that it's about love. And in the center of this movie is a movie about love and it's -- I tell you, I've been in a lot of movies. It is absolutely hilarious and fantastic and perfect. We believe you. At this time of year. And the cast is great because you've got Christopher plummer, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Chris Evans. Michael Shannon. Michael Shannon. And Daniel Craig and Anna dearmis plays the housekeeper, Marta Cabrera, and she is a superstar to be seen very soon. He's in the new bond film and just played Marilyn Monroe. And the gentleman from "Get out". La Keefe. Yes. And Toni Collette. It's great. It's fabulous. We look forward to seeing it. It sounds great. Trust me, joy. I was too busy watching the impeachment hearings. Of course you were, I understand. You've been on the cover of many, many magazines. Many. But your most recent one is really more meaningful because it's the cover of "Variety's" recovery issue and inside you talk about your addiction to vicodin which is apparently ubiquitous in the country with the opioid problem for many years. Yes. How did you keep that hidden all those years? I think a lot of people have a lot of secrets and in recovery we say you're only as sick as your secrets. I was sick. I was very, very sick, and yet no one knew it because I was fabulous because that's the nature of addiction, is that you can hide it. To be honest, the reason I did that magazine was because someone else did a magazine in 1999 which is the reason I got sober. I knew I needed to get sober. I had had a couple sign posts along the way of people trying to reach out. You talk about a friend that was over watching you just casually throw in a bunch of vicodin. She saw me -- I didn't know she was behind me and I was -- these mints on the table. I had a pocketful of mints but they were vicodin and I was having a glass of wine and getting ready for evening time. You know, kids, school, Christmas wrapping and dinner, and behind me she said, you know, I see you, Jamie, I see you with your pills and you think you're fantastic but you're not. You're dead. You're going to die. Good friend. Great friend. But because she said that and then this magazine article in "Esquire" about a man exposing his vicodin addiction, outing himself by writing the article, really gave me the confidence. So when "Variety" asked me to be the inaugural -- they're going to do a recovery issue every year because in my industry like every industry, there are -- it's a terrible epidemic as well as alcohol problem. So the idea of addiction and recovery in show business or like I refer to it, showoff business, they asked me to bed cover girl for the inaugural edition of the recovery issue for "Variety" which I did happily. It will help so many people. It will. The truth of the matter is it only needs to help one person and I will feel that whatever exposure I get from it will be benefiting if one person gets sober. That's it, we're done?

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{"duration":"4:58","description":"The actress explains why her latest project “Knives Out” is a timely movie, and why she decided to address her addiction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67205128","title":"Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about addiction","url":"/theview/video/jamie-lee-curtis-opens-addiction-67205128"}