Louis C.K. mocks Parkland shooting survivors

The comedian is being criticized for the content of his recent stand-up material after audio was leaked.
4:06 | 01/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Louis C.K. mocks Parkland shooting survivors
Welcome back. Louis C.K. Has been popping up in comedy clubs and he's getting his behind kicked on social media, especially after a performance where he mocked parkland shooting survivors, Asian men and the lgbt community. I didn't see it but some people were offended and some were not. She was not. You want to say? I wasn't. I did listen to it and I'm easily offended, sadly. That surprised me when had you said that. I am. He was -- it seemed to me he was testing out material, right? What I generally do is I speak with my dollar, and so if I don't want to listen to somebody or support them, I just don't go. So I don't watch woody Allen films anymore because I believe -- I'm one of them. I know. And I love you, but I probably wouldn't watch it. If you are offended by Louis C.K., then you don't go. Here's the thing I think about Louis C.K. He needs a therapist badly. The guy did something stupid, heinous in many people's eyes, even though we say he got permission from these girls or whatever. He asked for permission. I don't know the truth of that. He's out there kicking -- what do you call that, punching down as we call in the comedy world. There's so many targets to punch up to, trump, everything going on in the world, brexit if you want to go there. There's a million things to go after. Why would you pick kids who are suffering because of gun violence? Pick the NRA, don't go after the victim. Although maybe he sees himself as a victim so he identifies with the victimhood. But it's pathetic to see a comedian pity himself, not learn from his mistakes. Somebody as brilliant as Louis C.K. Is should know better. He needs to find out what's funny about what he did and turn himself in and stop punching down. That is my advice to him. Again, I thought it was satire. I thought it was satirical. How can it be satirical talking about a shooting where young kids died. I don't think there's anything funny about that. If you're Louis C.K., you've got as you said so much material. Why not make fun of yourself, why not be self-deprecating. I implore you to listen to it, everyone, if you want to, because I too listened to it and I also -- I'm not -- I'm barely offended by anything. It takes so much to offend me. I wasn't offended either. I will say he makes penis jokes about Asian men that I thought was ridiculous and tone deaf to talk about penises given the sexual -- It's been done. I was in Vegas over the weekend or over the week and I saw Aziz Ansari playing at Caesar's palace. He was also me tooed. He was playing in a giant -- I was just there -- to a giant venue. We'll see if he sells out. Did you see him? No. He's performing coming up in March. I will say it will be interesting to see if people put their money where their mouth is with him and if Louis C.K. Ends up selling tickets? Do you think he's trying to appeal to an anti-pc audience? There are two different groups. Let's be realistic. This has nothing to do with being PC. He's always been edgy and done the humor that some people like, some people don't. I don't think this has anything to do with that. I think either you like him or you do not. And these are comedy shows, right? He's selling tickets to these. These are comedy shows, and the only way to make your point is to either decide you're going to take it. A lot of folks aren't offended by jokes that doesn't offend them. If I was an Asian man, I don't know if I would like it. You'll either go and see if you like it or you won't go. That's the way it is. To me I think he's in a pathetic place.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"The comedian is being criticized for the content of his recent stand-up material after audio was leaked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"60122294","title":"Louis C.K. mocks Parkland shooting survivors","url":"/theview/video/louis-ck-mocks-parkland-shooting-survivors-60122294"}