Michael Avenatti takes on Tucker Carlson

"The View" co-hosts discuss the heated interview on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'
4:13 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Michael Avenatti takes on Tucker Carlson
[ Cheerspp Hey. Stormy Michael avenatti was on tucker C last night andngs went the way you thought they would. Let's take loo 're exploing her. Whren't you paying Y don't kno facts as evidenced by -- Isking intrip S? Are you going to continue to inteup? I do know thefact You've referred toer as a pore pornawyernd meanwhile you give the presideho had unprotected seconds with a porn STA wit a 4-month-old son at . 'Ren every cab you're running F president now. You have no idea Inow you D pay your taxes. You have a show and you're this ignt. When is the lastim Y watcd porn? I watch humiliation po. Th's why I watch U. Cr porn lawyer, Ya. Did anyone come on to Tse two despise eac ot watchi men talking about watches Moren than the other, I didn'akg away from this other it being two men trying to out-machohe oth one. Tomuch of tvodays entertainment. The wholeepy por lawyer on th banner, there were two requirements. Avti said I N going to come on unless you't me a creepy porn law a you don't interrupt me. But tand Bala Michaelve came out on tucker Carlson's show, the banner on the bottom calling him crey porn lawyer,t's th we would Nev be wed to do. Our legal standards are beyond that. We wouldn' bellowed to call a guest that.d to shame a layer for reesenting a client, you kn, why doesn't he call the pres the cre porn president? Cngleazen fox when, who ror ai out! What's his lso de Dead. Yeah Bill o'reil god kwshere he is W. Exualassment claims. That whole places a sleaze factory, and they're calling avenatti out sleaze?pl wait a minute, one more thing. On morning. He says that he -- dot know if we have that in the clip but how can he allow his client to be a por star to work in thesey bars exposing herself. He's worried Abo number. He told me that. And number twe's not exoiting the woman. The woman has got a book E's mak the tour. She's got that letmute] Tour. She's Maki money. And he's blaming him. This wahe prossion WHE Donald Trump sleptith her. This was her profession. By E way, every network ik not here but CBS and NBC challenges have Dea with a lot of problems when it to sexual harassment. I think isoting F isn't ce fair. Porn lawyer. I wan T see the F at says creepy porn presid You're not going to see that. You also didn't hear tucker T men use that' also indefensible. If Michael avenatti really wants to for president, I think he ulble for the demoatic party. You think houwhat? Terrible for the democratic rty. If you're going to Cai Abt preside trump not being a politician having no experience, how is this any better? Well, we'll seehat happens. I mean the's play O ople -- Going back ten run for president. There are so many peopl coming U will be in the primaries that it' notven funny. Let's wait what ppens the. What's thehe pot callthe kettle B? Yeah. My father used say people who LIV in G houses he cellar. We'lle right back. Anner: Is osc winner

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the heated interview on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57828173","title":"Michael Avenatti takes on Tucker Carlson","url":"/theview/video/michael-avenatti-takes-tucker-carlson-57828173"}