Natasha Lyonne discusses 'Russian Doll' and how she's evolved as a creator

The actress shares how her shows "Russian Doll" and "Orange is the New Black" help eliminate false ideals for women.
7:54 | 02/28/19

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Transcript for Natasha Lyonne discusses 'Russian Doll' and how she's evolved as a creator
Humira. Drad druple threat, Natasha Leone is the producer, director of the new Netflix show -- well, watch. I tried to leave, fell down the stairs, broke my neck and I died. Okay. So then I'm back at the party. I tried to leave, you know, fall down the stairs, break my neck again. So I died, I died, I died, I died four times. You were such a difficult teenager. Please welcome the very much alive Natasha lyonne. ??? Hello, how are you? Hello. Hi there. You smell good. Thank you very much. What are you wearing? Nothing. At my natural pheromones. Thank you for noticing. Thank you. So natash. This is a very funny and adorable show. Thank you. You play a character who keeps dying over and over again on her 36th birthday, falling down the stairs, getting hit by an air conditioner, stung by you're dying over and over again. Constantly, yes. If I had to play that I would be a little nervous to leave the house frankly. Sure. Does it spill over into your life? Joy, I think that I probably seem like a real tough guy in my persona because I've watched "Good fellas" so many times and talk this way but I do spook easily. I recently bought my boyfriend -- it's a long story but basically coyotes are everywhere. I have a tiny dog that I'm obsessed with. She's a gorgeous animal. Come on. Coyotes are my greatest fear, so I bought him as kind of a joke, this fake coyote. There it is. This thing has been terrifying me. Just the other night I was in the house alone, he's on tour, he's on the road, I thought I heard a burglar. I walked out, there was this coyote. I screamed. So I move it from the bathroom to the kitchen to try to avoid it. It scares me every time. In new locations, that thing is terrifying. Go get one. You mentioned your boyfriend who happens to be the very funny Fred armisen. Yes, that's him. You look gorgeous there. Thank you. Stunning. Thank you. So Fred imitated me on "Saturday night live." Yeah. And I thought that -- There he is. He does the tick. Gorgeous there. Stop it. So now that you met me in person yet again, do you think that that was an accurate portrayal? So what, who cares? He goes like this. I thought that I've been dating you for five years. You have. And it's been a disaster. I'm not a morning person. Every day you want to come here and do this show. It's been such a challenge, but we make it work. We make it work. Yeah. Okay. I'm in love with you and I'm not ashamed to say it. I know, you're so cute. You also had the opportunity to collaborate with the fabulous Amy Poehler for your new show, "Russian doll." It started in an insulting form? She called you out of the blue to insult you? Yes, she did. Why would she do that? I don't know why would she do that. No, I've known Amy for years, I get around. I've been around town. She called me one day and said, Natasha, as long as I've known you which is like 15, 20 years, you've always been the oldest girl in the world, which I did hear initially as an insult. Quickly she followed that up with, let's make a show about that and maybe we'll call it old souls. I said absolutely, thank you so much for calling me up and insulting me, I'd love to do that sort of evolved into many years later "Russian doll" the show that we co-created and it's on Netflix. And it's a hit. For what it's worth, my husband last weekend made me watch the entire thing with him. He was like, it's incredible. It's fantastic. She's been raving about it. Well, another show that everybody raves about is "Orange is the new black" where you play Nicky Nichols, right? Yeah. It just wrapped production on its seventh and final season this week. You wrote this on Instagram. You said on the last shot a guttural sound came out of me like some wounded animal. Yeah, yeah. How hard is it going to be to say good-bye? You know, it's -- it's a nightmare emotionally. Actually, the wrap party is tonight. Don't look for us. And it's -- you know, I mean, what both of these shows have in common that's so meaningful to me is they're sort of -- what they're saying about society in the way that we kind of falsely idealize, perfectionism, assembly line propaganda that I think really kind of harms women so much when we have these kind of false ideals for how we should be in the world or what we should look like, and for me it's been an incredibly supportive and deep time to be surrounded by so many extraordinary women for seven years at "Orange is the new black" and now working with Amy Poehler on "Russian doll." The relationships and I think how I've evolved as a creator as a result and as a human being and as a woman to kind of sort of live and admit my own sort of inner brokenness as more of an achievement than a short coming is really -- it's been a huge growth process to get to work on both these shows. My relationships with these women are -- use zero and I are going on vacation together. I can't tell you where but I can't wait. Preupon and I are neighbors. Two incredible shows. Look at you. "Russian doll" is really your baby. Yeah. It's personal in a lot of ways too. Of course. You've been open about facing death at times in your life. Yes, yes. It's very real. Yeah. I think that it's real to all of us, you know. I mean, that's what "Orange is the new black" deals with so beautifully is kind of like the idea of the loss of freedom and sort of how human spirit endures this fight that, you know, let alone the kind of bigger ideas of the corruption of our prison. I have to go because we're running out of time but you're impressive. You're smart, funny and beautiful. You're a triple threat. Thanks to Natasha lyonne. Her new show "Russian doll" is streaming now on Netflix.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"The actress shares how her shows \"Russian Doll\" and \"Orange is the New Black\" help eliminate false ideals for women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61386303","title":"Natasha Lyonne discusses 'Russian Doll' and how she's evolved as a creator","url":"/theview/video/natasha-lyonne-discusses-russian-doll-shes-evolved-creator-61386303"}