Rosario Dawson talks about ‘beautiful’ moment with Biden

The actress discusses her relationship with New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and talks about her new film, “The Water Man.”
8:39 | 04/30/21

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Transcript for Rosario Dawson talks about ‘beautiful’ moment with Biden
/Get vaccinated now. Rosario Dawson is one of our favorite actors and she's starring in a new film called "The water man" about the special bond between a young son and his mom at an especially difficult time in their lives. Take a look. Where do we go when we die? That's easy. The cheesecake factory. Mom. Real talk. No one knows for sure, but I believe there's a special place our souls go. A place we won't understand until we're already there, you know? Like heaven? Yeah. Please welcome back the talented rosario Dawson. Hello, my dear. Hi. Hello. It's so good to be with all of you. Nice to see you again. Rosario, really very nice to see you've been an outspoken activist and worked hard to get people out to vote last November. Good for you. What did you think of the president's address Wednesday night? I think that voting works. I think that organizing works. I think that we heard a lot of stuff we've been wanting to hear for a long time and I think we heard it espoused in such an important address to the country because we've been championing it and working so hard and organizing and showing up. I think this administration is paying attention and paying mind to the faults of the past and the necessities of organizing and working together for a better future. So we're talking about paid family leave, to extending education, to extending or making permanent the child tax credit which will be revolutionary in lifting half of children out of poverty. It's some really powerful stuff and life changing, transformative stuff. As a Latino we registered people last year. We have to make this administration about the people. You've lived in L.A. For many years. Last summer you made the decision to move back to the east coast so you could move in with your boyfriend senator Cory booker. You were in a long-distance relationship for a while. What's it been like to see each other so much now? I heard that he's cooking vegan food for you. Is that true? Yeah. You know, it's wonderful having a partner in justice and he just joined the ad committee. I think we'll be hearing more about food as medicine and the need for people in these food deserts to have access to it. He really lives by that. While he's fighting for police reform, marijuana justice, you know, all the different things, climate change, he's coming home and making vegan nachos. Because he's nacho average senator, and he cleans up after. That looks good. Senator booker ran against president Biden in the presidential primaries, but there was a moment during the campaign when president Biden pulled you aside to talk to you about senator booker. Would you mind sharing what he said to you? You know, I have to say it was one -- a very powerful moment and speaks a lot to what you were speaking about earlier, which is, you know, just common decency. They were in competition at that moment, but they're also colleagues and have a lot in common when it comes to wanting to be of service. It was just really beautiful. He pulled me aside. He's very charming and he said he married up and he hopes the same for Corey and it was great. It was beautiul to see their graciousness and respect for each other. I definitely feel that pull and push that we have when we don't agree with people. Thank god for our civil servants who figure out a way to not lead with their ego and lead with the needs of our communities to work Rosario, those nachos look good. A couple weeks ago you got your vaccine. You used your platform to make it public. I know how important organizing is and setting an example for the community has been for you. Why did you choose to do this publicly? I applaud you for it. Thank you. I feel like I don't want anyone to forget what this has been like. For all those who thought the virus was a hoax and they didn't know anyone getting ill from it, I started to lose people very early in the pandemic. Taking for my dad post-chemo, I could really understand. You'll do anything to protect your family. So, it was -- it's just been so amazing to be at this point a year later where it feels like we can start putting this behind us. So many people in the black and brown community who we're recognizing as essential workers have not been treated like that. We've lost a lot of them. We can't lose anymore. We have to stave the bleeding and look out for each other and so anything that I could do to kind of represent that to the community and say it's easy, you can go and ask as many questions as you want and figure out what's best for you, but keep it in mind. Especially to the folks who are worried about getting the second dose, they got the first one and don't want to take the second one because they're afraid of whatever effects happen, I was very lucky. I was tired for a day. For people I know who were on ventilators, people who didn't come home, knowing -- there's a lot of things -- none of this get out of this alive. There's one thing we can guarantee is we won't die from covid. That's what this gives us. That's important to get our super powers in that way so we can all be together as we were. Absolutely. Let's talk about the new movie. It's called "The water man." It's David oyelowo's directorial debut. Tell us about this movie and why you wanted to be a part of it. David is such a remarkable human being. I saw him at an award show and told him -- I fan girled on him and said anything that came up I would love to do. This is his directing debut. It touches on everything from representation, to magical realism, climate change and families, how we need to better communicate with each other. We filmed this before the pandemic and had no idea what was coming. I think people can relate to the main theme in the story, which is time is precious. Our lifetime is not guaranteed to be any longer or shorter than we can imagine. It's out of our hands. We have to prioritize what's important and who is important in our lives, even if it means through the pain. Amen to that, rosario. Having said that, I'm now removing these earrings because they're giving me a headache and acupuncture that I didn't ask for. Our thanks to rosario Dawson. "The water man" is in theaters on may 7th.

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{"duration":"8:39","description":"The actress discusses her relationship with New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and talks about her new film, “The Water Man.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77422214","title":"Rosario Dawson talks about ‘beautiful’ moment with Biden","url":"/theview/video/rosario-dawson-talks-beautiful-moment-biden-77422214"}