Trump threatens to shut down government over border wall funding

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's meeting with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.
6:01 | 12/12/18

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Transcript for Trump threatens to shut down government over border wall funding
Selling out more growth that America's turning into a reality show yesterday. When cameras at the White House caught the guy who lives there have basin complex for the White House democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader chuck shoe mark. All his lot of wall. The book twenty times John called for I would shut down the government if I don't get my will not have listed. And it does something you've sanity you wanted to put that in my set I'll take OK good you know what I'll say it. Yes. If we don't get what we want. One way or the other whether it's through you through military through anything you wanna call I would shut down that okay happier now. And I am so proud and I mean I get my grief I am proud to shut down the government for border security checked. And so. Perhaps is based does like hearing this but I have a proposition not enough fuel grade between solid. It is made it's like the wall because he promised Mexico was one point four and I yeah so now that Mexico's have been not gonna pay Ford he could actually open up that their fat wallet he talks about all time scout the area. 10% down 10% up or 'cause he's a construction got. Yeah yeah. I mean I'm candidate for you to build the wall an impasse that pat. You know maybe put a golds won the wall paint job. I mean time you send the American people did not have to pay it. So why are you now saying you will in the shut everything down and did it because you know that means is gonna come out of a balanced truly the camp. Pain promise right it was that I will Obey law and Mexico's going to pay forty maybe that's perhaps where everybody got behind it. Could they think you can yell and I had an ego of office about about the fact that he's not able to fall through something that he's promised his base and he looks the poll policies that. A number of his face still wants that to happen even if it means shutting down the government I thought they they have in the base hasn't really gotten anything else this is all live amid taxes didn't really go down. Now there is getting polluted town. That they that we don't have any friendships around the world anymore so what what at the base get except maybe the walrus like I hope against hope they got look at this. Maybe they I'm. Perhaps they got they didn't get what they saw a book and the gun again and I thought yesterday was the first of all the American people were the losers yesterday because it was pathetic. But I actually thought the people they came out looking better. Were Nancy Pelosi particularly because as we talk on the show she's been put under a lot of pressure. Mike of Liberal Party and I think she went in there she went toda told the president she was composed. And she flipped the argument back on the president. By getting him to admit that he is going to shut down the got an eternity has well humor I think they get down to the Democrats still not a bad but also she was compassionate she said look let's not do this in front of the press now protecting him what his own bed. An interesting though because we want freedom of the press who want more cameras that people like the cameras in that now press briefing is so I don't understand logic of if you are running there that I why did you -- analysts say you're lying and she didn't want to expose and shooting nights I think I thought what I got after it actually was the gladiator quote are you not entertained. On both sides no matter which you feel politically it was more shocked I was when I got an eye towards our test of refill politically elected president he thinks he kick their you know what. You like then you think that he made him look like wore on and no one got anything it probably know what does shutting down the government also shocking to me. Who invite the press and that's an I thought he's an agency did he did so if they and the lion press yeah. How do you I'm not like I don't give it might even their Lyon and you don't want them in now or they are reality show later if you don't have the tiger yet again we are not entertain us. Fascinating we have not yet time the brightest of the press and and then I thought he really it was he got a master class in politics except he was the student Annie at the teacher right and then get on top I think he says hike key that set up. Yeah he was like I would like how is it has set up when you set up the meeting in front of the pro baseball when he was going to show the country house Marty wasn't I was gonna really nail these two Democrats and then they turned it around. I love when traveling Schumer goes you know the Washington Post did you have like six Pinocchio was you know I mean basically calling him a lot of my NCAA this is. I'm more like the political science aspect avidly is this what we're going to do going for the always be cameras and ball apparently you're trying to make bipartisan deals at any kind of cover C I don't know I never be cameras went well everyone was playing for the cameras churkin Nancy were as well let's not. And do that as well especially when he was dying. But it can't link the camera body language did Salem plant and I didn't need why each other they were looking up why did Nancy say we shouldn't do this in front of the countdown and that they were playing for the camera now but she ended up playing for a very well I want to get married like that I got us now we're get a government shut down 30% of federal employees it may not affect us in this room but it affects someone that you know somebody care about they will be working at a holiday likely under paid on you air yeah that would happen to AC inspect and. I'll shut down so I'm I'm Laura and me I'm MIS and it worked for I don't government never planned not shutting down they don't get paid of the government because I'm. What happened some of the top one the of these pissing contest go on between wall size. Is it rains down on the people who are in me again I ingests it. You know I would I want everybody did really kind of watch that it's because. If they shut the government down. We are all. That much further back. It pushes everybody that much further back out. Military families are doing without me down from government workers are doing with that it's not good for anybody know what went. If Gingrich did your reality yet to resign as the speaker how to himself Jack what Dick the national breast legal drinking at Christmas time about I'm all for the night I didn't want it you know what I wasn't Italy is not good for anybody you want a left right center is not good for anybody.

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{"id":59781356,"title":"Trump threatens to shut down government over border wall funding","duration":"6:01","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's meeting with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.","url":"/theview/video/trump-threatens-shut-government-border-wall-funding-59781356","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}