'The View' celebrates Joy Behar's birthday

MSNBC's Ari Melber and Chris Hayes join the table for Behar's birthday.
10:14 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for 'The View' celebrates Joy Behar's birthday
Don't just make it. Make it better. ????????? Cats would do anything for the irresistible taste of Temptations Treats. What are you doing? Hey, check this out. Temptations - Cats can't resist. (Vo) For a nasty cold, take new DayQuil Severe with Vicks vapocool. (Acapella) Whoa! (Vo) And vaporize it with an intense rush of Vicks vapors. (Acapella) Ahhhhhhhhhhh! (Vo) New DayQuil Severe with Vicks vapocool. The Daytime, Coughing, Stuffy Head, Vaporize your cold, Medicine. Introducing Vicks vapocool drops. To vaporize your sore throat. Breathe freely fast with Vicks Sinex. (Man) My congestion's gone. I can breathe again! I can breathe again! Oh! (Vo) Vicks Sinex. Breathe On. ?????? ?????? Should we put this down? It's like an all-left birthday party? Exactly. That's me and you. Joy's had so much anxiety lately, she doesn't sleep at night. She almost jumped into the east river the other day when she got the presidential alert. I didn't jump in. I wasn't jump zblg she didn't get the alert. The two men she lets into the bedroom at night? Honor. Are we calming you down. Let's leave wolf out of this. We can. Where is he? Are we calming you down? Tell me we're going to win in November. I can't make predictions. I can't make predictions. You do it every night. I can't tell you what's going to happen in the future. Tell the audience what happened today. The procedural vote to advance Brett Kavanaugh to the final vote. Flake who voted yes and Collins voted yes and Manchin also voted yes, they're going to vote yes, Ari? Not necessarily. All it means they're moving forward to the real vote. I don't think Mcconnell moves most things to the floor unless he has the votes. His obstruction can now pay off with unobstruction. Can't someone change their minds. It happened with McCain. He changed his mind at the last minute. McCain was the iconic example of voting yes on the procedural. But then voting no. Why don't you two come home with me? Hold on. Hold on. If we do devil's triangle it's just us having whiskey together. Yes. What does that mean? You know what that means. I would say you're being inappropriate. You're actually reading from the testimony of a supreme court nominee. Perfectly appropriate. Why haven't we heard from squi? The FBI did talk to squi. What did he say? We don't know. Talking about Kavanaugh. He wrote an op-ed published in the Wall Street journal, arguing he's an independent impartial judge. Nominees rarely do that. What did you think? I thought it was interesting that he felt that he needed to do that. Because I think, in speaking with people embedded in the federal judiciary, work for judges, clerk for judges, across the ideological spectrum people were unnerved by his performance on Thursday. It was truly disturbing. I think the message got to him that people felt that way and he needed to cover himself with that op-ed. The interesting thing is, his comments were scripted and vetted. Why apologize for that. The question is, what is boofing? Some things came out of nowhere. Not out of nowhere it was in the year book. Something that three and four-year-olds do. He threw a full tanti. As the days went on, he hasn't apologized for the way he clearly misled, certainly hasn't taken responsibility for what he's done in his youth as described by other credible witnesses. He want to take back the about. Let's say this goes through and Kavanaugh's confirmed. The fix is in, okay. The fix is in. But my question to you two pundits, who benefits from that in the midterms? The Democrats? Who will be more energized? I think that there will be a tremendous amount of anger and mobilization from Democrats and independent-leaning women in response to him being confirmed. It's hard to game out, frankly. Lot of talk right now about how the mobilization to get him confirmed has been helping Republicans with enthusiasm. But I think that if you win that fight I think the people on the wrong side of the fight will be impassioned. Only the time you're going to hear me say it, trump -- She never says. Last night said the following about former senator Al Franken. Oh, yeah. Boy, did he fold like a wet rag. Man, he was gone so fast. I don't want to mention Al Franken's name. I won't mention. He was gone -- he was gone so fast. It was like, oh, he did something. Oh, I resign. I quit. Actually had you actually done your homework you would remember that he said he would sit, take any tests, any kind of investigation, so he didn't resign and run. He was asked to leave by the Democrats because, since you're still sitting there with all of your accusations, I think that the Democrats wanted to show to the world and to the women on the Republican side that we were not going to stand for that. That's why Al Franken is gone. Absolutely. You know what, what he's basically saying is that look, you could have stayed in and nothing would have happened. That's not the message. The message, yeah, you got to go. All of y'all who do what has done, I never want to blame folks, those of you who have alleged or accused of, you need to come to court and you need to be taken by the FBI or whatever court you need to go to find out, did you do it? We don't want to railroad people. He's basically saying, if you deny you committed the crime you get away with it. This could happen to any man and so the issue is, how you respond and whether you're quote, unquote, strong. The truth of the matter is, if you're a true man and you want to clear your name, you want investigations done. You want something in place to clear you. Or, to put you away. That's the bottom line. His base doesn't care. You know, his base may care. I believe that people say one thing and they do something else. Right, Roy Moore? Our thanks to Chris Hayes and Ari Melber. We'll be right back. Before we go, take a look at two other people who want to wish joy a happy birthday. Who else? President Obama? Joy, joy to the world. Joy unconfined. Joy all over the world. Deep, deep joy. Many happy returns, you wonderful human being. I'm your biggest fan and I'm delighted to wish you all the celebrations of the day. Happy birthday! Hi, joy. I wanted to get you your dream gift. Hard to wrap tall, dark and handsome. Please, get this off me. Do it, Michael. ??? Happy birthday dear joy ??? ??? happy birthday to you ???

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{"duration":"10:14","description":"MSNBC's Ari Melber and Chris Hayes join the table for Behar's birthday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"58311987","title":"'The View' celebrates Joy Behar's birthday","url":"/theview/video/view-celebrates-joy-behars-birthday-58311987"}