Wendy Williams: Biopic, documentary will make ex-husband ‘wish that he never met me’

The media mogul opens up to “The View” about her biopic "Wendy Williams: The Movie" and documentary "The Wendy Williams Story: What a Mess!" that detail her life and her ex-husband’s infidelity.
8:14 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for Wendy Williams: Biopic, documentary will make ex-husband ‘wish that he never met me’
Wendy Williams is really putting herself out there right now. With a new movie about her life, plus a new documentary called "The Wendy Williams story: What a mess," and true to form, she doesn't hold back. Take a look. And I don't want sympathy from anyone. Don't feel sorry for me. It's just that you know through the years, if you watched me or listen me you know I'm an emotional person and I have never been scared of sharing my vulnerability but I think that my vulnerability is in a way maybe an inspiration to somebody like you could do it. If I could do it you can do it. There's nothing special about me, except that I'm my own best friend. That's the most special thing. Please welcome Wendy Williams. Welcome back, Wendy Williams. What a mess. Thank you, lady and this is something else. Listen, what made you decide to do this documentary and the movie, really, what made you decide to tell it now, what said now's the time? I had to. I have bills to pay and I have more of my story to tell that I didn't think I would be telling after I wrote my autobiography back in the early 200s and it was a best seller and people got the gist of my life at that time and now our son is 20 years old and now I am divorced and now, you know, he's had a baby and because of how those two made it public, not me, the Paparazzi was everywhere. Until I talked to my new manager Bernie I'm going to make this into something good, Bernie, keep answering your phone. Bernie picked up the phone and it was lifetime kaling. Bernie has been around forever. He knows the people over at lifetime and he got back to me, he said, they want to do a project about you, your story, and they want to continue on and I said, I have known about lifetime's interest in me for a long time but old management always blocked them, always said bad things about them. That I was worth more, so now that I'm my own boss along with being my own best friend, kind of/sort of, I'm fearless in this, whoopi. Joy, I heard what you said about marriage, I agree. Sara, two years and a couch and a therapist. And sunny, I have an appreciate for being in quarantine with your chickens. Ya yeah, I know. Meghan -- There's one other thing to say, you said that anybody could do what you do, that's not true. That's not true. You do something very specific and that is, you can talk about anything. You remind me of Regis in that way, you can talk. Rush Limbaugh has that gift also. Talk, talk, talk about anything. That's a skill. I could not do that, believe it or not. The documentary was shot back in early September and I agree with you, without bragging I'm glad you said that, there's only one Wendy and I do what I do. It's very specific and to say you can do it, I'd be lying to you. You can't do it unless you're really focus zbld don't give people false hope. All right, a lot of -- we're skipping my question or not? We're skipping my question. Well, Wendy, I'm so excited to watch this documentary and your lifetime movie, I've actually told my husband he has to take our child so I can take the time out to watch it and you're very vulnerable and raw and this the first time that you talk about what your marriage was like to your ex-husband you said he was controlling and cheated on you the spire what made you stay in this marriage for so long and what made you finally leave and you know what made you finally decide to be so candid right now. The documentary explains it the best way I can. Which will probably make him wish that he never met me in his life and the girl, she's now on blast, I decided to do it now because Kevin is now 20 and I'm and I'll tell you what, it took me 20 years to divorce him because every year of my professional life got better, you know, and I said, when I walk away I'm going to walk away with the best picture possible. Emotionally, physically, businesswise, the whole bit, I sold my condo that I owned at the time, even before I met Calvin, I sold my condo to my mom and dad for $1. We drove around the area that I lived as the hunter family, my parents were in town to teach us how to be moms and dads. I said come out here, I'll do the driving. I was holding the steering wheel and telling them, listen, I'm about to get divorced and I don't know when it's going to happen. I need you all to act. Act your way through this. If you're not with me you're against me and I'll just have to come back and show you how I've done. My parents, including my mother till her death, rest in peace, mommy, they both -- they cared for Kevin very much because I did and I thought it would be better. But I sold the condo to them and they sold it back to me. I think that people need to really understand that side of the story being a woman and particularly being a businesswoman, men get jealous when you start to make more money and it's not about being sexy and desirable, it's about having a dumbbell that won't talk back to you. Wendy, I saw the documentary -- I saw the documentary last night and you were really raw in it. And vulnerable. I appreciate it that you were so open and other than the documentary, you executive produced a biopic movie about your life a scene in the movie where you confront Kevin for cheating on you. How hard has it been for you to relive all of it? It's not difficult at all, because like I said, you know U Kevin had been spoiling deals with networks including lifetime for years. And I didn't know about the spoi lags, people refused to deal with him and one day she'll get smart and we'll come back for our dear Wendy. Around town, you guys, my own staffers and crews, everybody thought I was a physically abused woman, I wasn't. He never hit me. He talked very, very horrible to me in front of anybody who listened. He had phone lines cut so I wouldn't watch. He had my cable turned off so I wouldn't watch. He had my magazines, the post, the daily news, I can't read page six, what's going on, my phones were missing and locked I mean, I told myself, you know, who's ever with me who sticks around they'll have the best time for their lives. They have stuck around. They're having the best time. I have direct contact with the control room, with the lighting, with my crew, my manager, Bernie is right there on the couch. You're taking it back.

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{"duration":"8:14","description":"The media mogul opens up to “The View” about her biopic \"Wendy Williams: The Movie\" and documentary \"The Wendy Williams Story: What a Mess!\" that detail her life and her ex-husband’s infidelity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75495307","title":"Wendy Williams: Biopic, documentary will make ex-husband ‘wish that he never met me’","url":"/theview/video/wendy-williams-biopic-documentary-make-husband-met-75495307"}