Willie Nelson on supporting Beto O'Rourke, his friendship with Frank Sinatra

Nelson joins "The View" to discuss his new album, "My Way."
7:16 | 09/18/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Willie Nelson on supporting Beto O'Rourke, his friendship with Frank Sinatra
Ndary will nson G music for a time, and now he is making S for his recent decision to support Texas de his late Frank Sinatra son are called way." Please welcome thezing willieel Politics. U'ing Beto O'rourke in Texas against the republ, and people are shocked at that thayo support a why? Wh hae misunderstanding of you? D know. I guess so because I have been supportiemocrats a M life, yo?applause ] They haves image that you D why? I don't kw. I have no ideabecause, you hidden it that much. Are you getting a lot ofak, and ho are you witht? Oh,ove flak. You love fl We'reot happy until they are not happy. That's right It' you, babe. Oh,ave another question here. Yes, you Do yoel that a judged based off who you lik poliher you? Not really because every has inion. Everybody has a right to anopinion. So, you know, I think I have one too. Absoluly. Absolutely, you do. But Willie, he is trying to perform. He is not just supporting but performing at an event for to, correct? We are doing a fundraise the in Austin on get. The 2th. Many of you fans took tremendo issue like I said. N't want toeat myse, but they took issue with this, Yo a lot your fans didn't like it. Don't carsn't he doesn't care so let's just move on. I don't care. You know, tare entitled to their opinions and I'm entitled to ne. Ha ne point. You turned 85 this. Did. You turned 85 this year. And hang what love for over 50 years, a something you love probably as muchs you love kid isguitar, trigger. My guitar. Trigger. Oh, . Me and trigger getong. Eryone kno triggnd there was a time when trigger almostn't make out alive.what happed? Well, my hough in nnessee wh I lived up T nortof nashvillnd they call asaid, the house isfire. I said, well, pull the car in the G get T. T it jus so happened that I had trigger in nd also a pound of good wee so -- Never forget that. You have to keep your weed and trig and I got in and I me out and ided it to a friend of mine and id,o H it somewhere. Ey did. Still haven't found it. But youaved the guitar. Right? To this day.ou N album, "My "Summer wind," "Y a heart." You were good friends. He was and still is my favorite singer a read somewhere that I was his favorite singer as well. Yes. That's as as itts. When did yourt become music? For as long as you can remember? Arn my life, my Ster and I played music played piano, and she knew Al early songsnd all the stuff. So I had a chance to LE tseas early young. I still love it. Ou andraoth you share the originality, indivial originality.you're bot onl you and nobody ntate you. One of kind. You'r so uniquend so was he. Well, I love him. Heaseat. We did sho together in veg andal and got to out a little bit. Noenough, know. And so Y talk about Vegas. In the '80s, heot you to come fornasa, the opposite. How he me too. He said- he said, can you send pi up to talkme? I said, why? I'm just comic here. Heas asked by Ronald Reagan T create a thing for nasa called sites at this is the one you take a It' ous that weon't satailor. I an, whao you call that thing there? Call it my touche. Right on. But wl the same feing about S chnology, don't we? Has led to a lot cousins alike. That' great. [ Applse shat was yr favorite thingbout him? About Sinatra? About Sinatra. Hisattitude, you know, if U fine. If you didn't, that'. And you are like to am. You justved it aou said, I don't care what they say. Well, the apples didn't fall faom the TRE in your family because your K credible musicians as well. In fact, your son, Lukas, taught Bradley cooper to play the guitor the new film, star is rn," withadygaga. Yes. As such a celebdusician yourself how does it make you feel that you kids are in the ell, that' ait gets to have your kids on stage with you, and targood. Yeah. Do you thinkust inherited? You say yourter a now your kids. Think it's a gen thing?. Yeah. Absolutely. What advice do you about the inry, aboutow survive it? An old fd of mine ke advice and do whayou want to. Itsn't get any bet than that if ebody knows what T want to do, ha I "Stardust" one of my favorite albums a so thisowght nextoit. Willi nels. Go tte to fin out and "My way" I availae now. And gues y'all? ] Oh, od.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Nelson joins \"The View\" to discuss his new album, \"My Way.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57912338","title":"Willie Nelson on supporting Beto O'Rourke, his friendship with Frank Sinatra","url":"/theview/video/willie-nelson-supporting-beto-orourke-friendship-frank-sinatra-57912338"}