World Cup crowd chants 'equal pay' following U.S. women's win

After congratulating the U.S. Women's National Team for their fourth World Cup win, "The View" co-hosts discuss the ongoing pay controversy.
2:36 | 07/08/19

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Transcript for World Cup crowd chants 'equal pay' following U.S. women's win
live, and we want to begin by congratulating the U.S. Women's soccer team for winning the world cup for the fourth time, and of course, the crowd went wild and made it loud and clear this team deserves more than just a trophy. Take a look. The U.S. Women's team brings in more revenue than the men's, more people watch them. So the question is why they are still only getting 18 cents on the dollar. Wow. We were just speaking about that backstage because apparently -- it's not a little bit of money, but they get $250,000 for their win. A man would have gotten $1.1 million for the win. Quite a difference. That's really significant. But what is the purpose? I mean, because soccer players are soccer players. Yeah. So why is there such a disparity? It's not like women can't play this game. I don't understand. The ticket sales, supply and demand. You want to go, the ticket sales determine the amount of money you should be paid. It's obviously sexism. What else could you say? Go by capitalism. I can't name one male player, and we can all name several female players at this point because they have all become stars. I think it's straight sexism. Me too. It's that simple. Get it together, y'all, because this is, you know -- It's not right. When the world is saying equal pay and they know this is crooked and nasty like this, you know, it is nasty. I'm sorry. If you are taking all that money in, and you're only giving them what? 18 cents on the dollar. 18 cents. Something's broke. Something's wrong. Something's broken. I think it's going to change because apparently the U.S. Women's national team has sued. They have sued. Why do they have to? Why do they have to? They shouldn't have to sue. At this point, people aren't going to just give them the money because we're saying pay them. Well, it might work if people say, you know what? We're not going to watch this anymore until you raise up how people -- make it dealt with. Protest. Protesting works well in a lot of times. The men's team didn't even qualify. Again, like they didn't even qualify for the world cup because that's how much they suck. So -- It's worth noting. I mean, I don't follow soccer. I started following this because obviously America was doing so well, but, you know, they're not even a blip, the men's team. It's kind of nasty and ugly and really starting to piss a lot of people off. Yeah. Just saying.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"After congratulating the U.S. Women's National Team for their fourth World Cup win, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss the ongoing pay controversy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64198376","title":"World Cup crowd chants 'equal pay' following U.S. women's win","url":"/theview/video/world-cup-crowd-chants-equal-pay-us-womens-64198376"}