Former bodyguard on what Kim Jong Un's isolated childhood was like: Part 2

Lee Young-guk, the former bodyguard of Kim Jong Il, said the young Kim Jong Un spent time with adults, who educated and played with him.
6:24 | 01/13/18

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Transcript for Former bodyguard on what Kim Jong Un's isolated childhood was like: Part 2
By now North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a familiar boogie men into the US and North Korea testing a powerful missiles he was young has now come back with our world war mocked by president trump the rocket man. Even lampooned in the Seth Rogen directed comedy. The interview you know what's more destructive than a nuclear balm. Its. Civic for. Us and. But this story most Americans don't know. Is how Kim Jong Hoon beat out two older Brothers to win the North Korean game of drones. But to understand the tail of the Brothers you first have to understand the tale of their mothers. Teams announced mother was the first and vehicle wife of Kim Jung ill. And north Koreans differentiate the real life as a first wife and that anybody that comes after is this kind of a mistress. And in fact it is a mistress who gives birth to the current North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as well as another son named John told. According to that bodyguard life for the illegitimate Kim Jong-un is one of silence and shame. It is a local news and its existence was a secret. Kim Jong-Il built hidden houses for his concubine. It was similar to house arrest since Lana and soon. The bodyguard says that isolation. Left its mark on the young cool. Feel alone he was stressed and have don't want to play with his own age there were only adults who educated and played with them. We've seen a young boy who felt that everything was coming his way temples. He was quick tempered. He doesn't care about what others think doesn't feel sorry for other people. He does what ever he wants to release says the lonely child did have a special treat rare visits to the Kim family's monumental vacation resort in the town of one son. Restricted to all outsiders. It has its own landing strip. Private beach even its own soccer stadium since along the law there is no one in this world who has felt as much pleasure. As the Kim dynasty. Just like his more legitimate half brother Kim Jong-un is shipped off to Switzerland for his education. Ending up here in 1996. In the state the Swiss capital of Barack. Kim lives in this unassuming apartment complex under the watchful eyes of his mom's sister and attends this international school. And we just really hard to find every Beck met him to get the inside scoop on Kim's unlikely life in Switzerland. We caught up in Tokyo with Washington Post bureau chief and a five field. I feel landed an exclusive interview and Kim's caretaker and who defected to the US now running a dry cleaning store and on willing to have her face shown. He wasn't very interested in doing has less ends. He had kids over to play he wanes and that you know family minivan off to the swimming pool of things so it sounds like he did have a relatively normal life. Still inside that modest apartment classmates find signs that there's something special about their Asian friends. He had ordered the latest technology which at the time in the nineties was a mini disc play at and that he also had X six to a lot of films. Before they were released in seven. He heads the Jackie Chan movies it was good don't Claude van dam was another favorite. Also ahead these very antsy at night gay head shoes that he would whip it. His classmates save costs and 200 dollars and an extraordinary amount of money at the time. Those expensive shoes indicate that the twelve year old Korean is passionate about an American sport basketball. He is a specialty obsessed with Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls. Ponce told me that it was condolences mop who actually encouraged him to take a possible. Because there is this belly and on Korean mother is that if you play basketball you'll grow up to be told. Although he only grew to be five and a half feet tall and every single day after school. Young Kim would raced to the basketball court to play with the local kids. And he would practice and practice and practice what he didn't have a natural talent he certainly may doubtful with determination and he was seen wearing a Chicago polls Jesse. You know all the time. So just how did this basketball crazed kid and up as the supreme. Leader of North Korea. Well as you'll recall that older half brother Kim Jong Nam was apparently taken out of the running after his ill advised attempt. To sneak into Disneyland. His humiliating fall from grace leaves a huge opening on the other side of the family tree and for the sons of the mistress. Ken Tillis mother note. I hear wasn't very ambitious woman and that once can dung on the go pull its and is very embarrassing situation sneaking into Japan. That she capitalize on that and used that to promote her and children. The logical next son in line is Kim Jung and his older brother John told but he would be the next domino to fall he too was on done by a fixation with western culture. Namely the music of Eric Clapton. He embarrassed the regime after he was repeatedly caught sneaking in that Clapton concerts. Here he is in 2015. Being snuck into a concert in London by a North Korean diplomat. He doesn't have a right temperament characteristics that's what his father a thought. That's been the path clear for the youngest song Kim Jong-un the only one not the Paris. And those aggressive qualities he displayed as a child now in the press Kim Jong-Il. Has had a little bit of a tough streak in him and that's what he's father liked that he was strong they Keith Acton likely veto and soon enough. It's clear the world to see. Kim Jong-un is positioned to be the future ruler of North Korea.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Lee Young-guk, the former bodyguard of Kim Jong Il, said the young Kim Jong Un spent time with adults, who educated and played with him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"52320979","title":"Former bodyguard on what Kim Jong Un's isolated childhood was like: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/bodyguard-kim-jong-uns-isolated-childhood-part-52320979"}