How death row inmate James Dailey met his co-defendant Jack Pearcy: Part 2

Dailey has been on Florida’s Death Row for nearly 35 years for the murder of 14-year-old Shelly Boggio. Pearcy is serving a life sentence for the same crime but both claim innocence.
8:40 | 10/24/20

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Transcript for How death row inmate James Dailey met his co-defendant Jack Pearcy: Part 2
They had no idea who this body belonged to. Could have been anybody. Could have come from anywhere. There are few clues as to who she is or who killed her. Now, the medical examiner does determine her time of death somewhere between 1:30 and 3:30 A.M. Early that morning. It takes nearly 48 hours but the victim is eventually identified. The naked girl stabbed, strangled and drowned in the intercoastal waterway finally has a name. Her name is Shelly Boggio. She's just 14 years old. She was identified by a turquoise ring and a scar on her belly. And I just remember thinking, this is, like, the last ring that she will have. She will never have that special ring from a boyfriend or, you know, a wedding band. And my mother called me and said that I had to get home right away, that there'd been a murder in the family. And I just remember shaking. That's it. Shaking. The Boggio family is your average midwestern family. Frank Boggio and sherry Boggio, they were both beauticians in battle creek. And they divorced. The husband brings the three daughters down to Florida. Frank moved the three girls and himself to pinellas county, ironically for, quote/unquote, a better life. Shelly was very kind, very sweet. She was actually very soft spoken. Shelly could also make everybody in a room laugh, and that was a problem in school sometimes. Shelly was a 14-year-old clearly going on 30 in many ways. Now, this is the most beautiful time of year in Florida, and as Sunday turns to night on may 5, 1985, Shelly Boggio has no way of knowing that this is going to be her last Florida sunset. She's about to come across two men, jack Pearcy and his friend, who you're about to meet. His name is James Dailey, and back then he was known as Jim or Jimmy D. Let me fix your shot here. Okay. Roll any way. Thanks for coming to see me. Yeah, sure. It's a long walk down that hallway, huh? About a quarter of a mile. I meet James Dailey 35 years later on Florida's death row. He's there for the murder of Shelly Boggio. Do you get many visitors? Mary Kay, my ex-wife. She tries to make it up every week. Dailey is in pretty good shape for his age. He turned 74 in 2020, and if he is executed, he would be the oldest man the state of Florida has ever executed. When I first met James Dailey, he was remorseful about sort of the way he was living his life back then. The way he explained to me was maybe I shouldn't have ever been hanging around guys like jack Pearcy, maybe I shouldn't have ever have been in Florida, but I didn't kill that girl. Any day now, Florida's governor, Ron Desantis could sign James daily's death warrant. Now, after about 35 years behind bars he's had a lot of time to consider where his life went wrong, because once upon a time things were looking pretty good for James Dailey. Before death row, before winding up in Florida in 1985, James Dailey was a family man, married with two children. Jim and I met in Manhattan, Kansas, in 1962. It was the summer before our junior year in high school. We dated for four years before we got married. And then James Dailey goes to war. He went to Vietnam three times. Oh, it was horrible. I got there right after tet started in 1968. After every rocket attack, I'd have to go out and look for body parts, and I just wasn't made for that. It affected me horribly. I could tell when he'd come back from Vietnam, that he was changing. The daileys divorce. And at this point James Dailey is 38 years old. He's down, he's out, he does not have a job, but he is drinking and drinking a lot. In 1985, Mr. Dailey is what I call a drifter. And he met jack Pearcy randomly, I believe at a bar, and the two of them just kind of hit it off. So you were drinking buddies. Yeah, and we got to know each other pretty well, I thought. Boy, was I mistaken. And we ended up, in the end, coming to Florida. Pearcy and Dailey are now living in a two-bedroom rented house in St. Petersburg, Florida along with Pearcy's pregnant girlfriend, whose name is Gayle Bailey, and a friend from back in Kansas, his name is Oza Dwain Shaw. He's crashing on the couch. It's now Sunday, may 5, 1985, jack Pearcy, James Dailey, and jack's friend Oza Shaw are driving around St. Petersburg, Florida, drinking and partying, when they run into Stacy and Shelly Boggio. Jack saw Shelly and her sister, Stacy, and this other girl on the side of the road. And they picked them up. This wasn't just a random pickup. The Boggio twins knew James Dailey and jack Pearcy, and even though the girls were only 14 years old, they had hung out and partied with these guys before. They were not strangers. And we drove back to our place and smoked some dope and drank some beer. This interview is with respect to case number 85-44387, which is a homicide case. In our reporting, we've come across some of the recordings and interviews that the police, in their initial investigation of the crime, did with some of the last people who saw Shelly Boggio alive that night. One of these police interviews is jack Pearcy's then girlfriend, pregnant girlfriend, Gayle Bailey. They finally came home. They brought with them Shelly, her sister, and another blonde. They got drunk, they smoked marijuana, they spent time together. They were 14. They wanted to be grownups. Now, here's a detail you just can't make up. One of those girls tells detectives they were watching an Alfred Hitchcock murder mystery on TV that night. And then they decide to go back out. Me and Shelly and the girls and jack and Jim, we dropped the sister and the other blonde off at some apartment. 14-year-old Shelly Boggio, she's just in 7th grade, is on her own with the grownups. The party moves to a nightclub, Jerry's rock-n-roll. Jerries! Wow, spring break is here again. Our favorite time of year at Jerry's. The four of us went to Jerry's, and we were sitting there and we all had three drinks a piece. This night is not going to end well. What are you thinking? I could see this is going to go downhill really, really fast, and something bad is going to happen. She -- yeah.

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"Dailey has been on Florida’s Death Row for nearly 35 years for the murder of 14-year-old Shelly Boggio. Pearcy is serving a life sentence for the same crime but both claim innocence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73798922","title":"How death row inmate James Dailey met his co-defendant Jack Pearcy: Part 2","url":"/2020/video/death-row-inmate-james-dailey-met-defendant-jack-73798922"}