Race and the Trial of George Zimmerman

Around the country, people speak of a racial divide.
7:59 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for Race and the Trial of George Zimmerman
Justice no -- some of the signs outside that Sanford Florida courtroom at this hour you're watching a special edition of 20/20. Georgia have been found not guilty in the murder of trade on Marten and -- tweet moments ago from trade on Martin's mother. Board during my darkest hour I lean on you you are all that I have at the end of the day got to still in control thank you all for your prayers and support. I will love you forever -- on in the name of Jesus. The phrase racial profiling was not used in -- it did come up for so many people across this country who watched the trial so closely. So did race play a role in what happened that night. Once again tonight at -- -- -- was the State's star witness she was supposed to spill by the jury with details of her phone call trade on -- just moments before he was killed. Then she opened her mouth. Nineteen years old and just entering her senior year. Gentile was pitted against -- trial lawyers who. Kids are floundering on the witness stand. For seven -- Are you. Claiming in any way that you don't understand English. I'm -- you. He. Yeah. This was a moment that people were waiting for -- hear this star witness if you will. And it turned out to be something very very different it into -- not being -- -- time and think and ended up being more about. -- Tell me what you mean by in the -- for education -- to -- -- A lot of people came out and criticized her for her here for her dark -- her darker -- town for. Being overweight. And when she thought she was out. He brought her back -- -- things we should find these -- Most of which -- was supposed to say got lost and how she said it. At that point did you know anything. More about the case. No resurfaced again when -- -- and Martin referred to George -- as he can be yeah. The defense team jumped on that he's suggesting it was Martin who had done -- profiling with John tell racist sideshow before. Became the main attraction. To say this case is not about race it is is ignoring the pink elephant in the room. This case is about race. Shortly after the bullet -- Simmons gunned race became the flash point but the wheels of justice and Sanford returning at glacial speed. -- -- Yeah. There was still rest for six weeks yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- a black man had come into a white neighborhood. And gunned down a seventeen year old boy fall. Out would let loose. Celebrities and average Joes alike. Pulled on the kind of putting smaller and more that night. -- it inspired a 1000040 march. Thousand miles away from Sanford. High school walkouts and so many troops. The message was being heard all the way to the White House. There -- -- to Sonny looked like driven. Knowing what I know today if I were -- DA I would not have touched this case. Christopher Darden famous for prosecuting OJ Simpson knows firsthand how race can influence a murder trial do you think that the issue of race could actually. Affect the way to jurors decided to -- people -- all the time all around. Everywhere I go now he was a black. He wouldn't follow them if he wasn't black he would have gotten out of his vehicle he wasn't black he would have confronted him. Zimmerman was only responding to a direct question from the police dispatcher produced three words stunned many. -- -- -- This -- -- I know exactly what happened that night. Here at the AME Allan church in Sanford churchgoers say publicly. What many feel privately. I'm sure you. I don't black and she always yeah you'll want. On the condition very close Martin. But a third at Stanford's 54000 residents are black. As the trial -- their community some church members began speaking out but an unholy topic and two. Arms. About who -- yeah -- in this community. There will be no -- yeah. Still this little church dreamed big and the laundry list of traders to be answered first -- we as well as a wrist. They we asked the chief of police to be -- -- -- It was arts design. Divine intervention perhaps but it was the city managers intervention had fired the old police chief and higher Cecil Smith. Think you're hired because -- African American. I think goes higher for my qualifications -- will attempt to -- Telecom mediator and peacemaker all the same time. There's been a essentially a separation between the two races for quite some time. And our goal right now says at least for police chief in this. Try to bridge that -- Closing arguments and speaking to the all female jury all but one of whom are White House prosecutor pretty -- -- -- -- Invoked Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech as he tried to do damage control and Rachel gentiles testimony. -- -- On the content over tested. Jordan Zimmermann the man charged with second degree murder of folks in Sanford are well aware of the nation is watching return had a big Lincoln and George -- trial the trial broadcast wall to wall -- TV. If it but the race case against us because we've all interjected -- into it. Both civil rights activists. And the media you've helped to make this a race -- At the most racially charged trial in memory TV cameras have also -- -- -- a little. This 34 year old African American law student works for the defense is a law clerk which means -- extension she works for George Zimmerman and they -- it will say she is nothing more than illegal crop. You sit there every day. You look at George -- I'm sitting right next -- -- and patty field I feel bad for George I think it's very unfortunate that -- -- -- lost his life. Because loss of life is always unfortunate but I think that George is also fighting for a life that probably will never be the same. But it's still -- do you think of George Zimmermann as a topic differently than you think of George -- the person. Absolutely. Have other people asked of utter -- -- have asked you know. Is she -- because of her race and you know this is pretty -- no. Another example of the case that's all about race displayed that worker rarely mentioned in court. Racism has been the elephant in the room in the trial but never overtly mentioned -- see sort of ultimate personification of how race. Plays itself out in our society today you can't you don't really now and you can't really put your -- on but is feeling it right if you're on the receiving end that you feel it. Are you claiming in any way that you don't understand English. -- even before the verdict was read it it was all hands on deck. What percentage of your police force is going to be ready in anticipation of whatever happens our entire postpartum. -- that personal vacation in the search for a wolves. Just yesterday in the Stanley and George Zimmerman who released a statement saying the judicial system has run its course pray for justice pray for -- and pray for our country.

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{"id":19660269,"title":"Race and the Trial of George Zimmerman","duration":"7:59","description":"Around the country, people speak of a racial divide.","url":"/2020/video/race-trial-george-zimmerman-19660269","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}