Rebecca Schaeffer murdered at her home by stalker: Part 6

The actress was just 21 years old and a rising star in Hollywood, when her stalker Robert Bardo showed up at her door and shot her at point blank range.
8:00 | 04/13/19

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Transcript for Rebecca Schaeffer murdered at her home by stalker: Part 6
It was the morning of July 18th, 1989. It was said to be a sunny and warm day in Los Angeles and 70 degrees. People are waking up to the headlines of the day. Good morning, everyone. I'm Joan Lunden. The headlines that morning include the fact that it's the first flight of the stealth bomber. The plane began taxiing into position just after sunrise. President George H.W. Bush's visit overseas. I've found an enormous amount of excitement. And stories about the economy. Two very positive reports on the economy today. But later that day, the headlines will change. A tragedy will unfold in Hollywood involving a young actress. In July of 1989, Rebecca Schaeffer was a young actress on the rise. This was not just some cute, little actress. This was a very special talent. She was still just 21 years old. She'd already done two seasons on a sitcom called "My sister Sam" with Pam Dawber. ��� Don't trust an evil heart ������ And now she was living in Los Angeles and auditioning for movies with a bright career ahead of her. She had an excellent agent, and her prospects were superb at that moment. That morning, Rebecca Schaeffer is getting ready for the audition of her life that could change the direction of her career. She was about to audition for the most coveted role of 1989. The role of Mary corleone, daughter of Michael and Kay in "The godfather part III." To be asked to audition for "Godfather III," directed by Coppola, was extraordinary. As she's getting ready for this meeting that might change her life, she has no idea that her stalker, armed with a gun, has just gotten off a bus in Los Angeles and is making his way to her apartment. I left her at her doorstep the night before. I think we had gone to see a movie together. Would have been staying over, but I -- I had something else that morning. And so that's the -- you know, who knows what might have been. The morning of July 18th, Rebecca and I spoke on the we were going to a concert that night. And so we were just talking about our plans and when we were going to meet and what we were going to eat beforehand. Robert Bardo went to the address he had been given by his private investigator -- Rebecca Schaeffer's apartment. He had a bag with him that had a number of items. Robert has the card that she sent and her photograph. And then he's got a copy of the book "The catcher in the rye." Mark David Chapman, when he shot John Lennon, also had a copy of "The catcher in the rye," which has spoken to alienated youth from the moment it was published in the '50s. He's walking up and down the street, and he's asking neighbors about her, showing the photograph. This young man stopped me. And he had his Manila envelope. And he had a picture on the front of a young woman. He stopped me and said, "Have you seen this girl in the neighborhood?" And he looked really weird. He looked kind of demonic or something. And I didn't give him any information. I just said, "What," and kept on walking. But let's face it. It's Hollywood. Someone strange walking up and down the sidewalk isn't that unusual, so no one thought to So Bardo shows up early in the morning. He rings the buzzer. She was expecting a script to be delivered. Rebecca is awaiting a copy of the script of "Godfather part III" in anticipation of her meeting later that day. The intercom in her building was broken. Instead of being able to talk to somebody over the intercom, she had to come down and open the door. Rebecca was the kind of person -- she wouldn't think twice about going out. She didn't think there were people out there that would want to harm her. And when she came down and opened the door, it was Robert John Bardo. To his surprise, she answers the door. I didn't have to shoot any security guards to get to her. I mean, she's right there in front of me. You know? Like, she was just a regular person. She wasn't dressed up glamorously. He didn't think he was going to have that kind of access. I mean, he came here with a purpose, but until you actually see this person who's been on this pedestal, then it becomes That's like most guys who fantasize about seeing their favorite celebrity, you know, and this was it. It's just me and her. Talking to her, you know. Robert Bardo mumbled something about being her biggest fan, showed her the autographed photo that he had received in the mail. She politely excused herself, told Mr. Bardo that she had to get ready for an interview. She shakes his hand, wishes him well, and he goes on his way. And in some world, I guess, that's where the story ends. But it's not where the story ends, sadly, tragically. He goes around the corner to some sort of diner. He orders onion rings and he seethes. Something about this encounter has not satisfied what his dream of meeting Rebecca Schaeffer was supposed to be. He then went to the men's room, checked his gun to make sure it was loaded, and then decided to go back. In the meantime, he also called his sister from a payphone down the block saying, "You're gonna hear something about me," and was vague about it, but she didn't like what she was hearing and was trying to convince him to stop this and go home. 10:15. He's back at her apartment. He came back a second time. Once again Rebecca Schaeffer is up in her apartment. He pushes the buzzer. Once again because the intercom doesn't work, she is unable to determine who is at the front door. It could have been anyone. So she went downstairs again and opened the door, and there was Bardo. And they speak very briefly. And now it's not a cordial encounter. Now she has already dealt with him. She has other things to do. And she says to him -- this is his account we have to go with -- she says to him, "You're wasting my time." She is correct. He is wasting her time. He would later say that that set him off somehow. That that one sentence somehow created what would take place in the next ten seconds. Mr. Bardo stated, "I forgot to give you something," withdrew a handgun from his waistband and shot her once in the chest, penetrating her heart. He didn't give her a chance. He just shot her point blank. My friend lived in the apartment adjoining the foyer and heard Rebecca sobbing after she was shot, saying, "Why me, why me?" My friend, she didn't know if it was safe to go out there, if the guy was still there, but she did anyway and found Rebecca on the floor and stayed with her. The ambulance came, and Rebecca died 30 minutes later. This was such an extraordinary, ugly, horrible loss of an angel. Rebecca had no idea. No idea that anything like this was going on. The LAPD has a murder on their hands. Neighbors have said they saw a man in a yellow shirt fleeing from the scene. Police are hunting for a man who murdered a young actress. But nobody knows at this point who it is. So there's an all-out manhunt to find the person responsible for Rebecca Schaeffer's murder. (Meg Vo) I can see if my endometriosis pain gets better...

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"The actress was just 21 years old and a rising star in Hollywood, when her stalker Robert Bardo showed up at her door and shot her at point blank range.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"62368621","title":"Rebecca Schaeffer murdered at her home by stalker: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/rebecca-schaeffer-murdered-home-stalker-part-62368621"}