Kevin Liles Reacts to Bieber's Racist Remarks and Tracy Morgan's Crash

Go N' Syde Kevin Liles interview with Rebecca Jarvis as he talks new beverage launch, Bieber, sharing sugar with good friend and neighbor Tracy Morgan
7:34 | 06/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Liles Reacts to Bieber's Racist Remarks and Tracy Morgan's Crash
At first that new capital go inside is letting you scan your drink with your Smartphone and get exclusive access to behind the scenes video and messages from your -- -- musicians. Here to explain his Kevin -- you probably know him best as the former CEO Def jam he is also founder of -- WL enterprises. He -- fame for helping celebrity's transform their names and to successful business brands and now he's at it again this time. And I carrion -- not that expect that hit him when he. Good morning it's so nice to have you with us you brought along the new drinks and the new app is called go inside people can download it right now -- the App Store explain how it works. While I -- to green have given have a 2411 of all agree beverage with a great brand and also great technology so if you take you Smartphone pointed up. To. You are Smart give us that everybody has a Smartphone at all times on their person you say it's absolutely point to the gap and you can actually go inside he -- icon or -- life and so. It's something that I wanted to bring it to team which we filed today. People drink beverages we filed today come from disrupting the 4040. To happen at 84040 JC's 448 -- my friend and Iraq area wanted to say for every. I'm 24 the 45 year old female this is a great -- entering the. And it's that -- people -- get the accurate to showing me once people use scam that on their drink on their beverage they'd go inside they basically get -- -- See what it's like to be Mariah Carey to go behind the scenes at 4040. And you said he spent the day yesterday with Mariah Carey -- -- -- Happened on a lot of green -- where we had a -- press conference yesterday you know -- -- sold 200 million albums and now we -- we -- -- seventies and she actually had idea probably. X 78 years ago she wanted to do -- evening so we brought her dreams to reality. You are somebody who brings a lot of people think Syria having a lot of people know you as the guy that you go to you when you wanna make a brand out of yourself how do you do -- what's the first thing you do with these celebrities. But you got to cater to their point of view so with Jay-Z he's remains me. He's also a great entertainer. And we love sports we love the 4040 club and what they offer and I said Davis disrupting a wise -- the -- in the face of the new the half and half you know almost 44 to -- it -- -- half and half -- -- Iraq I want to bring get screamed to life. And a lot of artists that have a -- -- -- lines weather's at Sola. Video games always felt it was great to does have a point of view and then make this system and a platform you know he will while he's my partner. Doing reads a semi tough and still -- some distribution. Was he got app distribution rights you can make something very exclusive but -- you recognize that -- exclusive not a lot of people are gonna find out about it quickly. Nine and then what they've done basically get and we don't -- stuck it under so as we want to start you. 7500 stores this it's me people travel -- everything book today case it's -- -- 800 always better than what we're about one point five million bottles and they've been an amazing partner. And again it's CB true. A relationship where we say. We're not only -- -- have a great beverages we want to introduce innovation. And also -- disrupting the consumer packaged goods business because normally you had in cats and you have signs that you have to -- up but now you just -- his right here. UPD -- -- which you know my racket so much distance of fun thing yesterday -- -- things that you've never seen before that things from -- -- the club that he. Give us a taste. That's the case of the drink it tastes of -- with the content what -- we see so. If you wanted to Mariah Carey to which you a happy some how people would and I. She'll sing she's gonna do that if you wanna see what's happened that -- -- -- -- 4040 years you watch the NBA finals. You'll see if you want to have a sweepstakes to go on the on tickets that would go to don't want to run via. You'll get it if you wanna go to see the rise in France -- Brazil -- anywhere in the US you get that opportunity so it's not just about them having constantly doing a lot of contest so. More serious note I -- that Tracy Morgan is good friend of yours. Any message for -- especially at this point you know -- you know. With -- -- -- him remains a strong woman and making news is there. With the family and his these caves and you know he's not -- A friend but Geneva two in. Now we say shared several substances. Act of will he -- -- house but I as was his family the best thing in these times it's not about. You know calling them is about rampant in this about -- of lessons and and that we had several moments of silence for him and -- and what you -- and eleven which mr. Wishing him the absolute best of luck and I hope the two of you will be trading cups of sugar again very soon our neighbors. Another thing that has been in the news as Justin Bieber -- -- and this video I want people to take a quick look. And Maine and let it only. -- -- -- Larry -- -- so I think that's enough for people. To see of that video. People can come to be overcome a lot of -- these days New York -- is what do you think of that when you see Justin Bieber. Doing something. -- -- Had not grown fully yet and you know -- -- talked about 67. Years ago. To being thirteen fourteen when -- was a deputy -- I'm I'm sure we are done some things -- some things that we might as we've become adults and so I think that he needs to reflect. When everything he's done and to make a choice to make better decisions and say that things -- thing about being a celebrity. Your points when he plowed today seventy especially. If you. You can't do anything without it and and again let's pray for him pray for his -- success -- for him to grow in. Be contributing. I think that this -- because I think he's done a lot of great things intact a lot of great heights. And and we we Obama team. Kevin as somebody who. Has been so successful in your own right and has created success for so many other people who what's your number one piece of advice to someone who says. I wanna be in the spotlight -- wanna be Mariah Carey said there -- BJP Sunday how to they do it. I think you gotta find your passion no matter if it's being the Huntsman to a -- -- into canoeing -- company will be an employee. Find that they meet -- she tingle in the morning that thing you wake up. No matter how tied -- You wake up and you do it because you love doing it you know whether it's that journalists host what Plummer. Whatever makes you have we find that passion I think you have success because true success has taken responsibility to be happy with himself. And that's what I tell any any person in young cut out for a person who trying to hasn't changed in life when it may have to jobs in wouldn't go do something that's fine that -- And what's the goal with exactly what if you've been having your way you and it would look anyway in the future -- -- -- -- But again two days of the team to have line extensions of brands for great tasting -- burns. And the second thing create a virtual network -- Any brand you -- now Mariah Carey has a new virtual network -- 4040 had a new virtual network to discontinue two of its -- to point. It's really great stuff -- miles thank you so much thank you priest called go inside available Walgreens and -- reading you download the -- in the apps store -- 4040 modified utility. -- thank you -- all right appreciate -- agreement --

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{"id":24074062,"title":"Kevin Liles Reacts to Bieber's Racist Remarks and Tracy Morgan's Crash","duration":"7:34","description":"Go N' Syde Kevin Liles interview with Rebecca Jarvis as he talks new beverage launch, Bieber, sharing sugar with good friend and neighbor Tracy Morgan","url":"/Business/video/kevin-liles-reacts-biebers-racist-remarks-tracy-morgans-24074062","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}