Powerball Winner One of the Largest in Lottery's History

The single winning lottery ticket sold in South Carolina is worth an estimated $400 million.
14:03 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Powerball Winner One of the Largest in Lottery's History
This is a special report from ABC news. Lover and I'm tired Hernandez in New York with -- ABC news digital special report 400 million dollar jackpot winner or winners have not yet stepped forward but right now. Executive director of the South Carolina education lottery Paula harper back today. He's given up press conference about the jackpot let's listen. So we want down to mom have the right to comment after they have had. What they need to make sure that this is a good situation and beyond. I'm Paula -- of the day I'm the executive director of the South Carolina education. Lottery can I have a lot of team here with me today. I can't tell you how happy and proud we are. But -- -- -- proud today we're proud or. Our retailers and this retailer in particular. It's very interesting that in August of 2000 and not the last time that south cal -- -- -- powerball winner. It was also sell at a market USA location. Overall -- scary -- between Milan and -- And here we have another one. So it asked that this morning when I was talking to somebody this isn't our people all this is the -- And I'm sure America is very proud of that. Standing with me today are and the -- -- answer Steve Whitmore. -- the district manager Jason Hill. And the regional manager can't -- today and I'm don't let him speak -- moments come we will spell out names or you at the end of them. Of the conference but. Asked simply want to say that several people have asked me already do you think gets us now apparently Ian. And T that -- say we love I guess in South Carolina we left the people who do. Who traveled through South Carolina went that there is traveling through whether they're staying a while but we really hope this when his home -- Com or lots of reasons. It's just a wonderful. Shot in the arm or our state and to have all of you -- -- -- that you can see the warm hospitality and and -- -- we are in who we are and who we want to be. The lottery is about that who we want to be in the future it is about underpinning an intriguing education. Their -- -- Making -- brighter and better and therefore making South Carolina or economically. -- on sound and successful. And making sure that any of our brightest and yes -- stay right here with us. This is really an exciting day I think we're all probably moving -- adrenaline I'm sure all of you liked it some of you go to they -- because meaning you. Starting your trip here about 1 AM this morning. But we're glad you're in South Carolina I'm gonna let us not give me today -- -- -- about mark the end and we'd be delighted to answer any questions that you might hand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And just on behalf of the over 6000 employees that we have here Murphy yes -- -- like today. Thank you to the South Carolina lottery for all your support. The lottery is a very big part of our business very important part of our business and without great business partners like South Carolina lottery. We would not be able achieve the success we've -- them thank you very much. Thing again. Into the winner of this ticket chooses to take cash pay out it will be about 200 and we need three million dollars. If they decide to take -- a new -- they will get 399. Point four million. It'll be paid over 29 years averaging about thirteen million dollars a year. This ticket was quick pick meaning you from eight at bats. Terminal generated. Hands. As I've said before we have no idea -- pujols this ticket. I'm pretty sure whoever has that has an idea they've got -- -- now with coverings that -- again. But. We would be delighted to answer any other questions you might have in addition to what we've -- Fayette. That ticket was sold yesterday. Yesterday after name. Total ticket. I don't have that now are. I didn't know -- -- -- -- -- still work. 356. Powerball ticket with the. That the winner has a 180 days to come home. And and that is the web they take cash payout -- annuity they have a 180 days. It's possible. -- Not -- idiots so I'm not going answer this question. Number. But that -- If the winner is fun and others saying they have to come back without power play -- -- -- was passing through South Carolina. And and they happen to live -- on Virginia thank got to come. Columbia, South Carolina is playing -- But -- -- -- your life in an attack. We did. Paid taxes here. And you know what I don't know the answer Batman not plotting an expert in answering him -- out we'll get that its report. For. Me. A 180. Day to planes that take. Well it's a 180 -- for whoever has -- taken. But the -- and if they don't live in South Carolina left on the on the plane. -- you go over your personal reaction to my. Old South Carolina you do when money but. I am excited at some interesting because we did a press conference yesterday at 3 o'clock and -- -- Well this is what we won't we don't want old man in South Carolina how we won't be jackpot around. So we got number one totally. It just right. It is just asking you what it feels like to know that somebody. Has been that fortunate that lucky. And -- insists it's wonderful. Home and -- Murphy. And here it is -- in the news oriented now than in any event and here and I mean any minute. I experiences. You're hearing. Excuse me -- look -- how well we have we have lucky lottery winners we also have -- gas. -- -- looking -- drinks lots looking rock climber. The. -- in -- 176 million. Here when that line. Oh yes -- -- -- were always. Hoping that they win we always. And let us I'm not all of you know but -- retailers don't just. Get tickets out is bad they don't -- how they do their business they don't. -- good a lot council. On the and this is a list of missiles she is one -- -- -- that -- that after outlining its -- lottery and mrs. parks don't. And see his. This is excited and I -- Thank you to listen. -- -- -- -- Down on. Have not but how would be very proud knowing how to act and that wonderful gentleman he is that we don't get a call from him. Saying congratulations I think it's wonderful. This is the fourth largest powerball jackpot ever. And obviously is the largest that there -- been won in South Carolina but the fourth largest ever for powerball. And so act act knowing Solomon thing that he would be so pleased that whoever -- He probably has more advice for the winner that I even have because he's been there and experience this and understands. That it's wonderful. But it is life altering -- You think that powerball sold in forty have jurisdiction. And you realize -- in four years South Carolina has had two big jackpot winners. It speaks volumes to our players -- as -- play they'll education lottery in South Carolina and can we end. And -- they days that -- -- the right message -- to be able to carry moment. With the that a single ticket that purchase. Going. On one single point I think I'm not positive about them. It was a great game. -- we may not winner in Hampton South Carolina -- this jackpot is well spent. We really didn't -- -- in South Carolina that's not have not that I know love and -- they can't let that -- the planes that are happening here with you Walt but. -- sold at tiger expressed on elm street and South Carolina. I'm sure that they aren't just as thrilled. With that may not -- and we. Are here with them. Now almost well -- me. Here -- Again. It depends on whether the player wants to be again not. But we will once the player has come -- -- we will let you know that player has come home. Anybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The latest Arctic -- and it. Any other questions. Let let me -- -- saying because. Would be remiss not did not. This parson is a very fortunate lucky Carson. But education is South Carolina is a real -- winner today. And that spotted education lot it was established and it makes a huge difference and the state like South Carolina when the bottom line and or education -- can be impacted like something happening today that happened. We thank you for your heart and now we thank you for the support you give us every day you get out -- out and we appreciate that. And we look forward to seeing all of you back in South Carolina when we have -- next big jackpot winner very -- Thank you. Yet. -- -- -- -- PJ UL you've been watching a news conference about the South Carolina jackpot a lot of excited people. Talking about the significance of this jackpot -- kidding. Tests off I'll -- as she is. -- south. Carolina education -- lottery. Director. And they still don't have the winner. Coming forward that person has not come forward yet to claim their 400 million dollar jackpot. But -- they do they actually can remain anonymous according to South Carolina law that person doesn't have to -- go public. They talked a little bit about what that. -- means it is a 223. Million dollar cash payout if they choose to get the money that way or if they choose to spread it out. Over 29 years at thirteen. Million dollars a year. Ticket of course for bought there at Murphy expressed -- highway gas station and by the way the owners. -- gas station are gonna get a little jackpot themselves they get 50000 dollars. Because they sold. The winning ticket there by the way. The winner has a 180 days. To come forward and they have to return to South Carolina to claim the ticket there are some who think maybe the person was from out of state. That gas station apparently close to the airport. But the person would have to return to the state of South Carolina. To claim that take -- the fourth largest jackpot in US history and a single. Biggest winner in South Carolina history who bought that ticket interesting to see who that person or group of people. -- -- but again we may never know because they don't have to publicly. Claims that ticket. You can watching an ABC news digital special report on -- Hernandez in New York thanks for joining us. This has been a special report from me.

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