Spoiler Alert: Airline Chef Showdown: Find Out Who Wins #1 Food In The Sky

Most luxurious airlines in the world, Singapore, Qatar, Emirates compete on Real Biz for "Chef of the Year"
5:34 | 11/12/14

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Transcript for Spoiler Alert: Airline Chef Showdown: Find Out Who Wins #1 Food In The Sky
This is tough. This is very difficult very different I mean there are X highlights delicious. So for me out for parts how I mean lobster and caviar I mean come on yeah. Eat cereal beautiful when you come to expect in first class flawlessly executed. Light delicious. But then you go to cue the chef at emirates with the men say I was so impressed with the variety. That I had. I loved everything I did think that he athlete he targets were a little. A little under season and a little I don't know cold or Delhi but everything else was flawless. Wallace and then my homey comforting dish business class which I thought was really impressive I loved the flavor all delicious. Very difficult decision. Right right thagard I think. I looked at me if I'm arrested Coca love those homey flavors and love that big you know boldness of this. But that combination and especially the spices and again at 30000 feet as you should not tell that gap has to be incredible you know I thought the execution of emirates was. Wallace beautifully done accurately the pacers could have been a little bit more seasoned a little more filling and I think there's a lot yet more. And Elizabeth willing pastry filling was lacking when the Dow yeah there are options there what is now I thought that we find you know you're sitting on an airplane. Ten and sometimes you get one plate of food. And it's one note not that it's not good right it's one thing on an airplane the idea of the you can discover how different things and get excited. That the article bread basket with different threats that had done. Also incredible yeah I also think it's also understands that as an airline and as representing what your culture is bringing that on board yeah. I think is important as well this is the fruit of our people and we're very proud of it. And I like that as well. Tough decision decision but if you had sail your favorite. I think overall I think what the check at hammered just did what is the most difficult complex offered a lot of variety. Was treated to the culture so I think I would give it to him shepherd but at outlets spotted them and you. You know what I'm gonna have to go to hometown boy I thought they do it reflects the the elegance. Sophistication. And what you'd expect really from an airline like Singapore. I like that I like Alfredsson chefs are telling us. Well I love you conference yeah that's great athlete and Chevron. Yeah I almost like personally I was gonna go to Kutcher Airways did. But we have fun we have to crown somebody can we have to press somebody so for let's let's let's put. All of that aside for now and say if you are a passenger flying first class anywhere in the world. What is the number one thing that you expect who deliver something. Well I'll just say that if I were to fly first class what I would eat. Is shepherd college did you sense the line want. Yeah that's when I really want after the one I go back to you I loved the writing him billion dollars beautiful and rich is the vote beautiful but I just think that. Obama and first class something you know I patterned on Harry I'm having crude. I want lobster caviar that's just in. Say okay. I'm on the right that's how I would eye disease it's it's high fat and I have to reflect on what I would want of the three dishes and I think that all three were exceptional I would ask that the locked connection. I had a choice aren't actually bringing back. I think you should bring about. I don't know that we loved all of that as little chemistry out of me Greg gets its it's. This is tubs and it is a very slick as me no matter what you know you're pretty good you know all of these places and rain let's bring them back how Leno well the vision for me different and housing unit merely want to thank our. I guess Jeff judges wanted to give you some great feedback. Yet none of us. Didn't agree we all agree that it was but it's very difficult decision because everything was exceptional one of my favorites what's your -- today because of that variety of freshness. Your commitment your culture here and the homemade breads were so impressed that was one of my favorites yeah thank you. Chip and mark I have to say this I'd love big bold resting flavors as my style. I'm loving that can be fair and even business class for every book anybody that he murdered his incredible players that was what electorate usually. When you put us all in a very tough spot here. And ultimately there can only be one winner of let's be. Real bad. Top it definitely my around the world of global airline different challenge pretty big deal. And it's huge valley. It's an honor especially in this company the right sort of solution ovarian Paul Rodriguez reacts. We're all amazing I was really tough position. You know is going to be saying hearted thank you. And by the way to anyone out there who's gonna try to recreate the extension good luck vs Obama yeah. For the recipe of it chef or Kelley created for us today will be featured on abcnews.com. Plus. Well you can feel really good knowing that you've just won the real this challenge and both of you as well emirates and Qatar Airways can feel so good being here because we were blown away by all of your food today thank you thank you. And people go we wanna hear from you which dish looked to the best to you like us tweet as that Rebecca Jarvis and comment below and from our studios in New York City I'm Rebecca Jarvis have a great day.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Most luxurious airlines in the world, Singapore, Qatar, Emirates compete on Real Biz for \"Chef of the Year\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"26858633","title":"Spoiler Alert: Airline Chef Showdown: Find Out Who Wins #1 Food In The Sky","url":"/Business/video/spoiler-alert-airline-chef-showdown-find-wins-food-26858633"}