'True Blood' Star on What to Expect in Upcoming Season

Alexander Skarsgard talks to Peter Travers about season six of the hit HBO show.
8:19 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for 'True Blood' Star on What to Expect in Upcoming Season
Guys and cyber crime tracking them. They can't do anything without concrete proof. Concrete plans to close just sit here and watch. -- -- -- We -- the want to know I was I was strangled. That's not what I'm saying for you to do. You're actually. Speak. More American denied. So -- is -- -- how can he do these acts when does that -- You go to school. For did you always on grow up speaking to know I you. -- Spokes we region only my parents but then. When I was thirteen -- in Budapest Hungary purse for six months and -- in American school there. And most of the teachers were from Canada or in the state zone that change my accident. And then. It was also when -- decided to when I was in my twenties started working in a deal in place and stuff in Sweden. And then I was on vacation in the states Spain. My dad was my -- was working out here and we went out to visit his managers settled like you're in Hollywood an outage like absolutely. -- -- and you know American additions would that be fun. And it sure and so I went and auditioned for this musical Zoolander. And a classic. I'm sorry. -- and you don't be sorry I think it's -- -- that's that was my first audition and and -- I didn't know you know. Brandon and then -- then come back and instantly was in the room and I'll read two weeks later we were paired patent. Shooting. In terms of like the -- I think that was. My father's doing all right Newton but he he does have an accident. And he was he did a movie called breaking the waves and and that. Kind of that -- got -- attention to filmmakers and the state like. -- we really want this guy. So he sometimes the little rewrite it if it's someone is born rates in the states like will we really -- -- what he's from south Stockholm he -- -- out what -- some marquee. Who who -- that's. -- -- which you get to work with Larson on Trier -- dad did on breaking the way right at that have -- out. When large call eighties say yes without reading our nose like what you wanted -- -- it wouldn't matter big red colored anyway will have enough. Now is just one of those guys would you like them on but why did you sound like. When you were first speaking English what did it -- with what did you sound like as a Swedish guy and learning. English well it's just the cadence is different the knowledge more like you speak like this and you come up and down and the -- -- live that long to answer them select that. -- -- exaggerating but it's it's a little bit like that that's her her the cadences there's none of that in Vegas they character that you play there's let us. I didn't I think there's maybe -- well the thing is no let. My point is when I came out -- the states after. Zoolander when -- came out in 04. I knew that. It by saying. Look quite Swedish and by looked like this and -- I have a Swedish -- I'm gonna limit myself I'm not gonna get. To play Brad Colbert and US marine -- Richard -- not gonna get to play Derrick Coleman disconnect. I'm gonna play. You know I get to do IKEA commercials and -- you might. Have still been able to play -- north them and true but. Now how -- true but how does doing this huge success and second only to The Sopranos on HBO in terms of popularity. Doing change your life. I mean. Knight and day I. I was -- famous in Sweden before that but that's like you know being famous in Nebraska it's it's it's not. That he can't compare that to. This it's just insane I remember the first comic -- went after he -- And I. I was in Sweden for a week after we wrapped season to -- -- flew out from Sweden to comic con game. In -- -- said being famous in Sweden it's it's such a small market and its sole private in a way you don't really. It's not like crowd of thousands of people of crowds -- and but -- -- in San Diego for comic con and just like. This pollution of people of hands and my teacher -- teachers would like. He was -- On. And it's still insane I mean still it's difficult to use of that. Yet because -- -- is -- -- in a worry hopefully that keeps me grounded. The day walk out and elect in up bring at the San normal like I don't and the net -- -- season eight when -- that I hated that will then it's time to quit -- then go back to. The woods and Jordan Sweden it's like. And Alexander -- guard festival the next few months to me it's we start with disconnect. Then we have what -- he knew which I think is another really solid movie. Where you get to play scenes with an eight year old girl there's a tenderness. Happening won't know it's and it. No she was just completely different than anything that you during the east where -- eco terrorism happens and then on June 16. Is. Season six -- -- now and at the end of season. When bill becomes. Bill -- and he's possessed the I am I just. I know too much I believe that -- I know about vampires is all real and true which is disturbing for me. But he is and you -- I think -- last -- just a game. -- -- So why I'm asking to do here is to tell us everything that happens. And -- run for ten episodes and -- that's it it's all run. Yeah there's nothing and everything cliff hangers me I'm not believing you scream not run manager -- -- A great season with a real quick yet -- is running different out -- If -- -- does running its you can enjoy it the -- well on this show we end all interviews and -- Odds are in song we just we seeing a little bit of something. And yeah I can see your face doing that but we get and Bateman your costar he's very good about it but he's never sung anything in Swedish. And in fact no one on Russia has ever even given me a snippet of anything it's. Run so that's what I'm important to of and I join in. But I don't know -- sweeps -- Okay and visits than my favorite song. It's Swedish despite countdown. Coastal -- And he goes a little like gun. Something like. -- -- -- -- -- -- Solar -- -- full use -- -- doll body he -- -- then anti gay comments. -- de Soto Lang had full use that out then -- And -- That's an -- -- quite a hook to -- look at you. You ever tried recording it it's ice I -- -- -- song they played before every. I supported kinkle Hummer obvious in football or -- soccer team and it's -- -- them so before every game. In south Stockholm and our old stadium they play that song and all the fans stand up this thing that. I feel like I want to learn an -- -- -- why south south south stockpiling going -- -- green and white scarf and we'll go all tickets a game and we'll sing that again thank you for that that's it that's going to it's gonna change my life and the battle it will fedex's. Thank you so. Great.

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{"id":18999012,"title":"'True Blood' Star on What to Expect in Upcoming Season","duration":"8:19","description":"Alexander Skarsgard talks to Peter Travers about season six of the hit HBO show.","url":"/Entertainment/video/alexander-skarsgard-interview-true-blood-star-expect-season-18999012","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}