Bachelor Forecast

Melissa Griffin, Brad Mielke and Will Ganss of ABC News recap the latest episode of 'The Bachelor' and look forward to the girls that could make Nick Viall's Final Four.
14:25 | 01/10/17

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It adds an ancient I now it is passer or cat meat they. Ends and Ratner and very excited. Your recap last high drama happens. Eight is. Out now urologist. Forecasters. We're past that actually sell at any acts and asked after racking it right where I outlasting app so that. Quest here he. We all. And I at all to you like big via all I am all yeah. It. Controversial is the word to use when talking about is one of the most controversial acts out bachelor history it's very exciting times chart. Is he had. Runner up on the bachelorette not once but twice and he's not. They don't want to. To say about bachelor Paris it really was this very traumatic experience that he's talking very uses. It's always believe it is proceeded by us right now hostile paradise. Parent has when he last start to like people didn't like him start. Well any personal he was certainly it's a lot more bachelor and asked to help pay. A spirited yet. Heated that the air here working better hair looks better I think just overall. Look better. On TV and well. And for once he wasn't that bad because it acts. Paris may make us as the bad guy and Nicklas like the victim. So you're right I think it's when a lot of started. The and then it's it's I don't. August not chat. Let me it's better every shadow on the okay pattern is there somewhere on the week to you and I'll talk about last night's very exciting. Barry at app is starting with the Earth Day. Her. Biggest up late last night at her ringing she does. A drunk. Let's. Sober at any point sang. It's. Easier cheaper and sometimes when she was having thoughts and other times in which could start to make that rats Nightline for for its it tells you. Not all air top I. Mean it. Was indyk. Team theory public. Isn't giving her rose because he's into it or isn't doing it because he's trying to reduce the girls a little more than eight. The most experienced contestant the show so maybe. Blending. You're right he's very experienced I think he knows New England makes for TV view. So yeah I mean like he's got its free V. Korean and he dangling in front all the other girls and it's were ice and I. Are already starting. I plus I mean she hit I think the words when he seventeen might be interrupted. Thanks to curry in. Gauge how well our juries. I interrupted. Its. As it has its own children yeah exactly. If I buy. An EI actually. Oh. 08. Now. Meet. The poll. Question all the other girls. Are saying yes I. There. I. Eight. History which is why. It's. Oh. I have heard by topple I consider. I and that every time I see her interact with him I think I icon ever clay don't think maybe that was a poor choice holidays. He seems like he wants somebody who's a little grass has got some spark and I just don't always see the spark but. Do I think she's coolest person you I think he's Nicholas when. It highlights that there double from Wisconsin last year's Packers had yet. It'll have a lot of. Let's face it. But short history and a little dark believed that thing that blows my mind is that he's giving a rose to. You know Korean and like he had such good chemistry with Caitlin who are both light personalities per share. And then we got acting who's like just as you are saying right. Anti anti anti hate anger and all three very strong current right IC did for earth and write but also very strong personality. And I like Kenya and doesn't have a strong and she's the little more time that that's ago. When it was re interrupting and re interrupting again the fact that bill that has continued to inter I don't want. Threw down at all right I think that even. Nicholas. Again as part of the reason why he's like let's. Rank and inspire a little bit of losing period until it causes a meltdown some apartments which keep it act. He is my eyes because they are. Acting as its current rent. I want more because he is it different eyes and and what ever again. The creek mine. As well some bids to. It. Strong. And we look at a guy. And other finance she started again the account claws and strong yeah. He's yeah I think Stuart. Cutbacks yeah. This acts. I. Last week's episode like Hitler that's. Yet. I'm. It might not I want it her all them. Eat at last week I really want you know that she's one you know one. Top one designed exactly what she's far. Comets I really want it pageant are so I think you can. Sell she of course obviously in my top four rate now I have ever. Me it might ask Nancy in my answer bracket I read it in my ass and act or. Great as a top we're too I think I think nick likes any. And uncomplicated enthusiast right again Rick and brings them. Roberta Wright. And she she like when she was sitting on the couch and last night late date Derry real conversation and it was like right refreshing because so many the other girls like only. You know got to deal is like. Sit there for a second before current outlook is good yeah. I don't know I am not thinking on it and a action he. Or. People like Rachael Ray only here. He's super. Girl he likes. That the person presents. It's been making them. Angels. Solid solid net cash. On hand and utter one more purple rack. There. Are at least. That's at. It shouldn't multiple times now. Get are all its players it is race. A share. Well. Like. Tax. A list of products are it will specifically let's start repeating. Distorted that I Connie obviously don't think. Don't know is that. He. Yeah its acts. I just. Charts last. And CE. Constant war. You guys are. Moderate and middle Atlantic. Well because it is. Racket out. That's. So exciting. He's a drink watch the CC its growth we can tell it to drink. You can tell really. Relax. She. The there. Us. Paradoxically. And there isn't it sweet like notes that man current 24. People it's cute and anti militant thinking. That is all which is nice to see something that ham and it was kind of stint in prison and. At least eight and went on and that an agency Othman easel and that means the power in the Arab. I that may ain't. But there isn't there would be. It's part op with the no 88. For air copyright. Thursday. Terrorist acts and are now acting. Ha. Mind you. Well and activating its heat you know how his chest. She brought. All that rape I was born and I constant. Angel who's keeping as you can keep it can't quite. For a while you're really hanging in. TT and eight looks. And high heat and why it's a she's got this that says you can tell alike. Is it. And did you know you all right. And everything it's completely. XIX. On an error that she does not act together it was not there right res and Kelly just literally. That's not their queries as an. Letter and a I need it was I was like it was completely Exxon that he had a little dressing like manipulating its already telling girls and you know I think she just was trying to use Apple's situation that they knew each other big. Nine months ago they actually not months and she is that just trying to situation changed his. Space when she got her pick Rick but it was a break even rate news but. Still speaking my truth. This is so most. It's like. Right away that is slate actually. Sound era it. I. Mean it was first Baltic port. She's there reading. And like all the other girls relate. Real acts stories like it obviously mom that before. And Merrill street pay yet it is and Daniel. And not debt amounts right but Chris. That's crest and it was. No. All. This and they all our arts notional value look this. But that's why are currently are no neighborhoods day yes I quickly and yet that I think she doesn't go home are easy is it. That is exactly editor the hotline line. And anything that I think we can take out package are asking anyone else and it isn't news that patsy pat. Well here's. This isn't your Toffler. Brat but I think Alexis. How are you might I she's my favorites my spirit animal because it's too spears animals for the price once you get it off and and it's our. But. I'm worried that. Burger nick it's just like this is my frankly she's hilariously. Out together but did you see during the credits yesterday she brought up cupcakes for the one year. Her job yes truly best hope Larry I don't know much. It's not like materials. Like Al Al. Beardsley. Exactly sell to see how far Lexus at one with one here call problem our. We also approach well after lap after I think this we saw all the all the we'll break down her neck. Are any of that doesn't go home because that's because that situation and it looked at the end yes she was like equal here. Why are you here so I think that Adam. Very quiet last year to. There either light are here to master out that's related questions completely finds the answer that next week and don't forget that right here about simpler past. Next day baton.

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{"duration":"14:25","description":"Melissa Griffin, Brad Mielke and Will Ganss of ABC News recap the latest episode of 'The Bachelor' and look forward to the girls that could make Nick Viall's Final Four. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44690624","title":"Bachelor Forecast","url":"/Entertainment/video/bachelor-forecast-44690624"}