Barbara Walters reflects on decades of journalism

Walters takes a look back at the stamina required to keep her career going strong.
3:29 | 02/17/20

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Transcript for Barbara Walters reflects on decades of journalism
And time now I don't rushed during lunch well it is still fired upon demand the mom in what is. Under there wouldn't let Canada from I was looking for a waste basket that's actually the person. And I'm getting your spouse get. Diane I feel I and that I been assigned a role what Barbara wants my command a this salute and had not. As we check down in the right dressing room with the flowers on the wall you can hear the noise outside people pacing the clock is ticking down that the show. But I older a lot of women and wanted me to ask at the end of the today what issue really think kept her going the stamina the moxie. It's not if I'm not sure whether its ambition. Born. Curiosity. I just love what I have. What it here. This is a year. This is something less than but. I can do. What is going to be what let's she went to come to do when I don't have to want question. I have to hit you ask him. And thinking thinking why did she end the question. This is. What. Actually. Do. You don't. You know conditions. Can give me advice about what he would do his schedule because what do you know about the good news. And it. He's just. An. Here I hear that. But isn't it. Unless Chris. I think you're. Wouldn't it would this this. They wouldn't pass. My father we saw this. My father. Who had been any success. If you lose so much. You wanted. She's. I don't think. It's it's. Written McDonnell. Capital group. And I just have to say and you can't help that's. Part of my conscience and seemed. It didn't even happened yet. With affection. And admiration. So let's see what from the other side could. We hand. It's living you do or a new life. And all I have Lou. Lose little looney and Daria. That's the man. Who. Okay.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Walters takes a look back at the stamina required to keep her career going strong.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"69035464","title":"Barbara Walters reflects on decades of journalism","url":"/Entertainment/video/barbara-walters-reflects-decades-journalism-69035464"}