Best of Fashion Week: The Runways, The Celebs and That Elevator Incident

Lucky's Eva Chen breaks down the biggest week in fashion.
8:20 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Best of Fashion Week: The Runways, The Celebs and That Elevator Incident
It was a big week for fashion east as everybody who was anybody in fashion was out about New York City -- an inside look at what's in store for spring 2014. And -- -- fashion's biggest names not only attended every show -- captured her favorite looks herself -- -- Graham and if you missed that the word issues here to tell us. All of the details -- she caught professionally -- -- Editor in chief of Lucky Magazine is joining us now thanks for being with us today thanks for having a busy week for you. It's a rough life francoeur -- -- tie -- to the shows the matter is though he is worse because you have to really know what's happening. Yes it's definitely work anemic it's it's a lot of hustle and bustle of getting from one -- the next. But it's amazing what a great opportunity to see all the trends in one week for spring summer of next season and -- -- I want to talk by the fact that you have such a huge presence on social media and it's gonna go over -- -- -- going to be embarrassed by the 75000 followers and mr. Ramsey -- 75000 plus I just started okay 54000 followers on Twitter. -- got a pretty good army of people that are following everything that you're saying and -- now so what we're the big hits this week professionally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And there's so many highlights of the week you know -- -- plan was futuristic and amazing and beautiful. Tommy Hilfiger was forty cool classic -- classic American bred Tory -- which I loved which is kind of sixties and beautiful and feminine. An opening ceremony which is the friend that all the young kids in New York City -- -- first ever runway show and it was like a major moment they have these cars race and those -- -- it was definitely a fashion moments. I was lucky enough to get every -- out from house looking have to be allowed into the Mike records show last year and a -- me as an outsider you never know exactly what to expect what you finally get in there. And you see your boss -- -- win Anna wintour sit down and you see all of these other iconic names in the fashion industry sit down. And hip hopper here -- that the media snapping their shots then let's come down my music comes up is intense. It's as I think and -- and drama filled a second primary performance -- your -- and he's an Oscar as it's literally right. For a bit surreal but it really that's when -- -- it's a performance and it's a designer. They -- making his or her statement to a world -- this is what I'm doing for the next six months this is what the season means to me since -- -- moment. So those -- the big shows that you -- what about the big looks that you left that came out -- -- -- -- thread or theme that you can draw I would say one thing that's very common for New York Fashion Week is -- the first sponsoring wearable. New York is about like what real women were -- what we'll real women and America will be gravitating towards two. Next spring summer and we saw a lot of sporting motifs I kind of like. Almost like basketball jerseys with a lot of new address for better for worse so ladies need to start doing their crunches I think right now -- get those air -- exactly airbrushed -- -- are actually you know. Lot of skirts with swept up the side which is kind of surprising you know it's kind of -- ninety's so -- that came back. And overall that was a big -- -- the ninety's it's like that's coming back. No it was specific desires and then we're hitting only on those points lead. Yeah that while I would say I'm Tory Burch is the queen of -- like. You know understated cool classic American cool but she also kind of had a beautiful sixties movement -- while. I thought Philip -- -- and you leave -- and beautiful futuristic slant. I'm like -- sorry to note though you go away -- you have information and Michael -- as you mentioned I mean he's the king of kind of like all Americans forty cool. So -- kind of like made everything very luxurious it was kind of like very wearable and it I think every single piece that walked on the -- course runway -- be like instantly snapped up. That's very important and Phillip Lim is certain to work with target as well obviously it's not mean. -- we look at these shows and we kind of have -- aspiration that maybe someday we might be able to get that but he's really one of those is on its been able to kind of retail price -- yeah -- Resting place and in his collection hits stores very shortly. And it's funny at a party and you're sitting there to celebrate its target collaboration and I got there half an hour late. And all the racks were gone millionaires and one T shirt hanging on Iraq and -- site. I think it's going to be a cyclical -- like everything's on an instant. Yes I think he's -- admitted that you arrived half an hour later I mean isn't that going into the conundrum of being fashionably late. Well you don't happen it was like a three hour parties -- it started at like eight contaminant got there at 838 are you serious everything -- -- the casino -- people -- Phillips when his clothes are amazing. His price price point you know is a bit higher -- so you know to be of the -- that target and quality is great but the -- -- I was really excited at least to Stephen to get a sneak peek at best moment of fashion apparel costs so many and there are tons of celebrities -- -- really good for people watching and make opening ceremony -- showing mention right definitely like. The big theatrical moment when obvious models Kane and he's. Ferrari needs and you know dodge chargers and this was very fast. That's factored in -- front -- then in these cars in the models stepped out of the car is and it is very -- dark and ominous and amazing and clothes were so cool all. And it's just a great week overall -- -- -- -- sharing everything from the front row like you know instantaneous and -- hearing people's reactions that's and it's -- important Islam. It's hardly any -- intensity of Justin Bieber here when he -- has not talk about some of the celebrities that get in there he even celebrities and anger kind of taken back a little bit by. By the intensity up. Totally I mean it's. It's kind of funny to see other celebrities who you you know you assumes he kind of like the most amazing situations and -- around the world like ten times over. But to watch -- that fashion shows because let's be real effort -- editors are kind of like watching them as well. You know to -- these celebrities huge names Kanye West Justin Bieber Nicole Kidman but to see how they get swept away in the dramas while it's like really -- to. You need to be on point every single second when -- there a little bit. That's like your job you know -- -- about it that's the beauty of the editing process what is this letter read about this interest -- experience that you had in an elevator. Oh yes I mean it was I think one of the Fashion Week. Moments -- mean there's always drama during Fashion Week whether it's you know arriving -- to shows -- you know. Just kind of a few wardrobe malfunctions perhaps there was a stuck elevator. And half and everyone got out safely and then have jumped out. What you might it wouldn't you might have jointly. With the picture that you're stuck in the elevator you simply can't get out. We were it was a little bit elevator thing you know six feet below where it shouldn't -- Anaheim and in a few competitors managed to like mountain goats -- And this -- our -- but that. So it's working -- when -- -- -- -- an emergency mine my six and -- slated to wanted. For an hour down in the pilot so basically you were leading the charge outside to freedom the charge was very it and -- -- -- -- people behind me which I was shocked by his. I mean it took I think 45 minutes to an hour for people to get out ultimately in -- that was that an engine -- -- Yeah yes of sixty below the New York City side and all worked out night what I think that it could very good. Here that all ended well so all right so from New York now what is the next in the -- All right so I had to London next and then some line and then to Paris and usually by Paris. You know senators are a little bit fatigued and I think wardrobe and fashion and stakes are a little bit lower as people are just tired. So designers are -- something different region -- shows exactly every season is a little bit different and every city is little bit different you know so. You know London is all about Iran's youth culture it's kind of like a little bit more punk. It's joyful that -- common -- in cool -- is always very sexy very sophisticated thing touching upon. You know and and Paris just pure sheer fantasy -- -- now Valentino immune you know so -- and it's interesting every city is so different. -- a -- about New York Fashion Week as you know native new Yorker. I just love how wearable clothes aren't site is close that you're actually going to be able to like look at and I think you'll be inspired by -- -- -- -- -- -- gorloks. Or it's just closet you'll be like okay I can Wear this like I'm a real woman and I can merit or climb out of an elevator or -- out of an Allen -- her. But when you take your heels -- a few minutes and editor in chief of Lucky Magazine thank you so much for stopping -- -- -- --

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