Discover New Music: Bronze Radio Return

Connecticut rock group talks about recording their latest album "Up, On & Over."
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Discover New Music: Bronze Radio Return
-- -- -- -- -- And -- men's bronze radio return we are based in Hartford Connecticut. Most of us met -- -- school of music and started playing -- briefly after school. -- -- -- -- -- We all -- have. Very different backgrounds. He wasn't a lot of you know blues music jazz music Saddam truly rotten apple -- this influence -- well out of a city jazz at school so we kind of have that comment. -- that way we listen to a lot of anything like that said from modern indie rock to jazz and blues and kind of find racing season into the music and. When -- that we've had for all of our records is. -- -- -- Remove ourselves from our everyday lives and go to a remote location where we don't have to. You know deal with just our normal surroundings -- we can't get out of that element play hopefully get more creative and more focused on the album. -- -- this new album major. -- -- on -- farm literally on like a remote farmers would roll out of bed and start working on on the music in every day and been so. -- -- -- -- And I M. -- -- That was Russ. Part of -- -- team. He was really nice and came up from the DC area. And work with us for two days he's pretty -- a list -- Brodeur. -- below those 66 here. They weren't it was really cold I watched him do -- -- -- -- -- would just nailing double comes in back when usually he's really. I was getting tired watching. What's exciting about that is that seems to be kind of -- up and company new extreme sport so it's cool that kind of here and -- that we had no idea that after world exists and it's exciting to -- The associated -- -- Been lucky so far with the song further on its PGA tour commercial. So it's you know Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Commercial political -- you know whenever golf -- and on and because of that it's really help us get that song out there and -- -- -- -- -- once we want -- -- importantly importantly exactly when it's going to be in. And when you do see it it's a very very cool and calm winds. I think one of -- earlier placements who has the song shake shake shake him on the news on American Idol. -- -- -- saw it. For the first time or when I saw when it aired had actually watched it room where I started writing -- -- it was kind of cool to see that happen full cycle. Sitting in this chair working on it. Man sitting in the same chair watching it. Things in -- placements are great opportunity for our younger and I guess just he exposed a larger market people think there's a lot of people that. Think opportunities -- to come to you. More than you have to seek them out on -- It's really about the persistence. -- trees surround yourself with the right people that share the same goal and nobody has. -- the expectations that are unrealistic you know every everything that's happened for us this happen very slowly but steadily. And I think that's the best way to. You know have a band that could be like more of a career than just happens overnight success first and foremost is the craft creative product in the I think and then a second place should be. Being in tune to what's happening easy street -- certain things work. And it's keeping broad mind. Again this music is number. But also knowing where had -- music and surround yourself with.

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{"id":21166510,"title":"Discover New Music: Bronze Radio Return","duration":"3:00","description":"Connecticut rock group talks about recording their latest album \"Up, On & Over.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/bronze-radio-return-interview-band-discusses-album-21166510","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}