Bruce Willis Opposes Obama's Gun Control Proposals

Action film star believes new laws could infringe on Second Amendment rights.
1:38 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Bruce Willis Opposes Obama's Gun Control Proposals
That you can start to pick apart any of anything under the bill of rights without thinking that it's all gonna become and it if you take one round or change when Marlon why when they take or your rights away from. But I know what happens when when -- people pick up weapons and commit mass murder. That's a very different thing than. A piece of entertainment that is more like a roller coaster ride reader to experience the thrills and chills almost -- -- crash. Or almost going to -- with a car are almost flying off the rails. When we're not making movies about. Too difficult thing and I really feel whom bad for those families I'm a father and this is just -- tragedy. I don't you legislate. -- And when you do the real life topic. Really. It's. Diminished. By suggesting that anything Hollywood. Because. The circumstances it's just happened recently -- -- happen anytime somebody goes a little off arouse or allowed off the rails. That is a totally different story when American movies about people -- have gone preserve. Or gun nuts those kind of movies wouldn't when last very long at all I've answered this question from time to time but I don't think the one fairness to than anything. -- the other known commits a crime because they -- film. And there's news nothing to support.

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{"id":18422539,"title":"Bruce Willis Opposes Obama's Gun Control Proposals","duration":"1:38","description":"Action film star believes new laws could infringe on Second Amendment rights.","url":"/Entertainment/video/bruce-willis-opposes-obamas-gun-control-proposals-18422539","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}