Casey Kasem's Kids Demand to See Ailing Dad

Family and friends say the 81-year-old disc jockey's wife is not allowing visitors.
1:42 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Casey Kasem's Kids Demand to See Ailing Dad
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- one of Casey case and three children from his first marriage is not going away. She wants to see her ailing father -- she's not alone since Jason's wife is not responding to their request and they say they don't know why. Kerry and several friends of 81 year old Casey case them protested outside the home of the much loved radio star. They also shot their own footage to get the word out. He can't really speak. But he knows -- there and down last -- some he could shuffle a little bit had a hard very hard time walking I don't. Probably can't walk anymore. And used is deteriorating. Due to Parkinson's disease. Now wanna see my brother and I can't and -- -- feeling haven't actually advocate. And that's why I'm here. -- children and his Brothers say they don't -- relationship with Casey's wife who played -- Torricelli NTV's cheers and on her own spin -- series. Casey's longtime friends are also concerned with what's become a mysterious situation. One of their protest signs reads Casey we are your voice now he we fear that. He's been isolated and neglected. And down. So that's -- we stand -- attack far as I know nobody's been able to be in touch with him since April of this year. He and I went to school together we were actors on the Lone Ranger on the radio to get her both Kerry Cason and her uncle say this is not about money. They don't want us seem go and not say goodbye and now eleven and not. Supported and you know we don't know how long he has.

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{"id":20449351,"title":"Casey Kasem's Kids Demand to See Ailing Dad","duration":"1:42","description":"Family and friends say the 81-year-old disc jockey's wife is not allowing visitors.","url":"/Entertainment/video/casey-kasems-kids-demand-ailing-dad-20449351","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}