Christine Baranski knows 'the secret to a good slap'

Baranski appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about her new series, 'The Good Fight.'
14:36 | 03/15/17

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Transcript for Christine Baranski knows 'the secret to a good slap'
Here is something. Sure go ahead. And human rights heightens home. We earned a necessary race. People thought with all my heart we're guilty tend to be innocent. People I thought where saint. AM they weren't. That's when you don't go on instinct. You wait you listen. And watch. Eventually everyone reveals himself. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn we we tell you what it's pop and in the culture and I couldn't be happier as a major good life span. To see it continue as a good fight and to bring Christine Baranski back. As I am but to me and boy gushing up I don't care I have a note Jay. I'll take it anyway I'm so thrilled to have. I'm delighted to see him and I handing me toward Diane and likened you know she's got to face the fact that she's lost all her money in a Ponzi scheme. The house and provides that killed anywhere KeyArena that's gone. And the major. Hillary Clinton advocate has the face the presidency of Donald jump out. With the king's thinking when they decided to punish it. With so many things. Well I think it's called TV drama takes and it's not as dramatically compelling to see her happily subpoenas say I'm terrorists in the south of France that would go for maybe ten minutes but I don't know and the audience they Rowland something good happens. We have she's watching the inauguration Donald Trump. Turns the TV off in. Extreme dismay. Next time you see here's he's. South of France which by the way was filmed in Long Island in the cold January rather sing like that Chris tenure in this this with a scalding packaging. Hats and then yes you see her after the south of France and her dream house he announces her retirement and I'm not a haired guy is that Nadal and there was a line that says there are no more blood. Glass ceilings to break but. That was on the assumption that Hillary was then president and so they have to be right now. But yes and then she just has to finish of one police brutality case I mean she's in this deposition when she gets an emergency call from her. Accountant and he says. Turn on your TV. He just lost on your money in a Ponzi scheme and it happens to be a family friend close family friend who is this Madoff character. So Diane loses. All of her life things known worth house and friends. And it and she also loses a reputation and stature known we'll hire her. Because of her association with the Stanley they think that she's in. Well anyone can remember with the Madoff some in the family suffered terribly there anyone associated so. The it comes says you have to go back to work. Imus is exactly what happened in the good life. Which was the leading lady suffered a spectacular. Misfortune whether husband's infidelity and she had to go. Find a job and go back to work and that's what Diane has to do in her sixties that retirement age she has to go back to work. So it's pretty dramatic it happens 13 of the way through this violence that. You know she just suffers a spectacular fall and I like to think what's so interesting. Because we knew we had a woman at the top of her game and she almost reached the presidency right. Well. We know how that worked. We do to me please see a woman who. Whose foundations. You know crumbled underneath there and it's like how do you take the next step when when you have lost and the thing. This is. A whole different thing that's happening with CBS. Business it is it's a streaming service that liberate us from netbook constraints. And I don't just mean being able to swear I mean. Reflecting life more as as it is how people tonk. How people behave when they're alone in rooms or alone together in rooms. It does and of the neck nothing's changed here. 42 minutes that's that's a tough mistress to serve. A network show. 42 minutes and twenty commercial breaks and 22. At this. I'm only a few episodes away from finishing and I the choice between doing a play this summer or taking a course at Oxford on Oscar Wilde so. Well the difference between my new life because before. It left go back to work buying mid July. He hadn't I didn't at a time or body else is thinking this summer's mind. Do you guys have got to begin in you right back in Brooklyn shooting but you did of course you know we all remembered the last shell where you just slap the ever let me ask questions. Out of forgery and it was just one of those slaps it was. It had to be real and it was so really how many takes some. There were there weren't many takes. And she really wanted to be slapped and she needed to be slapped because the flat. Had to. You know it was. They had to be the stunning moment that it was because the camera immediately after that flat and it up to her face. When the series ended on. Her reaction to the flat so this stunt coordinator said no and camp known and countdown. Actually slapped her. You have to fake it because the insurance purposes the minute by really walloped her. Breaker John they're day ago and Julianna says now she's got to slap me because as an actress thing I need that nice and well. Fortunately and the trains stage actor and I know I've slept people and I have been slapped and I knew the secret to was good slap is you have to have a relaxed hand. We had personally being slapped him this is the person being slapped him on the flapper and Ugoh. And a lot of the flap you cells see how it's like if I'm rush you guy like that. But also the person being slapped has to react. I'm yes so. You got that. That's said you do need the noise and you need that impact. And she has the face of a and body of a sparrow. So it was a question of landing it right on her cheek no limits. That she and she had to feel it's so a few of the takes two or on the action. Any way we landed a few wonderful flaps but we we managed to to get through it and we were holding hands and we love each other but it was the scene it was harrowing to suit and I was thought the flap was. Meant as a wake up call not some kind of you know. But cut to we finished the episode. Can be consistent night youthful. We end the show. We have the rep piety by everybody's to have Vienna the head of the networks there. Move would be so happy. That was on Friday night on Saturday morning I get a call from the producers saying fifteen. Are you available tomorrow morning we have to be shoot the flat. But in line card is an unflappable. Person or at least. I like image she I liked that about her. I think season one cool cookies and she's educated and she's articulate and she's dealt with so many crises over the course of those seven years and as you can see from the pilot. And major crisis but. She's a woman who maintains her stature even when the chips are policies. Gets her clothes and together and her hair and goes out into the world and has an enormous kind of confidence and aplomb that I Ridley believes there are so many women like that of the world. And we get to see the cycle versions. You know you're only must you see the crazy yeah but and then it seems the old girl one woman gets the more writers seem to feel they have to. Up portray her as mentally unbalanced or unhappy. Some who goes home at night and drinks if she has no life that there was none of the cliches. Apply to die and they didn't write her them and I always thought it was an enormous. Contribution to the concert that. That that the writers presented a woman like that I'd have so many women come up to me think we love your characters. What we love that we can see that kind of gear character we know women like that over. ER like. We are doing a lot in the world thank you very much I think our institutions again. And in universities and governments to Elvis had a Betty and now we've got. Almost always at bats like we could've been living in a world with a first female president easily to win the prop popular vote. She did okay. And we have women senators and we have Elizabeth Warren's there in this did not. Taken me picky and get involved politically with Europe is that the woman's mind Shiller I think you're not be involved in this day and age you had been pretty busy with the show that it's great on the show that the guy you man. Yeah hopefully this is the opposite. With the conservative don't mocked him. Not at all they see these fats was it was so great about the show and will continue to be great about the says it's it's not a liberally biased show yes. I am a liberal my characters liberal feminist Hillary supporter. We weeded lots episodes with conservative characters might favorite episode was with Oliver Platt. Who was. Conservative billionaire who hired me. Two. Be part of an intellect a conservative intellectual think tank on gay marriage. And it loses it was concerning and gays not being able to. Gay marriage and and not being able have a wedding cake made because you know it was that I that religious freedom restoration act situation which was. Mike Pence the Indiana in it was such. An intellectually compelling episode and Ollie played this Oliver Platt played the conservative and we had great debates together. We had good debates about abortion and gay marriage and the writers presented both sides forcefully wasn't like because I was literally just knocked him down knotted. Without easy you have I don't take credit kind of very challenging to write all these characters living in the in the age of child. Are you gonna make down coming come back. I don't know how we would do it confuses the campaign manager but he he's actually filming his own pilot. We have seen its so it's family kind of everywhere. To fill my favorite actors may be stands CBS that we can all like. Because unite to the Big Bang theory also and they they let me do the big thing here is that the thing network's other little looser about. Well OK we'll give you a few days I'll go to fly much because it's the Big Bang theory if there was an NB feast out of the big convention. To people on the street recognize you for that. The most what is it are you Diane Lockhart to them or you and I cannot tell you how often I'm stopped because I'm Leonard's my mother. Smoke and it only done. I think they don't six episodes of that shows maybe seven by now and three of them were sky light because they couldn't make it to LA it. They they if they inspect them about the next week to an of the script episode. I would like Ireland on a visit to Dublin I was stopped by more young people for being Leonard's mother. It's huge in China if I went to Beijing and had been Leonard. It kind of makes that the acts that I've done a lot of work in my career. I know but I'm tired and I am Leonard's mother where it can to me when I first saw used in the real thing OK I tell you what you're on Broadway yet to win the Tony award yet have a thing with arrogant. Elegant role Tom Stoppard Jeremy Irons I think there's this is how island of even this is that I've led it's not your next mother that that's just did forget that. So you're happy. In new life and human that you're doing what you wanna do Walhalla in mind. I mean there are many actions this at this point have a role like this. Not here you're on your own show it shoots in New York I have an offer to do play this summer. And they may not do it by may take of course at Oxford. Book with its milk I don't see the dark side there's no I think no doubt that I really good thing. It that well. This is the first time he'd been much I didn't haven't even begun intentionally what you need it. You can eat a plant now that we're almost except we always end in the little bit so. Yes and you may not want the popcorn I wanted it's not a good thing I mean I'm not convinced you to do. The whole does your mother known number from mom media. But there might peak there might be it's like they bell seeing something you like me. Something that is it time it's time to think it is that's how we and the show than they think if I didn't. Like he would mean about the popcorn yet whenever I do it then who's the voice I don't really after Cameron. Two you can to other dealing you can sing it and I go ahead. Good to was bummed is. Three in the mall in nineteen. Plus velvet sometimes sometimes. Just pretzels and fair. Me. Stuff the daily news in mind Hughes. Strom vehicle and news on them news. Seeing only contained. To hand. Me. Being. One not. Think he sold some hugs bank those legs but he did it.

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{"id":46147540,"title":"Christine Baranski knows 'the secret to a good slap'","duration":"14:36","description":"Baranski appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about her new series, 'The Good Fight.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/christine-baranski-secret-good-slap-shes-afraid-46147540","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}