CMA Awards: Brett Eldredge

Eldredge talks about attending the World Series instead of the CMAs last year.
1:16 | 11/07/17

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Transcript for CMA Awards: Brett Eldredge
See my weakness. It is it always seems clear every carrier flies by an hour's notice how quick here flies violence emanates from opens at the end of the year pitchers. Just finished. Two days or go for me so. It's kind of like product a year or authority over. It's over it well we're glad you're able to be the C maize this year possess or call last you have OK had some better to do it a bit of pillow though is that better bruises. There was some in the nude happen horses go to the World Series. And wants a cubs win which was the best decision alive look Virginia's governor all but there are everyone on a sort of a matter of letting go soak. As are my brother my dad and we all went and this. Life changing experience in mountains there is awesome and mount. Nom here this year that it's too soon I'm its allies here but I want Russian as we head into the night who who you really pull in for who to elect as he went. Man. You know Lou I've just got up through blue brown and so justices like our performer in and it's been pretty. Pretty incredible to. Just see how awesome a human he has also just an intact entertainer that connects with. Whoever gets in front of because it just so real and so I'm always room for for Lou.

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{"duration":"1:16","description":"Eldredge talks about attending the World Series instead of the CMAs last year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50991492","title":"CMA Awards: Brett Eldredge","url":"/Entertainment/video/cma-awards-brett-eldredge-50991492"}