Dwayne Johnson opens up about new film co-produced with his ex-wife

The film, "Fighting With My Family," tells the true story of Paige and her wrestling-fanatic family, something Johnson says he has plenty of experience with in his own family.
14:54 | 02/02/19

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Transcript for Dwayne Johnson opens up about new film co-produced with his ex-wife
I'm can't Woodward and in park city Utah the Sundance Film Festival where I have the unbelievable privilege to sit down with Dwayne Johnson and talk about. His new movie at his production company has premiering here is Sunday and it's called fighting with my family. It's the story of an unlikely hero here a girl who rises up with her. Strange kind of fabulous family and becomes a star in the WW EE. This movie. Spectacular there is so home much to be said about a sleepless night in London area. London good song right there it was it was 2000 flow should investors 6. O'clock. Terms of the TV and assaults documentary local channel. And immediately Natalie picked a fight with but it was really compelling. Identified with this. It was recently us. Who loved what they it is who. Put on these wrestling shows they're small bars. Making money just upped its person must were wise. To make money so often picked up. But. But it was such a compelling story and so. Young girl. Actually from or which. Peppers. Two hopefully. To the WW Lee. The documentary she obviously he had not made. Them ironically suitors. When I went back in 2000. Thirteen she introduced yourself to that. We just watched very anxious so what this. That's that I loved it and I can't believe your family come from a favorite wrestlers ax to. That's you know what Pulitzer call regional he was in the arena. The documentary such. This is there. Here's it's and she was blown away and let's look you know it it's don't know what it is but I would look here's a story Wednesday. But we do it just what you might think. C. Equity partners we call our producer artist Aaron. Arab we can make something that's real. So feeling that her story would resonate with more than just the wrestling crowd. What did you two think when he first brought this year attention. We you know she for so she's been in the business itself the restaurant that she said she. You know TrailBlazer and she should a huge impact on the female audience in the general so. She then get the color of the story and then also so much of our lives. Relate to you what's happening in her life and her family's life he just seemed like actually an incredible opportunity. But what whether beans from watching rocky we always loved and actually in the DNA some boxes or not it is you know and the story of him so much in the pocket as Brewster company so. That story room just resonates just in general we've experienced it resonates with the world has the story that we. No matter what skills needed something that war which resonate with audiences globally so that kind of story how excited he was. In seen her path and trajectory it made sense produced no matter what. We root. And you know I mean that. Note saying no matter what it was very challenging. Rusty get them which to view past. Every studio pass that at least to use the we love initiative. Partners. But for them they just the contents and it was offers small British comedy about British Bentley. Wrestling written equal to pro wrestling. Outside the system. By the partners. Real art and here's what's ironic options story burst 22. Yet. Wrestle mania. 2050. And at that time we've just gotten a movie green lettuce and now we're moving forward. With this movie about her life that you one hour X axis it he go find season and ribeiro Europe looked surprised there so we got her butter over us haircuts reasons for she sat out US government movie. About. Just crying it's so appreciative. Put Hiram Hiram and there's news. And she's leading us or have almost terrorists wise. And wrestling is something that's that will tomorrow on Monday that draw a line. You're gonna make your debut she goes out an experience that can become world champ. She almost painted like books had to sit down. Currently she and she could not believe what she heard that took its relations all of them saying that it we are sub. Existing. Her hear that from UN. It is it's in the movie. I think one of my favorite. Themes throughout the movie is. Not conforming. And that's been really true for you in your career as well. Being really fleeing Iraq. Will which was very important you know for a long time I think a lot of us but can't speak for but he there's good about. Human beings are out there who struggle with this beautiful Friedman being themselves and what it means for so for me I struggle of that. For very long time and especially when I first got Hollywood when I first got the Hollywood there wasn't a blueprint the back follows that wasn't the half black caps Samoan wrestler. Who wants to major Hollywood that it. Raised eyebrow oh maybe fifty letting fans. That with that so it was told that. Well this is how you that this is how you have to talk to you sure about issues like a lot of don't don't don't don't and his view these. Down that road or experience. Do you buy into it and you come for was until it. This. Okay. But that also. Who I have been working. Q creates risks appropriately. And rocky just like your. Refs were true and things were great lot which struggled some details. Six. Duke. And you were crucial in. Some kind of finding the back there was there was that committed to three conversation with. It's time to let Hollywood make room for. So when the studio's past comments. And now here you are today at Sundance. What a brilliant way for you to showcase this movie. Must be a bucket western country. It was over it was true computer that I didn't know was on the bucket lists are really what an honors. They make different he says we didn't. They discuss his opportunity. This is you know we know or. It doesn't do anything that. He is hard any. It's days and so we it was folks and we just hope no audiences. We actually waved me the initial feeling we got to make this movie and so. To find it ridiculous Indians win it wasn't even in her dreams and we're just trying to meet the it could test is. There's so passionate about a project found that is so different. Then things that you have done before it's not action packed movie. Was also a little bit scary quote the great thing that is at the court order. Are. These actions movies it's always turns down very you know simple narrative we can always put repackaging around that core story but. We respond initially our justice quirk news that we believe that. Make audiences. Are imploding. Are solely those kinds fanatics and so whatever steel and built around it. That can fluctuate but this still had. World. And scary you know are large hail. Skier yet there. We're going to there. Where there are initiating towards the third act just that. Ambulances and logistics. Due to. Actually served as we were. We have enough back. To. Fox. This story so into the first chairs. And which can. Never showed it. I left but it. So I love the title I am taking does that that Earl Spence. In this and he lives. From my perspective it. I think in the outcasts. Asks viewers in the asks viewers to take every. I. And Italy by activists functional dysfunction. Youthful. An air. I don't response you don't. It. He's just. Nature of the business but as I hate. I may see you know there's so many similarities in the handling. I think regionally apparently isn't murder but officials Bentley even as we are bailing out just. You go through some crazy things but the love and the dream and the desire for more cancer. So these that this folks now you see in the movie. It's just taken from lives. It is completely taken from our lives yes yet. You know. And I know people talk about this all the time. But. How have you turned a marriage that didn't quite work out this absolutely beautiful professional partners. Rio de. It was reported that rent apprenticeship. Friendship down in the expansion. Want what's best for acting. We're so inclusive and that's something so proud. It's just a big family that's living a big. Friends first we're friends now it's your version. Continuing to do business that makes sense. For us and then ultimately it's it was week. Let's go to work do. Yeah. I think I can ever bring up old look. I don't trash. And. We are so different today and who we hurt and years ago twelve years ago that. It's packed. Doesn't exist emitter doesn't trust are gonna draft. I mean really exists we're so president today and I knew those people for their kids. They were here. I. I. I say we have to talk about the suit the suspect as strong. He now found. When you have a daughter that is entering the world that Parietti. Do you think. Not only is it different now because of women like he also. What advice to get to your daughter that you think that winds up it really involved the female wrestler in two you'd think. Two it's not switch keep the conversation it through who is this performer so peach. Was one of the first professional Russert where all threaten our daughter was like wow. Don't have to look like it's like anything Egypt such passion for the sport when she's asked performance and she is Simone in in this. Really ironic. Beautiful way. You know I'll go back just a little bit is that you know I had some when I was twenty. And a cash. My daughter. Who will soon experience you know that you're an out of I don't. Willow who when getting hats and I was fortunate to be her father and. 29 is still trying to close. That. I was in WW the grew up in many ways with some of them grew up together. And we have this really unique or special bonds says as only dads and daughters can. Adjustment to you answer mode. So growing up with Simone in many ways it. It it forced us to. Do you weather challenges that forces to get better forced me to get better Russert. And so now what we're doing it's it's really beautiful relationship that she's going into business that. I have actually over the years we have graduated over the years it's really special time because I can in a wonderful way its policy close. Now are having these. Discussions at high. Never thought I would ever have my daughter about. Finishing holes and crowd psychology. And how she's hitting the roads are taking this duplex and how she's got a protector her neck. And I never thought it would have these characters and we could be more proud Everett. It has been this incredible. Juxtaposition. First because this creep he will wrestling male dominated. The pilots flipped. See us. Q Inge and that line of some answers first. Days. National sort of some rather street. And all of them all the groups. Oh. Girls it to true underdog story that will resonate with everybody and it will be in theaters on February 14. I'm can and we were the new watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"14:54","description":"The film, \"Fighting With My Family,\" tells the true story of Paige and her wrestling-fanatic family, something Johnson says he has plenty of experience with in his own family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"60797668","title":"Dwayne Johnson opens up about new film co-produced with his ex-wife","url":"/Entertainment/video/dwayne-johnson-opens-film-produced-wife-60797668"}